The Scroll of Chanwkh

סֵּפֶר חֲנוֹך

(Also referred to as Ethiopian Enoch or 1 Enoch)


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References to Chanwkh are found in multiple verses of the Post-advent scriptures (see MattithYhuw 3: 12, 5: 4-12, 11: 28, 13: 31-32, 24: 14, 27, 26: 64; Mrquw 13: 10,26, 14: 21,62; Luwq 1: 52, 2: 14, 6: 24, 9: 35, 16: 13, 23-31, 24: 36; Yhuwchnn 3: 20; Qorinthym 6: 3; Epheym 3: 18; 5: 13; Philipposym 1: 18; 2; Thessalonkeans 2: 2; `Ivrym 11: 5; 1Kph 3: 14; Disclosure 3: 17, 6: 10, 8: 2, 12: 16, 16: 14, 19: 19, 20: 1-3, 21: 23-24).

The earliest Christians held the Scroll of Chanwkh in great esteem, as testify the canonical letters of Yhuwthh (6 y 14-16) and 2 Kph (2: 4), as also the noncanonical one of Bar-Nvy and the writings of Justin Martyr (100-165), Atenagoras (170); Titian (110-172); Irineus, Bishop of Lyon (115-185); Clement of Alexandria (150-220); Tertulian (160-230); Lactancius (260-325) and besides those of the Methodius of Philippus, Minucius Felix, Comodian and Priscilianus (m. 385).

The source translation was translated from the Ethiopian manuscripts, compared with the Greek manuscripts and further corrected according to the Aramaic Qumrn manuscripts (4Qen-4Qenastr), from the Spanish translation that is also found on my site. The numbers in parentheses are the verse divisions according to the format of the more logically organized and superior Spanish translation. Some of the words added from it are in italics except when major revisions were necessary. This translation has been restored with the correct names and has had its scribal inserted pagan terms removed. Concerning the placement of the name of Y-hwh, it was done logically in the spirit of Truth where it could not have been absent, and sparingly. We are sure that it was named many more times than this within this scroll, and when a more intact manuscript appears which can provide this further evidence, this translation should get updated with it.


Table of Contents


SCROLL 1 (Book of Watchers): Chapters 1-36

The Blessing of Chanwkh: Chapters 1-7

The Crime of the Watchers: Chapters 7-8

The Appeal of the Pure Watchers: Chapter 9

Y-hwhs response and Chanwkhs commission: Chapters 10-16

Shwl tour: Chapters 17-31

The second vision of wisdom: Scroll of the Parables (Chapter 37-63)

The First Parable: Chapters 38-44 (re: judgment)

The Second Parable: Chapters 45-55 (re: Name deniers)

The Third Parable: Chapters 56-68 (re: pure ones & chosen)

The scroll of Nach: Chapters 64-67 v.1

Chanwkh transferred and concealed: Chapters 69-70

The scroll of the revolutions of the luminaries of heaven: Chapter 71-79

Chanwkh shown the heavenly scrolls and revisits earth for a year: Chapter 80 (-104A)

Chanwkhs vision of catastrophe: Scroll of the Dreams. Chapter 82

Chanwkhs prayer for the survival of mankind through the flood judgment: Chapter 83

Second Vision of Chanwkh: Chapter 84-89

Chanwkhs scroll of weeks: Chapter 90-104A

10-week (7,000-year) History of the world: Chapter 92

Woes to Christians and blessings on the Justified: Chapter 93-102

Tablet of Heaven: Chapters 103-104A

Birth of Nach: Chapter 105

Chanwkhs scroll for the Latter Days: Chapter 105


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Scroll 1 (Book of the Watchers)

Chapter 1

The Blessing of Chanwkh

1 The word of blessing with which Chanwkh blessed the righteous chosen who shall live in the day of the trouble, when all the wicked and irreverent will be rejected, whereas the righteous shall be delivered.[1] (2) Chanwkh, is a righteous man whose eyes were opened by the mighty Ones (Elohym), saw the vision of the Pure One Who from the heavens spoke His Word, and he responded, The vision of the Pure One of the heavens was revealed to me and I heard all the words of the Watchers and the Pure Ones.

2 And because I listened, I have learned all things from them, and understood what I saw; that what I am speaking of will not take place in this generation, but in a generation which is to succeed at a distant period to come. It is about the chosen

3 that I speak and for them that I pronounce my message: The Pure and mighty One shall come from His habitation, the eternal mighty Ones (Elohym)

4 shall tread the earth upon Mount iyny; He shall appear with His great army; and be manifested in the strength of His Force from the heights of the heavens,

5 and all shall be afraid, with great fear and trembling, even the Watchers shall be terrified,

6 and they shall be seized, and be punished in the confines of the earth, and even to the ends of the earth (6) the lofty mountains shall be cracked up, and the exalted hills shall crumble, and shall be lowered and [Nachwm 1: 5] shall melt like a honeycomb in the flame [Songs 97: 5]. (7) The earth shall split open, and all things that are on the Land shall perish [89: 26], for there shall come a judgment upon all, (8) even upon all the righteous:

7 But with them shall He have made the shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation) [Remnant]; Yet He shall protect the chosen ones [stripped off Christians], and upon them shall the clemency relapse, [7th trumpet end of Secret of Y-hwh]

8 Then all of them shall belong to Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym), shall be happy and blessed; He will help them all and the Splendor of the mighty Ones Person shall illuminate them. [Romans 11: 15-32]


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Chapter 2

1 (1: 9) Look at Y-hwh, for He comes with ten-thousands of His pure ones, to execute judgment upon all, and He shall annihilate the wicked, and He shall punish all who are fleshly concerning all their wicked deeds that they have committed wickedly, and concerning all the harsh words which wicked sinners have spoken against Him.[2]


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Chapter 3 (2)

1 Observe all the things that occur in the heavens,

2 How that the heavenly luminaries do not change their paths; that each rises and sets regularly, every one at its proper period, without transgressing the commands they received. (2) Look at the earth, and pay attention to its works, from the beginning to the end,

3 how none of the works of Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym) changes, and all are visible for you. (3) Look at the signs of summer and winter: how the whole earth is filled with water; and that the cloud, the dew, and the rain refresh it.


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Chapter 4 (3)

1 Consider and look at every tree, how each appears to wither, and every leaf falls off, except of fourteen trees, which are not deciduous; which wait with the old leaf, until the appearance of the new leaf, for two or three winters.


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Chapter 5 (4)

1 And again consider the signs of summer, how during it the luminary orb burns and scalds, then while the earth is scorched up with fervid heat, you seek for a covered and shady spot on account of the burning luminary orb; without finding a way to walk either upon the ground or upon the rocks because of that heat.


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Chapter 6 (5)

1 Consider and see how the trees, when they have put forth their green leaves, become covered, and produce fruit. Understand and consider all of these works, and know that the mighty Ones, Who lives forever, has done all these things for you:

2 How all His works continue at the beginning of every year always, and that all His works obey Him without alterations, so all things happens as Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym) has decreed.

3 See, also, how the seas and the rivers in the same way fulfill and do not change their respective tasks, according to His commandments:

4 But ye change His commandments and do not do the Word of Y-hwh; and instead, you have distorted and slandered His Greatness [To the Romans 1: 20-25, Yhuwchnns Glad Tidings 14: 28] with malignant and haughty words from your polluted mouths against His Majesty.

5 You hardened in heart; there shall be no shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation) for you!

6(5) Therefore shall you curse your days, and the years of your lives shall be wasted; but the years of your destruction shall be multiplied like an eternal condemnation, and you shall not obtain favor or shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation).

7(6) In those days, your names shall mean eternal condemnation for all the righteous [Ysh`Yhuw 65: 11-16], and by means of your names shall the condemned be perpetually cursed, and by your names shall all the sinners

8 and the irreverent swear.

9(7) For the chosen ones there shall be light, joy, and shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation), and they shall inherit the earth;

10 But for you, you impure, there shall be condemnation.

11(8) Then the wisdom shall be granted to the chosen ones[3], and all of them shall live, and they shall not again transgress by irreverence or pride; instead they who are wise shall be humble, (9) and they shall not repeat transgression

12 nor sin nor be condemned the whole period of their lives, nor die in torment and indignation of the mighty Ones; but they shall complete the sum of the days of their lives, and their life shall be increased in shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation); while the years of their happiness shall be multiplied with continual joy and peace, for all the days of their lives.


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Chapter 7

The Crime of the Watchers

1 It happened after the sons of thm had multiplied in those days, that daughters were born to them, elegant and beautiful.

2 And when the Watchers, the sons of heaven, looked at them, they became enamored of them, saying to each other:

Come, let us select for ourselves wives from the progeny of thm, and let us procreate sons. [1 Moshh 6: 1-4]

3 Then their leader Shemiychzh said to them:

I fear that ye may perhaps be indisposed to complete this action,

4 And that I shall be the only one held responsible for a great sin.

5(4) But they answered him and said:

Let us all swear;

6 And bind ourselves by mutual curses, that we will not change our intention, but execute our projected undertaking.

7(5) Then they swore all together, and all bound themselves by mutual curses. (6) Their whole number was two hundred, which descended, in the days of Yred [Chapter 105: 13], to the top of Mount Chermwn.

8 That mountain therefore was called Chermwn[4], because they had sworn upon it,(4) and bound themselves by mutual curses.

9(7) These are the names[5] of their chiefs: Shemiychzh, who was their leader, Ar'taqof, Rama'el, Kokab'el, -el [Turel], Ra'ma'el, Dani'el, Zeq'el, Baraq'el, 'Asa'el, Harmoni, Matra'el, 'Anan'el, Satow'el, Shamsi'el, Sahari'el, Tummi'el, Turi'el, Yomi'el, y Yhadi'el. (8) These were the prefects of the two hundred envoys, and the remainder was all with them.

10(7: 1) Then they took wives, each choosing for himself; whom they began to mount, and with whom they contaminated themselves; teaching them sorcery, incantations, and the dividing of roots and teaching them about the plants.

11(2) And the women, conceiving, brought forth giants[6],

12 Whose stature was each three hundred cubits [450 feet/212 meters], which were born on the earth and grew according to their childhood. (3) These devoured all that the labor of the sons of thm produced; until it became impossible to feed them;

13(4) Then they turned themselves against men, in order to kill them and devour them;

14(5) And began to injure all the birds of the sky, and the beasts of the earth, the reptiles and the fishes of the sea, and they devoured each others flesh[7] and drank their blood.

15(6) Then the earth reproved the unrighteous for all that had been done in her.


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Chapter 8

1 Moreover 'Asa'el taught men to make swords, and knives of iron, and shields, and breastplates of copper, the fabrication and polishing of gold, and the workmanship of silver for bracelets and other ornaments. He taught women about antimony, the use of paint, the beautifying of the eyebrows, the use of stones of every valuable and select kind, and all sorts of dyes, so that the world became altered.

2 Irreverence increased; fornication multiplied; and they transgressed and corrupted all their ways.

3 Shemiychzh taught all the sorcerers, and dividers of roots:

4 Harmoni taught how to break spells, witchcraft, magic and divining,

5 Baraq'el taught the observers of the stars[8],

6 Kokab'el taught the predictions of the stars, Zeq'el those of the lightning-bolts, -el taught their meanings;

7 Ar'taqoph taught the signs of the earth, Shamsi'el taught the predictions of the luminary orb,

8 And Sahari'el taught those of the moon,

9(4) As part of the men were being annihilated, their cry ascended unto the heavens.


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Chapter 9

The Appeal of the Pure Watchers

1 Then Miykh˴l and Gavriy˴l, Rph˴l, Tsuwriy˴l, and `Uwriy˴l [not in sp. translation], looked down from the pure place of heaven, and saw the quantity of blood which was shed on the earth, and that it was all full of the iniquity and the violence which was done upon it, (2) and considering this, these four[9] said one to another:

The voice of the cries and the lamentations

2 for the destruction of the sons of the earth has ascended even to the gates of heaven!

3 And they said to the pure One of heaven:

It is now to You, O You pure One of heaven, to Whom the lives (nphesh) of the sons of thm supplicate, saying, Take our cause before the Most High, our destruction before the majestic Worth and before the Sovereign of all the sovereigns in Majesty!

(4) Then Rph˴l, Miykh˴l, Tsuwriy˴l, [`Uwriy˴l (not in Spanish translation)] and Gavriy˴l said to the Sovereign of the world:

You are our great Sovereign, the Sovereign of the world, the Sovereign of sovereigns, the mighty Ones of mighty ones (Elohy elohym), and the King of kings. The heavens are the throne of Your Worth for all the generations forever and ever, all the earth is the footstool before You forever, and forever and ever is Your great name kept pure and honored and blessed.

4(5) It is You Who have made all things; and in You resides the power over all things; and all things are uncovered in all its nakedness before You. You see all things, and nothing can be concealed from You.

5(6) You have seen what Asael has done, how he has taught every species of iniquity upon earth, and has disclosed to the world the secret things which are done in the heavens.

6(7) Even Shemiychzh also has taught sorcery, to whom You have given authority over those who are associated with him. (8) They have gone together to the daughters of thm and have lain with them and have become polluted themselves;

7 And have revealed all sin to them.

8 (9) Afterwards, these women, have brought forth giants,

9 Which is why the whole earth has been filled with blood and with injustice.

10 And now, look! The selves (nphesh) of those who are dead cry out,

11 And complain! Even to the gate of heaven

12 their groaning ascends, and they cannot cease for the unrighteousness that is being committed on earth. (11) But You know all things, before they happen,

13 You know these things, and what they have done; yet You do not tell us

14 what, on account of these things, ought we to do for them.


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Chapter 10

1 Then the Most High, the Great and Pure One spoke,

2 And sent Tsuwriy˴l[10] to the son of Lmekh,

3(2) Saying to him:

Go to Nach and say to him by My name: Conceal yourself.

4 Then explain to him the consummation, which is about to take place; for all the earth shall perish; the waters of a deluge are about to come over the entire earth, and all things that are found in it shall perish.

5(3) And quickly now, teach the Righteous one, the son of Lmekh, what he must do to preserve his self (nphesh) for life and that he may definitely escape, because through him shall a plant be sown and be established throughout all the generations.

6(4) And furthermore, Y-hwh said to Rph˴l:

Bind 'Asa'el hand and foot; cast him into the darkness; opening the desert which is in Dudael (Duwth`˴l [Cauldron of the Power]), and cast him in there.

7(5) Throw upon him abrasive and sharp stones, covering him with darkness;

8 Leave him there to remain for the age; cover his face, that he may not see the light.

9(6) And in the great Day of Judgment let him be cast into the fire.

10(7) Later, restore the earth, which the Watchers have corrupted; and announce curing to it, that I may revive it from the plague and that

11 All the sons of thm might not perish in consequence of the secret which the Watchers have revealed and have taught their offspring.

12(8) All the earth has been corrupted by the effects of the works which were taught by 'Asa'el. To him therefore ascribe the whole crime.

13(9) To Gavriy˴l also, Y-hwh said:

Go to the bastards[11], to the reprobates, to the sons of fornication; and make the sons of fornication, the offspring of the Watchers, disappear from among men; bring them forth, and incite them one against another. Let them perish by mutual slaughter; for length of days shall not be theirs.

14 (10) They shall all implore you, but no petition of their fathers shall be obtained respecting them; for they shall hope to live an eternal life, or that they may live, each of them, five hundred years.

15(11) To Miykh˴l likewise Y-hwh said:

Go and announce to Shemiychzh and to the others who are with him who have been associated with women and who polluted themselves with them in their impurity, (12) that their sons shall be slain and they shall see the perdition of their beloved. Bind them for seventy generations [1400-7000 (80 years per generation[12])] underneath the earth, even to the great Day of their [their beloveds[13]] Judgment [7th trumpet (89: 29-32)],

16(13) Then shall they be taken away into the lowest depths of the fire in torments; and in confinement shall they be shut up for the age. [2 Kph 2: 4 the 1,000 year Day of Wrath]

17 (14) All who are condemned from then onward shall perish and they shall be bound with them until the destruction of their stock; immediately after this, in the time of the judgment which I shall judge, he [Shemiychzh (v. 15)] shall, together with them, burn and perish for all the generations [the second death];

18 (15) Destroy all the spirits of the bastards, and the offspring of the Watchers, for they have made mankind work evil.

19(16) Let every oppressor perish from the face of the earth,

20 Let every evil work be destroyed,

21 Let the plant of righteousness and of rectitude appear, and its produce become a blessing.

22 And the works of the righteous and erect shall be forever planted with delight.

23(17) And during this time shall all the pure ones escape, and live until they have procreated thousands[14], while the whole period of their youth, and their Shabbth shall be completed in shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation). (18) In those days all the earth shall be cultivated in righteousness; it shall be entirely planted with trees, and filled with benediction; (19) every tree of the earth that they desire shall be planted in it.

24 And they shall plant vines in it; and the vine that shall be planted in it shall yield fruit to satiety and each one of them shall produce a thousand jars of wine, and every seed, which shall be sown in it, shall produce for one measure a thousand; and one measure of olives shall produce ten presses of oil.

25(20) And You, cleanse the earth from all oppression, from all violence, from all sin, from all irreverence, and from all the evil that is committed upon it, and make them disappear from the earth.

26(21) Then shall all the sons of thm become righteous, and all nations shall adore Me, shall direct themselves in prayer to Me and praise Me.

27(22) And the earth shall be clean from all corruption, from every sin, from all punishment, and from all suffering, and I will not again send plagues upon the earth, from generation to generation nor for all the ages.

28(11: 1) And in those days I will open the treasures of blessing which are in heaven, in order that I may cause them to descend upon earth, and upon all the works and labor of man.

29(11: 2) And the shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation) and the Truth shall associate with the sons of thm all the days of the world, in every age of it.


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(No Chapter 11)

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Chapter 12

1 Before all these things Chanwkh was concealed; and there was no son of thm who knew where he was concealed, where he had been, or what had happened to him.

2 He passed his days with the pure ones, and did all of his activity with the Watchers.

3 Thus I, Chanwkh, was starting to bless Y-hwh, the Sovereign of the Majesty, the King of the ages,

4 And look! The Watchers called me Chanwkh the scribe.

5 Then Y-hwh said to me: (4)

Chanwkh, scribe of Righteousness, go tell the Watchers of heaven who have deserted the heights of the sky, their pure everlasting station, and who have polluted themselves with women,

6 And have done as the sons of thm do, by taking to themselves wives, and have forged a great work of corruption on the earth; and let them know

7(5) That there shall not be any shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation) or redemption from their sin for them. (6) And as they rejoiced for their offspring; they shall look at the slaughter of their beloved; and they shall lament for the destruction of their sons and shall petition forever; but there shall not be any favor or shlwm for them.


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Chapter 13

1 Then Chanwkh, passing on, said to 'Asa'el:

You shall not obtain shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation). A great sentence is gone forth against you. It shall bind you;

2 Neither shall there be for you any truce, favor, nor intercession, on account of the unrighteousness that you have taught;

3 And on account of every act of irreverence, violence, and sin, which you have taught to the sons of thm.

4 (3) Then departing from him I spoke to them all together;

5 And they all feared and became terrified, and trembling seized them;

6 (4) Beseeching me to write for them a petition, that they might obtain forgiveness for their sins; and that I might make the memorial of their prayer ascend up before the Sovereign Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym) in heaven; (5) because they could not themselves thenceforwards address Him, nor raise up their eyes to heaven on account of the shame for the offenses for which they were judged.

7(6) Then I wrote a memorial of their prayer and all their supplications for their lives, for everything that they had done, and for the subject of their plea, that there might be forgiveness and long life for them.

8(7) Proceeding on, I continued over the waters of Dan in the land of Dan, which is south of Chermwn to the west of it, and I was reading the scroll where I noted their petitions, until I fell asleep.

9(8) And look! A dream came to me, and visions appeared above me, until I lifted my eyes to the gates of the palace of the heavens and I saw a vision of punishment, and a voice came and told me:

Tell it to the sons of heaven, and reprove them.

(9) When I awoke I went to them. All being collected together sat weeping in the Fountain of the Weeping, which is situated between Lvnwn and Snyr[15], with their faces veiled.

10 I related in their presence all the visions that I had seen, and my dream,

11 And began to utter these words of righteousness and of vision, reproving the Watchers of heaven:


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Chapter 14

1 This is the Scroll of The Words of Righteousness, and of The Reproof of The Watchers, who are from eternity, according to that which He, Who is pure and great, commanded in the vision. (2) I perceived in my dream what I am now speaking with the tongue of flesh and with my breath, which the Power has put into the mouth of men, that they might converse with it,

2 And for them to understand with the heart. As Y-hwh has created and granted to sons of thm the privilege of comprehending the Word of understanding, so He has created and granted to me the privilege of reproving the Watchers, the offspring of heaven. (3) Watchers: I have written your petition; and in my vision it has been shown me, that what you request will not be granted to you as long as the world endures.

3 Judgment has been passed upon you: it will not be granted you,

4 For from this time forward, you shall never ascend into heaven, (5) because He has said that He will bind you in the prisons of the earth, as long as the age endures.

5(6) But before these things you shall look at the destruction of all of your beloved sons, and the riches of your beloved ones and of your sons you shall not possess, rather they shall fall before you by the sword of destruction.

6(7) So neither shall your plea for them, nor for yourselves be granted

7 likewise: despite your tears and prayers you will receive nothing whatever contained in the writing that I have written.

8 A vision appeared to me thus:

9 Look! In that vision clouds invited me and a fog called me; and flashes of lightning and thunders impelled and pressed me forwards, while the winds in the vision made me fly, lifting me into the heights,

10 They elevated me aloft to the heavens. (9) I proceeded in, until I arrived at a wall of a building built with pelting icerocks, surrounded and enclosed completely with flames of fire, which began to frighten me.

11(10) I entered through these flames of fire, until

12 I drew nigh to a spacious house built also with stones of pelting icerocks, whose walls were like sheets of stone, all were made with snow, and the ground was made of snow. (11) Its roof was like lightning-bolts and thunder; and among them were Kruwvym of fire in a stormy sky. (12) A burning flame surrounded all its walls completely; and its doors were made of blazing fire. (13) When I entered into this dwelling, it was hot as fire and cold as ice. In it were none of the pleasures of life. It consumed me in fear, and a fearful shaking seized me.

13(14) Violently agitated and trembling, I fell upon my face, and a vision was revealed to me:

14(15) And here I saw a door which opened before me, and there was another house more spacious than the former, erected all of flames of fire.

15(16) All of it exceeded the other one in splendor, honor, and majesty, and in magnitude, that I cannot describe to you either the splendor or the extent of it.

16(17) Its floor was made of fire; and its superior parts were made of thunders and lightnings, and its roof was made of blazing fire.

17(18) It was uncovered for me and I saw that it contained an exalted throne;

18 The appearance of which was like that of crystal, and whose circumference resembled the orb of the brilliant luminary; and I had a view of the Kruwvym.

19 Over this mighty throne, rivers of flaming fire issued.

20 And I could not bear to look towards there.

21(20) The Great Worth was seated in the throne,

22 Whose robe was more brilliant than the luminary orb, and whiter than any snow.

23(21) No envoy was capable of penetrating to view the Face of Him, the Radiance and the Irradiator [`Ivrym 1: 3]; nor could any mortal look at Him. (22) A fire was flaming around Him.

24 A fire also of great extent continued to rise up before Him; so that not one of those who surrounded Him was capable of approaching Him, and the ten-thousand times ten-thousands who were before Him, though for Him pure consultation was needless [Romans 11: 34, Eph. 1: 11]. (23) Yet the purities of the pure ones who were near Him, did not go away from Him either by night or by day; nor did they separate from Him. (24) I until this moment was prostrated on my face, trembling, then Y-hwh with His own mouth called me, saying:

Approach hither, Chanwkh, and listen to My pure Word.

25 And one of the pure ones came to me, awoke me, making me get up and draw near even to the entrance and my eye was directed to the ground.


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Chapter 15

1 Then addressing me, He responded and spoke to me and I heard His voice:

Hear, and do not be afraid, O righteous Chanwkh, you scribe of Righteousness: approach hither, and hear My voice. (2) Go; say to the Watchers of heaven, who have sent you to pray for them:

You ought to pray for men, and not men for you.

2 (3) Wherefore have you forsaken the lofty and pure heaven, which endures forever, and have lain with women; have defiled yourselves with the daughters of thm and have taken to yourselves wives like the sons of the earth, and have procreated giants?

3 (4) You being spiritual pure ones, living a life which is eternal, have polluted yourselves with the blood of women; and have procreated with the blood of the flesh and like the sons of thm have lusted after flesh and blood as do

4 those who die and perish.

5 Therefore have I given to them wives, that they might impregnate them and to procreate sons from them and so that they might not be absent upon the earth.

6 But as to you, ye were from the beginning made spiritual, living an eternal life, immortal for all the generations of the world.

7 Therefore I did not make wives for you, because, being spiritual, your dwelling is in heaven.

8 Now the giants, who have been born of spirit and of flesh, shall be called upon earth evil spirits, and their habitation shall be on earth. (9) Evil spirits shall proceed from their flesh, because they were born of humans and their beginning and their primary foundation was from the pure Watchers. The evil spirits shall be upon the earth, and they shall be called the spirits of the wicked. (10) The habitation of the spirits of heaven shall be in heaven; but upon earth shall be the habitation of terrestrial spirits, who were procreated on the earth.[16]

9 (11) The spirits of the giants, shall be like tyrants[17], which shall afflict, oppress, invade, combat, and destroy upon the earth and

10 they shall cause lamentation. Though they shall not eat, they shall be hungry and thirsty [Luwq 11: 24], and they shall cause damage, and these spirits shall rise up against the sons of thm, and against the women, for they come forth from them during the days of slaughter and destruction.


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Chapter 16

1 After the death of the giants, when their spirits depart from their bodies, their flesh [race] shall be destroyed before the judgment[18]. Thus shall they perish, until the day of the great consummation of the great judgment in which the age shall end for the Watchers and the irreverent and ye shall be totally consumed.

2 So now to the Watchers, who have sent you to pray for them that in another age they might inhabit the heavens,

3Say: (3)

In heaven have you been; however, secret things have not been revealed to you; you have not known but a reprobated secret,

4 And this you have related to women by the hardness of your heart, and by that secret have women and mankind multiplied evils upon the earth.

5 (4) Say to them:

Never therefore shall you obtain shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation).


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Chapter 17

Shwl tour (Chapters 17-31)

1 They raised me up into a certain place, where the inhabitants had the appearance of a burning fire; and when they pleased they assumed the likeness of men.

2 They carried me to the house of the tempest, upon a mountain, the top of which reaches unto the skies.

3 And I saw the mansions of the luminaries and the stores of the stars and the thunder at the extremities of the abyss where it was deepest. That is where there was the bow of fire, and its arrows in their quiver, the sword of fire, and every species of lightning.

4 Then they carried me to the waters of life, and unto the fire of the west, which received all the settings of the luminary orb. (5) I came unto a river of fire, whose flames flowed like water, and emptied itself into the great sea westwards.

5(6) I saw all of the great rivers, until I arrived at a great darkness, and I went towards where all of flesh migrate [Shwl]; (7) and I looked at the mountains of the gloom of winter, and the place towards which all the waters of the abyss flow.

6(8) I saw also the mouths of all the rivers in the world, and the mouth of the abyss.


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Chapter 18

1 I then surveyed the receptacles of all the winds, perceiving that they contributed to adorn the whole creation, and the Foundation of the earth.

2 I surveyed the Stone, which is the Angular-Stone of the earth.

3 I also looked at the four winds, which bear up the earth, and the firmament of heaven.

4(3) And I saw how the winds extended the veil of the heavens in the heights,

5 And how they hold their post between the heavens and the earth, constituting the pillars of heaven.

6(4) I saw the winds that cause rotation, which cause the orb of the luminary and of all the stars to set; (5) and over the earth I saw the winds that support the clouds.

7 I saw the path of the envoys.

8 In the confines of the earth, I perceived the firmament of heaven above it. (6) Then I passed on towards the south;

9 And I saw a place where burnt, both by day and night, seven mountains formed of splendid stones; three towards the east, and three towards the south (midday),

10 (7) This way: Of those that were towards the east, one was of a multicolor stone; one was of pearls, and the other of antimony, and those towards the south were of a red stone. (8) The middle one reached to heaven like the throne of Y-hwh, a throne composed of alabaster, and the top part of the throne was of sapphire. (9) I saw, too, a blazing Fire hanging over all the mountains.

11 (10) And I saw a place opposite of a great territory, and there the waters were collected.


The prison of the envoys that deceive Christianity (also seen in Chapter 21)

12 (11) Then I was shown a fountain from a profound abyss between columns of heavenly fire,

13 And I saw radiating[19] within them [the heavenly columns] columns of fire which descended to the bottom and whose height and depth were immeasurable; (12) Below this abyss also I perceived a place, which had neither the firmament of heaven above it, nor the solid ground underneath it; neither was there water above it; nor anything on wing; instead, the spot was desolate and terrifying.

14 (13) And there I looked at seven stars, like great blazing mountains, and when I inquired about this,

15 (14) The envoy said to me:

This place is the limits of the heavens and earth; it has come to be the prison of the stars, and of the host of heaven.

16 The stars that roll upon the fire are those that transgressed the commandment of Y-hwh before their time arrived, for they came not in their proper season. (16) Therefore was He irritated with them, and bound them, until the period of the consummation of their crimes in the secret year.


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Chapter 19

1 Then Tsuwriy˴l said to me:

Here shall be the envoys who have cohabited with women by their own accord;

2 Their spirits, assuming many diverse appearances have corrupted themselves and caused the sons of thm to err; so that they make slaughter-offerings to adversaries as to the mighty Ones (Elohym), until the Great Day of judgment, in which they shall be judged, and they shall meet their end; (2) whereas their wives, who were seduced by the Watchers, shall be consoled.

3 And I, Chanwkh, I alone saw the likeness of the end of all things. Yet not any human being did see it, as I saw it.


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Chapter 20

1 These are the names of the envoys who watch.

2 `Uwriy˴l, one of the envoys of the Pure One, called the one over thunder and terror.

3 Rph˴l, another of the envoys of the Pure One, the one over the spirits of men.

4 R`uw˴l, another of the envoys of the Pure One, who avenges the world and the luminaries.

5 Miykh˴l, Another of the Envoys of the Pure One, Who is entrusted with the better part of humanity and the people.

6 Tsuwriy˴l, another of the envoys of the Pure One, entrusted with the spirits of the sons of thm that transgress in spirit.

7 Gavriy˴l, another of the envoys of the Pure One, entrusted over paradise[20], the serpents, and the Kruwvym.

8 Rmmiy˴l, another of the envoys of the Pure One, the one who Y-hwh has entrusted with the resurrected.


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Chapter 21

The 4 envoys deceiving Christianity (Disclosure 7: 1-2, 9: 14-15) and their prisons: Lake of fire, and the Torments of Shwl during the Day of Wrath

1 Then I returned to the place where all was chaotic. [Lake of Fire (18: 12-16)]

2 And there I saw something horrible: I did not see neither a heaven being exalted, nor a firmly founded earth, instead a formless and terrible place! [18: 13]

3 There, too, I saw four stars of heaven bound in it together, like great mountains, and blazing like a fire. (4) I exclaimed:

For what species of crime have they been bound, and why have they been cast to this place?

(5) Then `Uwriy˴l, the watcher, and the Pure One Who was with me, and who led me, answered:

Chanwkh, why do you ask; why do you reason with yourself, and anxiously inquire? (6) These are those of the stars that have transgressed the commandment of Y-hwh; and are bound here, until the infinite number of the days of their crimes be completed.

4 (7) From there I afterwards passed on to another even more terrifying place,

5 Where I saw something horrible: the operation of a great fire blazing and flaming, in the midst of which there was a division. It was filled with descending columns of fire deep into the abyss, but I was neither able to discover its measurement nor magnitude; nor could I perceive its origin. (8) Then I exclaimed,

How terrible is this place, and how difficult to explore!

6 (9) `Uwriy˴l, the watcher and the Pure One Who was with me, answered and said:

Chanwkh, why are you alarmed and amazed?

I responded:

It is at this terrifying place, and at the sight of this suffering.

(10) This,

he said,

is the prison of the envoys; and here they shall be kept for the age. [18: 12-16]


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Chapter 22

1 From there I proceeded to another spot, where I saw on the west a great and lofty mountain made of a strong Rock, (2) and there were there four deep pits,

2 Internally they were deep, capacious, and very smooth; and I said:

How smooth these holes are, and how deep and dark they look!

3 Then Rph˴l the Watcher, and the Pure One who were with me, answered me saying:

These cavities have been formed with the following purpose: that the spirits of the lives (nphesh) of the dead may be collected; and that here all the lives (nphesh) of the sons of thm will be collected.

4 Thus these are the pits that will serve as their prison: (4) These are made for this, until the day of their great judgment,

5 At the appointed time, which shall be done to them on the Last Day.

(5) And I saw the spirit of a son of thm who was dead accusing; and his lament reached to heaven, while he was shouting and accusing.

6 Then I inquired of Rph˴l, the Watcher, and the pure [envoy] who was with me, and said:

Whose spirit is that, who accuses such that the voice of it reaches to heaven, shouting and accusing?

7 He answered, saying:

This is the spirit which came out of Hvel who was slain by Qyin his brother; and who will accuse that brother, until his seed be destroyed from the face of the earth;

8 Until his seed perish from the seed of the human race.


Shwl: separation according to population

9 (8) At that time therefore I inquired, observing all the pits, saying:

Why is one separated from each of the others?

(9) He answered:

These three separations have been made so that the spirits of the dead may be separated, and thus has a [first] division been made for the spirits of the righteous,

10 Which is by a chasm, living water, and by a light source.

11 (10) And in the same way likewise are sinners separated [in a second division] when they die, and are buried in the earth, when judgment does not overtake them during their lifetime. [Prejudgment Christians]

12 (11) Here their spirits shall be placed separate for this their abundant suffering, until the Day of the Great Judgment, and it is the castigation and the torment of those [who constantly curse], whose lives (nphesh) [are punished and bound there,] who deserve such retribution for their lives for the age.

13 (12) And thus has it been from the beginning of the world. Thus has there been prepared a [third] separation for the lives (nphesh) of those who present their complaints, and of those who denounce their destruction, when they were slaughtered in the days of the sinners.

14 (13) Also a [fourth] receptacle of this sort has been formed for the lives (nphesh) of men who were not righteous, but sinners; for those who are transgressors, and accomplices of the transgression, whom they resemble. Their lives (nphesh) shall not be annihilated in the Day of Judgment; neither shall they arise from this place. [Disclosure 20: 5]

(14) Then I blessed Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym),

15 And said:

Blessed be the righteous judgment and blessed be my Sovereign Y-hwh, the Sovereign of Majesty and of justice, Who reigns over all the world.


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Chapter 23

1 From there I went to another place, towards the west, unto the extremities of the earth.

2 Where I was shown a fire blazing and running along without cessation, which didnt interrupt its course neither by day nor by night; but continued always the same.

3 I inquired, saying:

What is this, which never ceases?

4 Then R`uw˴l answered,

5 And said:

The function of this blazing fire, which you see running towards the west, is to guide all the luminaries of heaven.


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Chapter 24

Pard (Paradise) [Orchard-Park (`˴then)]

1 I went from there to another place, and was shown a mountain: the ground between them was of fire burning and flaming both by day and night. (2) I proceeded towards it; and I perceived seven splendid mountains, which were all different from each other.

2 Their stones were precious and beautiful, and all were splendid, of awesome appearance and beautiful aspect. Three mountains were towards the east, and strengthened by being placed one against another; and three were towards the south, strengthened in a similar manner, one under the next. There were likewise deep and tortuous valleys, which did not approach each other. (3) And the seventh mountain was in the midst of them, exceeding them all in height resembling the seat of a throne, and fragrant trees surrounded them.

3 (4) Among these there was a tree of a perfume I had never smelled; and of none of those which were in `˴then was there one of all the fragrant trees which smelled like this. Its leaf, its flower, and its bark never withered, and its fruit was beautiful.

4 Its fruit resembled the cluster of the date palm. (5) I exclaimed:

Look! What a beautiful tree! It is beautiful in aspect, pleasing in its leaf, and the sight of its fruit is delightful to the eye.

(6) Then Miykh˴l, the Watcher and the Pure One who was with me and Who presided over those trees, answered me,

5 (25: 1) And He said:

Chanwkh, why do you inquire respecting the odor of this tree?

6 And why are you inquisitive to know the truth about it?

7 (25: 2) Then I, Chanwkh, replied to Him, and said:

I am desirous to learn about everything, but particularly concerning this tree.

8 (25: 3) He answered me, saying:

That mountain which you have seen, and whose peak resembles the throne of the mighty Ones, will be the seat on which shall sit the great pure One, the Sovereign of Worth, the everlasting King, when He shall come and descend to visit the earth with goodness.

9 (25: 4) But it is not permitted for any one of the flesh to touch that tree of an agreeable smell, until the period of the great judgment when He shall avenge everything and He will bring all things to their consummation forever, and this shall then be bestowed on the righteous and humble. (25: 5) The fruit of the tree shall be given to the chosen for nutrition because towards the north life shall be transplanted to the pure place, to the temple of Y-hwh, the everlasting King.

10 (25: 6) Then shall they greatly rejoice and exult. They shall enter in the pure place and the sweet fragrance shall penetrate their bones; and they shall live a long life on the earth such and as your forefathers have lived; But in their days sorrow, distress, trouble, and punishment shall not afflict them.


11 (25: 7) And I blessed Y-hwh, the Sovereign of Worth, the everlasting King, because He has prepared this tree for the pure ones, formed it, and declared that He would give it to them.


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Chapter 25 (26)

Shwl: distinction by water

1 From there I proceeded to the middle of the earth, and looked at a happy and fertile spot, which contained branches continually sprouting from the trees, which were planted* in it. (26: 2) There I saw the pure mountain, and from underneath it water flowed out on the eastern side, which flowed towards the south. (26: 3) I saw also on the east another mountain as high as that; and between them there was a deep and narrow canyon,

2 in which the water ran which flowed from the mountain. (26: 4) To the west of this was another mountain, lower than the former, of low elevation, and below it, between the two,

3 There was a deep and dry narrow canyon, and another deep and dry canyon between the three mountains. (26: 5) All these were narrow deep gulches consisted of a hard rock, did not have trees planted in them. (26: 6) And I wondered at the mountains and was amazed at the valleys, being extremely intrigued.


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Chapter 26 (27)

Shwl for rebellious Christians (Second division 22: 11)

1 Then I said:

Why is this land blessed and full of lofty trees, but between them are these accursed canyons?

2 Then `Uwriy˴l, the pure Watcher who was with me, replied and said:

This accursed gulch is for those who are accursed for the age. Here shall be gathered all who with their mouths utter unfitting words against Y-hwh and speak harsh things of His Worth, here shall they be gathered, and here shall be their place of judgment.

3 In the latter days an example of judgment shall be made of them in righteousness before the pure ones; while those who have received favor shall forever, all their days, bless Y-hwh the Sovereign of Worth and the everlasting King.

4 Yet at the period of judgment on the former ones, these shall bless Him for His favor, as He has reserved it to them.


(27: 5) Then I blessed Y-hwh the Sovereign of Worth, addressing Him, and I praised His Greatness.


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Chapter 27 (28)

1 From there I proceeded towards the east to the middle of the mountain range of the desert, and I saw the wilderness: it was deserted, and

2 It was full of trees and plants of the seed alluded to; and (27: 2) water sprang down upon it from above.

3 Gathering like a wide river, which flowed towards the northeast, carrying the water and the dew everywhere.


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Chapter 28 (29)

1 Then I went to another place in the desert, and I went far away towards the east of that place.

2 There I looked at wild trees, which exuded the sweet-smelling perfumes of incense and myrrh, similar to nuts.

3 (30: 1) And beyond them, I went far towards the east, and


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Chapter 29 (30)

1 I likewise saw another place with valleys of plentiful water,

2 Where I perceived aromatic sweet canes, which resembled the mastic tree.

3 And towards the sides of these valleys I saw cinnamon of a sweet fragrance. And beyond those valleys I went away towards the east.


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Chapter 30 (31)

1 Other mountains were shown to me and also in them I saw trees, from which resin flowed like a nectar, whose name was tsaru, and galbanum. (31: 2) And beyond this mountain all of the trees were full of resin of Aloe,

2 which resembled the bark of the almond trees, (31: 3) and when these trees are peeled, a strong perfumed odor is emitted, and when their barks are ground, they are superior to any perfume.


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Chapter 31 (32)

`˴then (Pard)

1 After these things, beyond those mountains, towards the northeast of them, I was shown [seven] other mountains replete with pure nard, odoriferous trees, cardamom and pepper.

2 From there I continued eastwards beyond all those mountains, far from them, to the east of the earth, and was carried over the Sea of Reeds. And I was distanced far beyond it, I passed over the darkness, far from it, [along above the envoy Zateel,] (32: 3) and was carried beside the Pard of righteousness, and trees within it were shown to me from afar, trees excessive in number and large, different from each other.

3 I saw one tree that was different from all of the rest, very large, beautiful and magnificent, the tree of knowledge, of which if any one eats, he becomes endowed with great wisdom.

4 It was like as tall as a fir tree, its leaves resembled those of the carob tree and bearing fruit that resembled extremely fine grapes; and its fragrance extended to a considerable distance. (32: 5) and I exclaimed:

How beautiful is this tree, and how attractive is its appearance!

5 (32: 6) Then pure Rmmiy˴l, the Watcher and the pure who was with me, answered and said:

This is the tree of knowledge, of which your ancient father and your aged mother ate, and who, obtaining knowledge, their eyes were opened, and understood themselves to be naked, and were expelled from the garden.


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Chapter 32 (33)

1 From there I went on towards the boundaries of the land; where I saw large beasts different from each other, and birds various in their countenances and forms, as well as with notes of different sounds.

2 To the east of these beasts I perceived the extremities of the land, where heaven rests, and where the gates of heaven open, (33: 3) and I saw the stars of the heavens rise forth, and I numbered the sorties of each one of them as they proceeded out of the gate, and wrote them all down, as they came out one by one according to their number, their names, their course and position, and according to their season and month, as the envoy `Uwriy˴l, who was with me, pointed them out to me.

3 (33: 4) He showed and wrote them all down for me, including

4 writing down for me their names, their regulations, and their operations. (Scroll of the Revolutions of the Luminaries of heaven: Chapters 71-79)


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Chapter 33 (34)


1 From there I was transported to the northern boundaries of the land,

2 And there I was shown great works:

3 (34: 2) I saw three open gates of the heavens; through each of them proceed the northern winds, and when they blow there is cold, pelting icerocks, frost, snow, dew, and rain.

4 (34: 3) If they proceed from only one of the gates they blew mildly; but when they blew from the other two gates, it was with violence and calamity over the earth because they blow strongly.


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Chapter 34 (35)

1 From there I went to the western extremities of the land;

2 Where I perceived three gates of the heavens open, the same number of gates and sorties as I had seen in the east.


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Chapter 35 (36)

1 Then I was transported to the southern extremities of the earth, where I was shown its three gates open to the southern wind, for the dew, the rain, and the wind.

2 And from there I was transported to the eastern extremities of the heavens, where I saw three eastern heavenly gates open, which had smaller gates above them. (36: 3) through each of these small gates pass the stars of heaven and proceed by a course traced for them towards the west [and that at every period].

3 (36: 4) When I saw this, I blessed Y-hwh the Sovereign of Worth all the time, and I shall continue blessing the Sovereign of Worth, Who had made those great and splendid signs, in order to display the magnificence of His works to the envoys, to the spirits, and to the sons of thm; and that these might honor that work and all His creation; that these might see the effect of His Force; that these might praise the great labor of His hands; and bless Him forever.


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(No Chapter 36)

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Scroll of the Parables

Chapter 37

1 The vision which he saw, the second vision of wisdom, which Chanwkh saw, the son of Yred, the son of Mahalal˴l, the son of Qynn, the son of Enwsh, the son of Shth, the son of thm. (2) This is the beginning of the words of wisdom, which I received to speak to and say to those who dwell upon earth,

Listen, men from the beginning, and understand to the end, the Words of the Pure One, which I utter in the presence of the Sovereign of spirits!

(3) It was good to speak it to those of yesteryear,

2 But let not us obstruct the beginning of wisdom to those who come after. (4) Until the present such wisdom has never before been granted by the Sovereign of spirits, but I have received it according my discernment, according to the pleasure of the Sovereign of spirits; thanks to Whom I have received from Him a portion of life eternal.

3 And three parables have been communicated to me, and I have raised my voice to relate them to the inhabitants of the world.

a.   The First Parable: Chapters 38-44

b.   The Second Parable: Chapters 45-55

c.   The Third Parable: Chapters 56-68


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Chapter 38

1 Parable the first. When the assembly of the righteous shall be manifested and the sinners shall be judged for their sins, and be expelled from the face of the earth,

2 When the Righteous One shall appear [6th Seal] in the sight of the righteous, of the chosen whose works depend on the Sovereign of spirits; and when the Light shines for the righteous and the chosen who dwell on earth, where will the habitation of sinners then be? [Outside the Kingdom] And where shall be the place of rest for those who have reneged against the Sovereign of spirits? [Burning pit of Shwl (89: 35-37)] It would have been better for them, had they never been born. [Mrquw 14: 21]

3 Also when the Secret of the Righteous One shall be completed[21] [7th Trumpet], then shall sinners be judged, and irreverent men shall be expelled from the presence of the righteous and the chosen.

4 From that moment on, those who possess the earth shall cease to be powerful and chosen any more, and they shall not be capable of looking at the countenances of the pure ones, for it shall be the Light of the Sovereign of spirits that will shine on the face of the pure, the righteous, and the chosen.

5 Then the kings and the mighty shall be destroyed; and be delivered into the hands of the righteous and the pure.

6 Nor thenceforwards shall any seek favor from the Sovereign of spirits for them, because their mortal lives will have been met its end.


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Chapter 39

1 And it shall occur in those days that the sons of the chosen and pure shall descend from the heights of the heavens, and their Seed [Yhuwsha`] shall then be united with the sons of thm. (2) Chanwkh received the scrolls of the indignation and the wrath, and the scrolls of the anguish and the exile.

2 Never shall they obtain favor,

said the Sovereign of spirits.

3 And a cloud then covered me, and the wind lifted me above the surface of the earth, placing me at the extremity of the heavens.

4 There I saw another vision; I saw the place where the pure ones inhabit and the place of rest of the righteous. (5) There I contemplated with my eyes their dwellings among the envoys of righteousness, and their places of rest among the pure ones. As they were supplicating and praying for the sons of thm, righteousness sprang up like water among them, and favor was scattered on them like dew on the earth, for centuries upon centuries.

5 In that place with my eyes I saw the Chosen One of Righteousness and of the belief; Righteousness shall prevail in His days and

6 countless shall be the number of the righteous and the chosen before Him forever and forever.

7 I saw their residence under the wings of the Sovereign of spirits. All the righteous and the chosen shall shine before Him like a scintillation of fire, their mouths shall be full of blessings, and their lips shall honor the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits. And righteousness and the Truth shall not fail before Him.

8 There was I desirous of remaining, and my spirit longed for that habitation. There was my antecedent inheritance; thus and how had been established for me before the Sovereign of spirits.

9 At that time I praised and extolled the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits with blessing and praise, because He has destined me for blessing and honor, according to the good pleasure of the Sovereign of spirits.

10 My eyes observed that place for a long time, and I blessed Him and praised Him saying:

Blessed is He, and may He be blessed from the beginning and forever! (11) Before Him is no resignation, He knows since before the worlds creation

11 what is forever, and what shall be from generation to generation. (12) Those who do not sleep bless You, they stand before Your Worth, blessing, honoring, and exalting You, saying: Pure pure, pure, is Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits, He fills the whole world with spirits!

12 (13) There my eyes looked there at all those who do not sleep[22], standing before Him and bless Him, saying:

Blessed be You, and blessed be the name of Y-hwh the Sovereign of spirits for the ages of the ages!

(14) Then my view was changed, until I was incapable of seeing them.


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Chapter 40

1 After this I saw thousands of thousands, and ten-thousands of ten-thousands, and an innumerable and multitude impossible to calculate, which are sustained before the Sovereign of spirits.

2 And on the four sides of the Sovereign of spirits, I saw four presences different from those who do not sleep and I learned their names, because the envoy, who goes with me, let me know them, and revealed to me every secret thing.

3 Then I heard the voices of those four presences and how they pronounced praises before the Sovereign of Worth.

4 The first voice blessed the Sovereign of spirits for the ages of the ages.

5 The second voice I heard blessing the Chosen One, and the chosen ones who depend on the Sovereign of spirits.

6 The third voice I heard praying and interceding for those who dwell upon earth that supplicate by the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits.

7 The fourth voice I heard expelling the adversaries, and preventing them from entering into the presence of the Sovereign of spirits, to accuse the inhabitants of the earth of His.

8 After this I asked the envoy of peace who went with me and explained all that was concealed to me, saying to him:

Who are those four presences which I have seen, and whose words I have heard and written down?

(9) He replied:

The First, the compassionate and very patient, is Miykh˴l.

9 The second is he who is assigned over the sicknesses and all of the wounds of the sons of thm, is Rph˴l. The third, who is assigned over all the powers, is Gavriy˴l. And the fourth, who is assigned over the hope of those who will inherit eternal life, is called Tsuwriy˴l [Pniy˴l source English translation].

(10) These are the four envoys of the Sovereign of spirits, and their four voices that I heard in those days.


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Chapter 41

1 After this I saw the Secret of Y-hwh and how the Kingdom is divided and of how human actions are weighed there in balances. (2) There I saw the habitations of the chosen ones, and the dwelling of the pure ones, and my eyes saw when the sinners were expelled from there because they rejected the name of the Sovereign of Worth, and they could not stay there, because of the punishment which proceeds against them from the Sovereign of spirits.

2 (3) There, too, my eyes looked at the secrets of the lightning and the thunder; and the secrets of the winds, how they are distributed as they blow over the earth: the secrets of the winds, of the dew, and of the clouds: the place from which they issued forth, and from where they saturate the dust of the earth.

3 (4) There I saw the confined space from which the winds are distributed, the store of the pelting icerocks and the wind, the store of the fog and the clouds that flutter over the earth since the beginning of the world.

4 (5) And I looked at the space of the luminary orb and of the moon, from whence they proceed, and towards where they return, and their splendid return, and how one became more splendid than the next; their magnificent orbit, and how they do not leave from it and loyally maintain the oath which they have made to each other; (6) the luminary orb proceeds forth first, and follows its path, in obedience to the command of the Sovereign of spirits, Whose name is potent for the ages of the ages.

5 (7) After this I saw the path both the concealed and the visible path of the moon, as it completes the circuit of its path in that place day and night, and one maintains a position with the other, before the Sovereign of spirits. They give recognitions and praise without ceasing, because for them giving acknowledgment is rest. (8) The luminary orb turns frequently to bless, or to curse,

6 and the circuit of the moons route is blessing for the righteous and darkness for the sinners, in the name of Y-hwh, Who has separated light from the darkness, and has sorted the spirits of men, and has strengthened the spirits of the righteous in the name of His own Righteousness.

7 (9) For no envoy prevents this, neither is any power capable of preventing it; because He appoints a judgment for all of them, and judges them all in His own presence.


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Chapter 42

1 Wisdom[23] finds not a place on earth where she can dwell; therefore her dwelling is in the heavens.

2 Wisdom went forth to dwell among the sons of thm, but she did not find a place. Then Wisdom returned to her home, and has taken her seat among the envoys. (3) But iniquity has gone out of its caves after her return, has found those who did not seek her and resided among them, like the rain in the desert, and like the dew in a thirsty land.


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Chapter 43

1 Then I saw other comets and stars of the sky and I saw how He called them all by their names and that they paid heed. (2) I saw how they were weighed in a righteous balance, according to their light, their sizes, and the day of their appearance, and how their movement generated brilliance; and I saw their path was according to the number of the envoys, and how trustworthiness is kept among them.

2 (3) Then I inquired of the envoy who proceeded with me and explained to me secret things,

What is this?

(4) He answered:

the Sovereign of spirits has shown you His parable. These are the names of the pure ones who dwell upon the earth and believe in the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits forever and forever.


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Chapter 44

1 Another thing also I saw respecting comets; how some stars arise, and becomes comets; and are not capable of forsaking their new form.


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Chapter 45

1 This is the second parable, concerning these who reject the fellowship of the pure ones [the Virgin Remnant of Yisrâ’ë´l], and the Sovereign of spirits [Y-hwh Yhuwsha`].

2 Into heaven they shall not ascend, nor shall they return to the Land. This shall be the allotment of the sinners who have reneged against the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits, whom You have reserved for the day of suffering and the tribulation.

3 In that day shall My Chosen One sit upon the throne of Worth and shall judge their works; their rest-havens shall be countless, and their spirits shall be strengthened within them when they see My Chosen One, and those who have appealed to My pure and awesome name.

4 In that day I will cause My Chosen One to dwell among them; I will change the face of heaven and I will bless it, and illuminate it forever.

5 I will also change the face of the Land, and I will bless it; and cause those whom I have chosen to inhabit it; But the sinners and the wicked shall not set foot there. (6) For I have supplied and satisfied My righteous ones with shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation), and I have made them live before Me; but the condemnation of sinners shall draw near[24], that I may destroy them from the face of the earth.


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Chapter 46

1 There I saw One to Whom belonged the Head of the days, and His Head was white like wool. With Him was Another, Whose appearance resembled that of thm, and His countenance was full of favor, like that of one of the envoys of the Pure One. (2) Then I inquired of the envoy who went with me, and who showed me every secret thing, concerning this Son of thm:

Who is He, from where did He come, and why does He go with the Head of the days?

2 (3) He answered and said to me:

This is the Son of thm, to Whom the Righteousness belongs; with Whom the Righteousness dwells; and Who will reveal all the hidden treasures: for the Sovereign of spirits has chosen Him; and He has as His allotment the greatest dignity before the Sovereign of spirits, justly and forever.

3 (4) This Son of thm, Whom you have seen, shall rouse kings and the mighty from their beds, and the powerful from their thrones; shall loosen the bridles of the powerful, and break in pieces the teeth of sinners.

4 (5) He shall overthrow kings from their thrones and their kingdoms; because they have not exalted nor praised Him, nor did they humbly recognize from Whom their royalty was granted to them. (6) He shall change the countenance of the mighty, filling them with fear. Darkness shall be their dwelling, and worms shall be their bed; and they shall hold no hope to be raised from that bed, because they did not exalt the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits.

5 (7) These are those who condemn the stars of heaven, lift up their hands against the Most High, oppress and inhabit the earth, whose works exhibit all iniquity, whose power resides in their wealth, whose trust is in the mighty ones (elohym) whom they have fabricated with their own hands: They deny the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits, (8) and they persecute His congregations

6 and the trustworthy, which suffer for the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits.


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Chapter 47

1 In those days the prayer of the pure, and the blood of the righteous, shall have ascended from the earth into the presence of the Sovereign of spirits. [Disclosure 8: 3-4]

2 In those days shall the pure ones who dwell above the heavens assemble, and with united voice petition, supplicate, praise, laud, and bless the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits, on account of the blood of the righteous which has been shed; that the prayer of the righteous may not be put off from before the Sovereign of spirits; that He would execute judgment for them (Chapter 2); and that His patience may not endure forever.

3 At that time I looked at the Head of the Days, while He [the Son of thm] sat upon the throne of His Worth, while the scroll of the living was opened in His presence, and while all His hosts which dwell in the heights of the heavens and His court stood before Him.

4 Then were the hearts of the pure ones full of joy, because the consummation of righteousness was arrived, the supplication of the pure ones heard, and the blood of the righteous denounced by the Sovereign of spirits.


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Chapter 48

1 In that place I looked at the Fountain of righteousness, which never failed, encircled by many springs of wisdom. Of these all the thirsty drank, and were filled with wisdom, and dwelled with the pure, the righteous, and the chosen.

2 In that hour this Son of thm was named before the Sovereign of spirits, and His name was before the Head of the Days:

3 Before the luminary orb and the signs were created, before the stars of heaven were formed, His name was pronounced in the presence of the Sovereign of spirits. (4) A Support shall He be for the righteous and the pure to lean upon without falling; and He shall be the Light of nations.

4 He shall be the Hope of those who suffer. (5) All those who dwell on earth, shall fall down and worship before Him, shall honor, bless Him, and sing praises to the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits.

5 (6) Therefore He has been the One Chosen and the One Concealed in His presence, since before the world was created, and forever,

6 (7) in His presence. [Yhuwchnns Glad Tidings 3: 13, Songs 89: 8, Proverbs 8: 23-30] The wisdom of the Sovereign of spirits has revealed Him to the pure ones and to the righteous, for He has preserved the lot of the righteous, because they have hated and rejected this world of iniquity, and have detested all its works and ways, in the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits.

7 For by means of His name shall they be saved and His will shall be their life. [Yhuwchnns Glad Tidings 6: 40, 20: 31] (8) In those days the kings of the earth and the mighty men who have gained the world [MattithYhuw 16: 26] shall become humble in countenance due to the works of their hands,

8 for their lives shall not be saved from the day of their anguish and affliction; (9) and I shall give them over into the hands of My chosen ones.

9 Like hay in the fire they shall burn in the presence of the pure ones, and like lead into the water they shall sink in the presence of the righteous; Thus shall they burn in the presence of the pure, and sink in the presence of the righteous, and no trace of them shall be found.

10 But in the Day of their trouble, there shall be rest in the earth,

11 In their presence shall they fall and not be raised up again; nor shall there be any one to take them out of His hands, and to lift them up: for they have denied the Sovereign of spirits, and His Anointed. Blessed be the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits!


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Chapter 48A (49)

[Two consecutive chapters are numbered 48 in the English translation.]

1 Because before Him wisdom is springing forth like water and honor does not fail for the ages of the ages; (2) for potent is He in all the secrets of righteousness.

2 But iniquity shall pass away like a shadow, and shall not have a refuge, for the Chosen One is standing before the Sovereign of spirits; and His Worth endures for the ages and ages; and His Force is for all the generations.

3 Within Him dwells the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of instruction and of discernment, the spirit of understanding and of power, the spirit of those who sleep in righteousness; (4) He is Who shall judge secret things,

4 and no one can utter vain words before Him; for He is the Chosen One in the presence of the Sovereign of spirits, according to His will.


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Chapter 49 (50)

1 In those days the pure ones and the chosen shall undergo a change. The light of the Days shall rest upon them; and the splendor and honor shall turn towards the pure ones. [1 Qorinthym 15: 51-53]

2 In the day of the affliction, when evil shall be heaped up upon the sinners, the righteous shall triumph by the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits

3 and shall make others testify that they can repent and renounce the works of their hands; (3) and that honor does not await them in the presence of the Sovereign of spirits; yet that by His name they may be saved, and the Sovereign of spirits will have compassion on them because great is His favor, (4) moreover, He is righteous in His judgment, and in the presence of His Worth and in His judgment, iniquity shall not stand. In His judgment whoever does not repent shall perish before Him,

4 (5) and thenceforwards I shall not have any more compassion on them,

said the Sovereign of spirits.


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Chapter 50 (51)

1 In those days the earth shall deliver up from her womb, and Shwl deliver up from hers, that which it has received; and the depths of the sea shall restore that which they owe[25]. [Disclosure 20: 13]

2 He shall select the righteous and pure from among them; for the day of their salvation has approached.

3 And in those days shall the Chosen One sit upon My throne, while every secret of wisdom and counsel shall proceed from His mouth, for the Sovereign of spirits has gifted and honored Him.

4 In those days the mountains shall skip like rams, and the hills shall leap like young sheep [Song 114: 4] satiated with milk; and of all the envoys in heaven,

5 Their countenance shall be bright with joy; (5) for in those days shall the Chosen One be exalted. The Land shall rejoice; the righteous shall inhabit it, and the chosen ones shall stroll through it.


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Chapter 51(52)

1 After that period, in the place where I had seen every secret sight, because I was snatched up in a whirlwind, and carried off westwards,

2 There my eyes saw all the secrets of heaven, of what shall come: a mountain of iron, a mountain of copper, a mountain of silver, a mountain of gold, a mountain of tin, and a mountain of lead. (Ch. 65: 4)

3 And I inquired of the envoy who went with me, saying:

What are these things, which in secret I look at?

4 He said:

All these things, which you look at, shall serve for the government of His Anointed, for Him to be mighty and powerful over the earth.

5 And that Envoy of peace answered me, saying:

Wait but a short time, and you shall understand, and every secret thing which the Sovereign of spirits has decreed shall be revealed to you. (6) Those mountains which your eyes have seen, the mountain of iron, the mountain of copper, the mountain of silver, the mountain of gold, the mountain of tin, and the mountain of lead, all these in the presence of the Chosen One shall be like a honeycomb before the fire, and like spilled water, and they shall melt at His feet.

6 (7) In those days, men shall not be saved by gold nor by silver,

7 Nor shall they have it in their power to protect themselves, or to escape.

8 There shall be neither iron for war, nor a coat of mail for the breast.

9 Bronze shall be useless; tin shall not be valued; and lead shall be undesirable.

10 (9) All these things [potential uses for metals] shall be eliminated from off the face of the earth, when the Chosen One shall appear in the presence of the Sovereign of spirits.


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Chapter 52 (53)

The Valley of the Calamity (U.S.A.)

`Amlq[26] [Yshr 81: 56-60, Exodus 17: 14[27], YirmYhuw 48: 8, Ychezq˴l 7: 16, Bar-Nvy 12: 8-9]

1 There my eyes looked at a deep valley with wide entrances, and He said:

2 All those who dwell on the continents, on the sea, and in islands, shall bring to it gifts, presents, and symbols of honor; yet that deep valley shall not be full. (2) Their hands shall perpetrate crimes and the sinners shall devour whatsoever those whom they criminally oppress produce by hard labor. But the sinners shall be destroyed before the face of the Sovereign of spirits, and shall be exiled from the face of the earth. But they shall resurrect, and shall not fail forever and ever.

3 This is why I saw all the envoys of punishment establish themselves there [Letter of Bar-Nvy 18: 1], and prepare all of the devices of ha-Sţn (the Adversary).

4 Then I inquired of the Envoy of peace, Who proceeded with me:

Why were those devices being prepared?

5 He said:

These they are preparing those that the kings and powerful ones of the earth may be destroyed.

6 After this, the Righteous and Chosen One shall make the house of His congregation appear, and thenceforwards, they shall not be troubled anymore against the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits.

7 In the presence of His righteousness, those mountains shall not exist on the earth, and the hills shall convert into fountains of water. And the righteous shall rest from the oppression of the sinners.


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Chapter 53 (54)

1 Then I looked back to another part of the earth, where I saw a deep valley burning with fire, [Chapter 65: 4]

2 and they brought monarchs and the mighty and began casting them into this deep valley.

3 There my eyes saw how they were making their devices: fetters of iron of immeasurable weight.

4 Then I inquired of the Envoy of peace, Who proceeded with me, saying:

Why are these fetters being prepared?

5 He replied:

These are being prepared for the host of 'Asa'el, that they may be caught and cast into the abyss of total condemnation, and that their faces may be covered over with sharp stones, as the Sovereign of spirits has commanded.

6 Miykh˴l and Gavriy˴l, Rph˴l and Tsuwriy˴l [Pniy˴l source English translation] in that great day shall grab them, and shall cast them into a furnace of blazing fire, so that the Sovereign of spirits may be avenged of them for their crimes, for becoming servants of the Adversary, and deviating those who dwell upon the earth.

7 As in those days in which punishment shall have come from the Sovereign of spirits, and He will have opened the receptacles of water which are above the heavens and the fountains of the deep.

8 And all the waters were mixed together, waters with waters,

9 Those waters that are above the skies are masculine,

10 And those waters that are under the earth shall be feminine, (9) and all who dwell upon earth, and who dwell under the extremities of heaven were destroyed,

11 so that by these means they shall understand the iniquity that they have committed on earth and by these means perished.


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Chapter 54 (55-56)

1 Afterwards the Head of the days repented, and said:

In vain have I destroyed all the inhabitants of the earth.

2 And He swore by His great name, saying:

Henceforward I will not act thus towards all those who dwell upon earth.

3 But I will place a sign in the heavens [1 Moshh 9: 13]; and it shall be a witness of My trustworthiness between Me and them forever, as long as the days of the heavens remain over the earth.

4 (3) According to this My decree, after when I shall be disposed to seize them beforehand by the hands of the envoys in the day of the tribulation and the suffering, because of this[28], I will unleash My wrath and My punishment upon them,

says Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym), the Sovereign of spirits.

5 O you kings, O you mighty, who inhabit the world: you shall look at My Chosen One, sitting upon the throne of My Worth and judge 'Asa'el, his accomplices and his hosts, in the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits.


Sixth Bowl of Wrath (Disclosure 16: 12-16)

6 (56: 1) There likewise I looked at hosts of envoys of punishment, who were going, holding whips and chains of iron and bronze. (56: 2) Then I inquired of the Envoy of peace, Who proceeded with me:

To whom are those who carry whips going?

7 (56: 3) He said to me:

Towards their selected and their beloved[29], so that they may be cast into the depths of the abyss of the valley.

8 (56: 4) And that valley [Har-Meğiddwn] shall be filled with their selected and beloved; the days of whose life shall reach their end, but the days of their deviation shall be innumerable.

9 (56: 5) In those days shall princes[30] combine together, and conspire. The envoys shall return and shall launch themselves towards the east, among the Parthians and Medes, and shall shake the kings, such that a spirit of perturbation (Disclosure 16: 13-14) shall enter into them. They shall overthrow them from their thrones, springing as lions from their dens, and like famished wolves into the midst of their flock.

10 (56: 6) They shall go up, and tread upon the land of their selected [Bvl] and the land of their selected shall be before them a threshing-floor [Har-Meğiddwn] of the Way, (56: 7) and the city of My righteous people shall impede the progress of their horses. They shall rise up to destroy each other; their right hand shall be strengthened; and a man shall not acknowledge his friend or his brother;

11 Nor the son his father or his mother; until the number of the dead bodies shall be completed, by their death and punishment. Neither shall this take place without cause.

12 (56: 8) In those days shall the jaws of Shwl be opened, they shall be immerged by it, and its destruction shall reach its peak; Death shall devour the sinners in the presence of the chosen. [Ysh`Yhuw 5: 14]


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Chapter 55 (57)

Post-millennial attack, Second shaking

1 After this I looked at another army of vehicles with men riding in them.

2 And they came upon the wind [Ychezq˴l 38] from the east, from the west, and from the south. [Disclosure 20: 9]

3 The sound of the noise of their vehicles was heard.

4 And when that noise took place, the pure ones noticed that the pillars of the earth moved from their place and the sound that was produced was heard from one extreme unto the other extreme of heaven during the same day. [Chaggy 2: 6-9, `Ivrym 12: 26-29]

5 And then they all prostrated themselves, and worshipped the Sovereign of spirits.

6 This is the end of the second parable.


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Chapter 56 (58)

The Third Parable: Chapters 56-63

1 I now began to utter the third parable, concerning the righteous and the chosen.

2 Happy are you, O righteous ones and chosen ones, for your lot shall be splendid!

3 The righteous ones shall be in the light of the luminary orb, and the chosen in the light of everlasting life, the days of their life shall never end; and the days of the pure ones shall be innumerable. (4) They shall seek the Light, and obtain justification with the Sovereign of spirits.

4 There shall be shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation) for the righteous by means of the name of Y-hwh eternally!

5 Henceforward shall the pure ones be told to seek from the heavens[31] the secrets of Justification, the portion of belief, for like the luminary orb has It arisen upon the earth, while darkness is passing away. (6) There shall be Light interminable; though they shall not come for a determined number of days; for before the darkness shall be destroyed and Light shall have been affirmed before the Sovereign of spirits; the Light of the Truth shall have been established forever before the Sovereign of spirits. [1 Yhuwchnn 2: 8]


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Chapter 57 (59)

1 In those days my eyes looked at the secrets of the lightnings and the splendors and the judgment belonging to them.

2 They flash for a blessing or for a curse, according to the will of the Sovereign of spirits.

3 And there I saw the secrets of the thunder, and how when it rumbles above in heaven, its sound is heard,

4 and it shows to me the judgment executed upon the earth, be it [the sound of the thunder] for peace and for blessing, or for a curse, according to the will of the Sovereign of spirits.

5 And later after this, all of the secrets of the splendors and of the lightnings were shown to me. They flash for blessing and for fertility[32].


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Chapter 58 (60)

The First Shaking of Heaven

1 In the five hundredth year, and in the seventh month, on the fourteenth day of the month, of the lifetime of Chanwkh [1122 (2852 BC)], in that parable, I saw that a violent tremor shook the heaven of heavens and that the hosts of the Most High, and the envoys, thousands and thousands, and ten-thousands of ten-thousands, appeared anguished by the great agitation. (2) And when I looked, the Head of the days was sitting on the throne of His Worth and the envoys and righteous remained around Him. (3) A great trembling overcame me, and terror seized me. My bowels[33] were opened, my reins[34] melted, and I fell upon my face. (4) Then Miykh˴l, another envoy of the Pure One, was sent to raise me up.

2 And when He raised me, my spirit returned, for I was incapable of enduring this vision of these hosts, their agitation, and the shakings of the heavens.

3 (5) Then Miykh˴l said to me:

Why does the vision of these things frighten you?

4 Until now it has been the time of His favor; and He has been compassionate and slow to wrath towards those who dwell upon the earth.


6th Seal Day of Y-hwh

5 (6) But when the Day shall come, of the power, the punishment, and the judgment, which the Sovereign of spirits has prepared for those who do not listen to the Law of righteousness, for those who reject the judgment of righteousness, and for those who lift His name to falseness;

6 That Day a covenant has been prepared for the chosen, but for the sinners a punishment.

7 In that day shall be separated from one another for food[35] two monsters; a female monster, whose name is LiwYthn [Leviathan] (writhing dragon), dwelling in the depths of the sea [heathen masses], over the springs of waters [Establishment Bible];

8 And a male monster, whose name is Bhmowth [the Beast]; which possesses, moving on his breast, the immense desert [apostate Christianity]

9 that is named Duindayn, to the east of the garden where the chosen and the righteous will dwell.

(Where my ancestor was carried to, the seventh from thm,[36] whom the Sovereign of spirits made.)

10 (9) Then I asked of another envoy to show me the power of those monsters, how they became separated, how they became separated on the same day, though one is in the depths of the sea, and one in the dry desert.

11 (10) And he said:

You, son of thm, are here desirous of understanding secret things.

[The Spanish translation gives this other envoys response here instead of in Chapter 59]

12 (24) And the Envoy of peace [Miykh˴l], Who was with me, said:

These two monsters are prepared for the great Day of Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym) and are fed so that the (25) punishment of Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym) may not descend in vain upon them.

13 They shall slay children with their mothers, and sons with their fathers.

14 And later a judgment shall take place in accordance with His compassion and His patience.


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Chapter 59 (60)

Allegorical explanation[37]

1 (60: 11) Then another envoy spoke to me, who proceeded with me

2 and showed me the secrets; the first and last, in the heights of the heavens, and in the depths of the earth,

3 In the extremities of heaven, and in its foundations, (12) and in the stores of the winds,

4 how the winds were divided; how they were weighed; and how at their portals the winds were registered according to their force.

5 and the power of the moons light, how its power is a just one; and the divisions among the stars according to their names

6 and how every division is subdivided and classified; (13) and the thunder in the places where it echoes and all the distinctions that are made among the lightning flashes

7 and among its troops so that they obey quickly, (14) and that a cessation takes place during thunder in continuance of its sound. But the thunder and the lightning are not separated; neither do both of them move by means of the same medium, yet they are not separated.

8 (15) For when the lightning flashes, the thunder sounds, and the medium attenuates it while it echoes, and distributes it equally among both; for the charge of its shout is like sand, and each of them like their echoes are restrained with a bridle and turned by the power of the medium, are propelled towards the many areas of the earth.

9 (16) The spirit of the sea is masculine and vigorous; and as its force causes it to ebb, thus it is driven away, and dispersed against the mountains of the earth. (17) The spirit of the freezing is its own envoy; but the spirit of pelting icerocks is a good envoy; (18) the spirit of snow lets it fall by its own force from its stores; She has a special spirit, which ascends from it like vapor, and is called refrigeration.

10 (19) The spirit also of fog does not dwell with them in their store; rather it has its own store; since its path is marvelous,

11 Either in light, just as in darkness, in winter or in summer, and its very receptacle is an envoy.

12 (20) The spirit of dew dwells in the extremities of heaven, and is in connection with the store of the rain; and its travels in winter or in summer, and its cloud and the cloud of the fog are related one to the other; (21) and when the spirit of rain exits from its store, the envoys come and open its receptacle, and precipitate it.

13 And when it is sprinkled over all the earth, it unites with the water that is on the ground; (22) for the waters are for those who dwell on the earth, because they are a nourishment for the dry land, which comes from the Most High, Who is in heaven.

14 This is why there is a regulation for the quantity of rain, and the envoys are assigned it.

15 (23) These things I saw in the vicinity of the garden of the righteous [Pard] (`˴then, the garden of the righteous).


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Chapter 60 (61)

1 In those days I saw how long ropes were given to those envoys and they put on wings, and flew towards the north. [Chapter 69: 3]

2 And I inquired of the envoy, saying:

Why have they taken those long ropes and left?

He said:

They are gone forth to measure.

3 The Envoy who went with me told me:

These bring to the righteous the measures of the righteous and the cords of the righteous so that they may depend on the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits forever and ever.

4 The chosen shall begin to dwell with the Chosen One,

5 And these are the measures which shall be given them for belief, and which shall strengthen the words of justification (righteousness). [Romans 12: 3]

6 (5) These measures shall reveal all the secrets of the depth of the earth

7 and those who have been destroyed in the desert, and who have been devoured by wild beasts, or by the fish of the sea, those shall be able to return, sustained by the day of the Chosen One; for none shall perish in the presence of the Sovereign of spirits, nor shall any be capable of perishing.

8 (6) All those who dwell in the heights of the heavens have received a commandment, a combined power, voice, and splendor, like fire.

9 (7) And with their first words, they blessed Him, exalted Him, they praised Him with wisdom, and have been granted wisdom with the Word, and with the breath of life.

10 (8) And the Sovereign of spirits shall seat the Chosen One upon the throne of His Worth,

11 And He shall judge all the works of the pure ones and their deeds shall be weighed in a balance. (9) And when He shall lift up His Countenance to judge their hidden ways according to the Word of the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits, and their progress in the Way of the righteous judgment of l `Elywn,

12 Then with united voice they shall all speak, bless, honor, exalt, and proclaim purely the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits.

13 (10) He shall call together all the hosts of the heavens, all the pure ones and the hosts of Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym): The Kruwvym, the Srphym, and the Ophnnym [wheels], all the envoys of the Power, even all the envoys of Y-hwh: namely, of the Chosen One, and of the other Force over earth over the water. [Romans 1: 20]

14 (11) On that day they shall raise a United[38] voice; shall bless, honor, praise, and exalt with the (1) spirit of fidelity, with the (2) spirit of wisdom and (3) patience, with the (4) spirit of favor, with the (5) spirit of judgment, with the (6) spirit of peace, and with the (7) spirit of Truth; all shall say with United voice:

Blessed is He, and blessed be the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits forever and forever! (12) All, who do not sleep[39] in heaven above shall bless it!

15 All the pure ones in heaven shall bless You! All the chosen who dwell in the garden of life [`˴then (Pard), Shwl][40]; and every spirit of the Light, who is capable of blessing, praising, exalting, and purely proclaiming Your name; even all of flesh shall honor and bless Your name beyond measure for the ages of the ages!

16 (13) For great is the compassion of the Sovereign of spirits, He is patient, and He has revealed all His works and all His creation, to the pure ones and to the chosen, by means of the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits! [Then Disclosure 5: 13]


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Chapter 61 (62)

6th Seal Day of Y-hwh

1 Thus Y-hwh commanded the kings, the mighty, the exalted, and all those who live upon the Land, saying:

Open your eyes, and lift up your foreheads to see if you are capable of acknowledging the Chosen One.

2 The Sovereign of spirits sat upon the throne of His Worth.

3 And the spirit of righteousness was poured out over Him.

4 The Word of His mouth shall destroy all the sinners and all the unjust, and none of them shall survive before His Presence.

5 (3) In that day all the kings and the mighty and the exalted and those who took possession of the Land shall stand up, shall see Him, and shall recognize Him when He is sitting on the throne of His Worth; justice shall be judged before Him

6 and no useless word shall be pronounced before Him.

7 (4) The pain shall come upon them as upon a woman in travail, whose labor is severe, when her child comes to the mouth of the pelvis, and she finds it difficult to bring forth. [Compare Ysh`Yhuw 13: 8-16]

8 They shall look at each other in terror; they shall lower their gaze;

9 And the trouble shall overcome them when they see this Son of woman [Galtas 4: 4] seat Himself upon the throne of His Worth.

10 (6) Then the kings, the mighty, and all who took possession of the Land shall honor Him Who has sovereignty over all things, Him Who was concealed; (7) for from the beginning the Son of thm existed in secret, and the Most High preserved Him in the midst of His Force, and revealed Him to the chosen ones. [Ysh`Yhuw 49: 2, Romans 1: 20]

11 (8) He shall sow the congregation of the pure ones, and of the chosen; and all the chosen shall stand on their feet before Him in that Day.

12 (9) But the kings, the princes, the exalted, and those who took possession of the Land, shall fall down on their faces before Him, and shall worship Him,

13 And they shall fix their hopes on this Son of thm, shall supplicate Him, and ask Him for favor.

14 (10) Nevertheless, the Sovereign of spirits shall recompense them so that they hasten to exit from His presence. He shall shame their faces, and the darkness shall pile over their faces. (11) He shall turn them over to the envoys of punishment so that vengeance may be executed because they have oppressed His sons and His chosen. (12) And they shall become a spectacle for the pure ones and for His chosen, who shall be made joyful at their cost; because the wrath of the Sovereign of spirits fell upon them

15 and His sword became drunk with their blood [Deuteronomy 32: 42]; (13) but the pure ones and chosen shall be saved in that day; and they shall not thenceforwards see the face of the sinners and the unrighteous.

16 (14) The Sovereign of spirits shall reside over them:

17 And they shall eat, rest, and rise up with this Son of thm for the ages of the ages.

18 (15) The righteous and the chosen shall have arisen from the ground, shall have ceased to depress their countenances, and shall have been clothed with the garment of Life. (16) Such shall be that garment of Life of the Sovereign of spirits: your garment shall not wax old [compare Deuteronomy 29: 5], nor shall your honor diminish in the presence of the Sovereign of spirits. [Compare 2 Qorinthym 5]


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Chapter 62 (63)

1 In those days the kings who took possession of the Land shall beg the envoys of punishment to whom they shall have been delivered up, that they may give them a short pause, so that they may fall down and render reverence before the Sovereign of spirits, and confess their sins before Him.

2 They shall bless and praise the Sovereign of spirits, saying:

Blessed is Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits, the Sovereign of kings, the Sovereign of the mighty ones, the Sovereign of the rich, the Sovereign of Worth, and the Sovereign of wisdom.

3 Over all the hidden things shall shine

4 Your Force from generation to generation; and Your Worth for the ages of the ages.

5 Deep and numberless are all Your secrets, and Your righteousness cannot be calculated.

6 (4) Now we know that we should honor and bless Y-hwh, the Sovereign of kings, yea, He reigns over all the kings!

7 (5) And they shall say:

We wish there were a pause in order to honor and acknowledge and profess our belief in the presence of His Worth.

8 (6) And now we sigh for a small rest; but we do not find it; we rejected Him, so do not possess it. Light has passed away from before us; and darkness is our dwelling for the testimonies of the witnesses[41].

9 (7) For we did not believe in Him, nor have we praised the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of kings, [and we have not honored Y-hwh in all His works;] instead we have trusted in the scepter of our dominion and in our weight.

10 (8) So during the day of our suffering and of our trouble He did not save us, neither shall we find rest to confess that our Sovereign is trustworthy in all His works, in all His judgments, and in His righteousness,

11 and in His judgments He pays no respect to persons; (9) so we must depart from His presence, on account of our deeds

12 and all our sins have been justly accounted.

13 (10) Then shall they say to each other:

Our lives are satiated with the instruments of crime and unjust riches;

14 But that does not preserve us from descending to the center of the womb of Shwl!

15 (11) Afterwards, their countenances shall be filled with darkness and shame before the Son of thm, they shall be expelled from His presence, and the sword shall remain before their faces [to expel them].

16 (12) Thus says the Sovereign of spirits:

This is the decree and the judgment against the mighty ones, the kings, the exalted, and those who took possession of the Land in the presence of the Sovereign of spirits.


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Chapter 63 (64)

1 Later, I saw also other figures in that secret place. (2) I heard the voice of an envoy, saying:

These are the envoys who have descended from heaven to earth, and have revealed secrets to the sons of thm, and have induced the sons of thm to commit sin.


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The Scroll of Nach

Chapter 64 (65)

1 In those days Nach saw that the earth became deviated, and that its destruction was imminent.

2 Then he departed from there and went to the limits of the land, to the dwelling of his great-grandfather Chanwkh.

3 And he cried out, and said to him three times with a bitter voice:

Hear me! Hear me! Hear me!

(3) I told him:

Tell me, what is occurring upon the earth for it to suffer such grave labors, and tremble violently? I may perish with it!

4 Following this there was a great shaking on the earth, and then a voice sounded from the heavens and I fell down on my face!

(5) But Chanwkh, my great-grandfather who came, stayed close by me and

5 he said to me:

Why have you cried out to me with a bitterness and weeping?

6 For a commandment has gone forth from Y-hwh against those who dwell on the earth, that they may be completely destroyed; for they all have known the secrets of the Watchers, all the violence of the adversaries, all their occult powers, the power of the evildoers, each power of those who commit sorcery, as well as the power of those who make molten images in the whole earth:

7 how silver is produced from the dust of the earth, and how tin originates in the earth, (8) and lead and bronze are not being produced from the earth as at first, rather a spring produces it

8 and there is a prominent envoy staying there, and that envoy struggles to prevail.

9 Afterwards my great-grandfather Chanwkh grabbed me by the hand, lifted me up, and told me:

Go, for I have asked the Sovereign of spirits respecting this shaking of the earth. (10) He has replied to me,

On account of their injustice, their judgments have been determined, and it shall never be detained by Me because of the sorceries that they have researched and learned; the earth and those who dwell on it shall be destroyed.

(11) Respecting those envoys, there shall be no opportunity for their repentance,

10 because they have revealed what was secret and are damned, but concerning you, my son, they have looked into the occult, and they are those who have been judged; but not you, my son. The Sovereign of spirits knows that you are pure, and not at fault and blameless concerning the occult.

11 (12) He will establish your name among those of the pure ones, and will preserve you among those who dwell upon the earth. He will establish your seed in righteousness, for royalty and for great honors; and from your seed shall spring forth righteous ones and pure ones without number forever.


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Chapter 65 (66)

1 After this he showed me the envoys of punishment, who were prepared to come, and to unleash the might of the waters that are under the earth:

2 That they may be for judgment, and for the destruction of all those who remain and dwell upon the earth.

3 (2) And the Sovereign of spirits commanded the envoys who went forth, not to raise up the waters rather that they should repress them.

4 For those envoys presided over all the might of the waters. (3) Then I went out from the presence of Chanwkh.


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Chapter 66 (67)

1 In those days the Word of Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym) came to me, and said:

Nach, look, your lot has ascended up to Me, a spotless lot, a lot of love and uprightness.

2 So now the envoys are constructing a wooden structure and when they finish their task, I will extend My hand upon it and preserve it,

3 and the Seed of Life shall germinate from it, and a change shall take place, so that the dry land shall not remain unoccupied. (3) I will establish your Seed before Me forever and ever, I shall disseminate those who dwell with you and it shall not be barren, rather it shall be blessed and multiplied on the surface of the earth within the name of Y-hwh. [Disclosure 15: 4]

4 He shall confine the Watchers who have demonstrated unrighteousness, in that burning valley [Chapter 53] (which at first my great-grandfather Chanwkh showed me in the west), near where there were mountains of gold and silver, of iron, of tin, and lead. [Chapter 51: 1-2]

5 I looked at that valley, in which there was great perturbation, and where the waters were troubled.

6 And when all this happened, from that burning molten mass of metal and from the agitation which troubled them in that place, there arose a strong smell of sulfur, which became mixed with the waters; and that valley where the Watchers, who had been guilty of seduction, burned underneath its soil.

7 From its valleys flow rivers of fire, where those Watchers are punished, who have seduced the inhabitants of the earth.

8 In these days, these waters shall be used by the kings, the mighty, the exalted, and the inhabitants of the earth, for the fitness of the body, and for the punishment of the spirit,

9 And their spirits shall be full of lust, that their flesh shall be punished because they have rejected the Sovereign of spirits, and although they shall be aware of their condemnation day by day, even so they shall not believe in His name.

10 (9) And as the burning of their bodies shall be severe, thus shall their spirits undergo a change forever.

11 Because no one shall utter a word of the Lie against the Sovereign of spirits.

12 (10) Because judgment shall come upon them because they trusted in their carnal lust[42], and rejected the spirit of Y-hwh.

13 (11) In those days shall the waters of that valley be changed; for when the Watchers are punished in them, the springs of water change their temperature,

14 And when the envoys shall raise the water of the springs they become cold.

(12) I heard Miykh˴l answering, and He said:

This judgment, with which the Watchers are judged, is a testimony against the kings, the mighty, and those who take possession of the Land.

15 (13) For these waters of judgment shall be for their curing, and for the death of their bodies. But they shall not perceive or believe that the waters will be exchanged, and become a fire, which shall blaze for the age.


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Chapter 67 (68)

1 After this my great-grandfather Chanwkh gave me the interpretation of all the secrets in the scroll and in the parables that had been given to him, and he summarized them for me in the words of the scroll of parables.

2 That day Miykh˴l spoke and said to Rph˴l:

The Force of the spirit impels Me, and makes Me strain for the severity of the condemnation for the secrets and the punishment of the envoys. Who could endure the rigorous sentence which has been executed and before which they are undone?

(3) Again Miykh˴l spoke and said to pure Rph˴l:

Does anyone exist whose heart would not be touched by this, and whose reins would not be troubled by this

3 sentence that has been uttered against those who have been cast away?

(4) But it occurred, that when Miykh˴l arrived before the Sovereign of spirits,

4 He said to Rph˴l:

I shall not take up their portion before the sight of Y-hwh, since the Sovereign of spirits is furious with them; for they have conducted themselves as if they were sovereigns. (5) Therefore all the hidden [condemnation] shall come against them for the ages of the ages.

5 Since neither shall an envoy nor a man receive a portion of it; but they alone have received their own judgment for the ages of the ages.


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Chapter 68 (69)

1 After this judgment, they shall be astonished and it will make them tremble, for that [condemnation] shall be exhibited to the inhabitants of the earth.

2 Here are the names of these Watchers: Shemiychzh, who was the foremost, and in sequence following him, Ar'taqof, Rama'el, Kokab'el, -'el [Turel], Ra'ma'el, Dani'el, Zeq'el, Baraq'el, 'Asa'el, Harmoni, Matra'el, 'Anan'el, Sato'el, Shamsi'el, Sahari'el, Tumi'el, Turi'el, Yomi'el, y Yehadi'el.

3 And those which follow are the names of his envoys, of his leaders of hundreds and fifties.

4 The first, who lamented it[43], was who induced all the sons of the heavens and caused them to descend on earth, and seduced them with the daughters of thm.

5 The name of the second is Asbe'el, gave an evil counsel to the sons of the heaven, and led them to corrupt themselves with the daughters of thm.

6 The name of the third is G'adri'el: he revealed to the daughters of men all the ways to give death.

7 It was he who led astray Chauwh and he is who taught to the sons of thm the instruments of death: the shield, the breastplate, and the swords for slaughter, and every instrument of death.

8 (7) From his hand they proceeded against those who live on the earth since that day and for all the generations.

9 (8) The name of the fourth is Panamu'el: this one showed the sons of thm what is bitter and what is sweet,

10 And revealed to them all the secrets of his wisdom.

11 (9) He taught the sons of thm to [understand letters and to] write with ink and papyrus

12 Therefore numerous have been those who have been deviated due to it, from its beginning even to this day.

13 (10) For men were not brought to the world for the purpose to support their belief with ink and with paper;

14 (11) Rather, the sons of thm have been created with the intentions that they might live pure and righteous so that

15 Death, which destroys everything, might not reach them;

16 But by fault of this knowledge of theirs they perish, and its power devours them.

17 (12) The name of the fifth is K'asdeya'el: he showed the sons of thm every strike of the spirits and the gods:

18 The strike of the embryo in the womb for it to abort, the bite of the serpent, the strike which comes over with the mid-day heat [Songs 91: 6], by the offspring of the serpent, the name of which is Taba'et[44].

19 (13) This is the task of the Lamb of the Power (Kasviy˴l [from Strongs #3775 and #410]) [The Glad Tidings of Yhuwchnn 1: 29]: He revealed to the pure ones the Chief of the oath [Yhuwsha` = Y-hwh is deliverance/wealth], Who dwells in the Worth of the Most High,

20 His name is among the ibexes[45] [Chanwkh 89: 15]. (14) This One [the Most High] asked Miykh˴l to reveal to them the secret name (Yhuwsha`), in order that they might understand that pure name [meaning of Yhuwsha`: Y-hwh is deliverance/ wealth], and thus make mention of the oath, because those who have revealed every secret thing to the sons of thm tremble before this name and oath. [Ysh`Yhuw 49: 1]

21 (15) Here is the power of that oath; for strong it is, and powerful.

22 And He arranged this oath of the ibexes[46] by the instrumentality of Miykh˴l.

23 (16) These are the secrets of this oath, and they are strong: By means of His oath,

24 Even the heavens were suspended before the world was made. [Songs 33: 6, Qowloym 1: 16]

25 (17) By means of it, has the land been founded above the water, while from the most concealed parts of the mountains proceed forth beautiful waters, from the creation of the world until eternity.

26 (18) By this oath the sea has been formed, and for its foundation,

27 during the period of the fury He established the sand against it, and she does not dare to invade further since the creation of the world until the age, (19) and by this oath the depths are firm and stable and do not move from their station from age to age.

28 (20) By this oath the luminary orb and moon complete their route without disobeying the command given to them forever and ever.

29 (21) By this oath the stars follow their course;

30 He calls them by their names, and they return an answer, from age to age,

31 (22) likewise, the spirits of the waters of the winds and of all the breezes from all the regions of the earth.

32 (23) There are kept the voice of thunder, and the splendor of the lightning,

33 And there are kept the stores of pelting icerocks, frost, snow, rain, and dew.

34 (24) All these profess and laud it before the Sovereign of spirits

35 And they praise Him with all their energy so He sustains them in all that act of acknowledgment, while they laud, praise, and exalt the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits forever and ever.

36 (25) This oath is powerful and through it, their paths are preserved and their course shall not be destroyed.

37 (26) And there was great joy among them,

38 They blessed, honored, and exalted Y-hwh because the name of the Son of thm has been revealed to them. [Yhuwsha`]

39 (27) He sat upon the throne of His Worth; and the sum of the judgment has been given to Him, the Son of thm: and He shall make sinners be expelled and destroyed from the face of the earth, (28) while those who deviated them shall be bound with chains

40 And in the place where they had been gathered for the destruction, they shall be imprisoned and all their works will disappear from the face of the earth. (29) And thenceforward nothing will corrupt itself, for this Son of thm has appeared and has seated Himself upon the throne of His Worth.

41 Everything wicked shall depart from before His face; and the Word of the Son of thm shall go forth and shall be strengthened by the presence of the Sovereign of spirits.

42 This is the third parable of Chanwkh.


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Chapter 69 (70)

1 And it occurred after this, that the name of the Son of thm Who lived with the Sovereign of spirits was elevated upwards and away from those who inhabit the earth;

2 And it was elevated above in the vehicle of the spirit, and the name disappeared from their midst.

3 Since that day I was not counted anymore among them, and He seated me between two regions, between the north and the west, there where the envoys had taken ropes to measure for me the place for the chosen and the righteous[47].

4 There I shall[48] see the forefathers and the righteous ones who through the First dwell in that place.


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Chapter 70 (71)

Chanwkh transferred and concealed (To the `Ivrym 11: 5)

1 And then it occurred that my spirit was transferred, and it ascended into the heavens, and I saw the sons of the mighty Ones (Elohym). They were treading on flames of fire, their garments were white, and their countenances gleamed like crystal.

2 I saw two rivers of fire, the light of this fire shimmered like the Jacinth [dark blue],

3 Then I fell on my face before the Sovereign of spirits.

4 (3) The Envoy Miykh˴l[49] was Who had taken me by my right hand, lifted me up, and led me into every secret and revealed to me the secret of justification;

5 (4) He showed me all the secrets of the limits of the heavens, and all the stores of the stars, of the luminaries, from whence they dawn in the presence of the pure ones.

6 (5) And He transferred my spirit into the heaven of heavens [1 Moshh 5: 24, `Ivrym 11: 5, Yshr 3: 36-38, 2 thm and Chauwh 22: 8-9]

7 and I saw that there was a building made of crystal,

8 And among those crystals, flames of living fire. (6) My spirit looked around the circumference at what surrounded this flaming building, and on each of its four corners, there were fountains of living fire.

9 (7) Surrounding it were Srphym, Kruwvym, and Ophnnym (Wheels) [Ychezq˴l 1: 15-21]: these are those who never sleep, but guard the throne of His Worth.

10 (8) And I saw innumerable envoys, thousands of thousands, and ten-thousands of ten-thousands surrounding that building,

11 (9) And Miykh˴l, Rph˴l, Gavriy˴l, Tsuwriy˴l [Pniy˴l source English translation] and an innumerable multitude of envoys of the Pure One.

12 (10) With them was the Head of the Days, Whose head was white and pure as wool, and His garments were indescribable.


Chanwkh pleases Y-hwh (To the `Ivrym 11: 5)

13 (11) Then I fell upon my face, while all my body fainted, and my spirit became transfigured.

14 I cried out with a loud voice, with a spirit of power and I blessed, praised, and exalted.

15 (12) And these blessings that proceeded from my mouth were considered well-pleasing in the presence of this Head of the Days.

16 (13) And the Head of the Days came with Miykh˴l, Gavriy˴l, Rph˴l and Tsuwriy˴l, and an innumerable multitude of envoys.

17 (14) Then He came to me, and with His voice bade me shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation), saying:

This is the Son of thm Who has been begotten by the Righteousness [ZkharYhu 6: 9-14], and Righteousness shall reside upon Him

18 and the righteousness of the Head of the Days shall not forsake Him.

19 (15) He said:

On you shall He confer shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation) by His name of the world to come; for from thence has shlwm gone forth since the creation of the world [2 Qorinthym 5: 19, Yhuwchnn 14: 27]

20 and thus shall the shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation) be on you for always and all eternity.

21 (16) All shall walk in His Way and while righteousness shall never forsake Him,

22 All shall dwell with Him, with Him their inheritance and from Him they shall not be separated ever, nor for all eternity.

23 (17) And many shall be the days with this Branch of thm

24 and shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation) and the correct Way shall be for the righteous, in the name of Y-hwh, the Sovereign of spirits, eternally.


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Chapter 71 (72)

1 The scroll of the revolutions of the luminaries of heaven, the interrelations between them, according to their respective classes, their respective range and their respective season, each according to their respective names and the places where they emerge, and their respective months, which `Uwriy˴l, the envoy of the Pure One who was with me and who is their guide, showed me and disclosed all their laws exactly how they are and how all the years of the world are observed for the age, until the new creation shall be completed, which shall last for eternity.


The Law of the solar year

2 This is the first law of the luminaries, the luminary of the shmesh (luminary orb), which has its emergence in the eastern gates of the sky and its setting in the western gates of the sky.

3 I saw six gates whence the luminary orb emerges; and the gates where the luminary orb sets,

4 and the moon emerges and is hidden through these gates, just as the leaders of the stars and those who guide them. Six gates are to the east and six to the west,

5 One after the other in rigorous order and besides many windows to the right and to the left of these gates.

6 (4) First there appeared there that great luminary, whose name is the shmesh (luminary orb) and whose lit area is like the circumference of the skies, and is totally full of a fire that illuminates and scorches.

7 (5) By the vehicle in which it ascends, the wind blows.

8 And the luminary orb sets in the sky, and returning crossing beyond[50] the north to proceed towards the east, is led so as to enter by that gate, and illuminate the face of the sky.[51]

9 (6) During the first month[52], by this same manner, it emerges by the great gate,

10 which is the fourth of those six gates, which are at the rising of the luminary orb.

11 (7) And in the fourth gate, through which the luminary orb emerges the first month, there are twelve open windows; from which issues out a flame, when they are opened in their proper periods.

12 (8) When the luminary orb dawns, it emerges from this fourth gate for thirty consecutive days, and it sets exactly through the fourth gate in the west of the sky.

13 (9) During that period each day is lengthened than the day before, and each night curtailed than the night before [for thirty days]. (10) And at that moment the day has lengthened by a ninth part at the expense of the night:

14 The day becomes equal to ten parts, and the night exactly eight parts.

15 (11) Then the luminary orb leaves this fourth gate and sets through the fourth, and returns to the fifth eastern gate at the thirtieth morning, after which it emerges from and sets through the fifth gate.

16 (12) Then the day becomes lengthened by a second portion, so that it becomes eleven parts; while the night becomes shortened, and becomes only seven parts.

17 (13) And it returns to the east, and enters by the sixth gate and emerges, and it sets through the sixth gate for thirty-one days, on account of its sign.

18 (14) At that moment, the day is longer than the night, the day becomes twice as long as the night; and becomes equal to twelve parts;

19 But the night is shortened, and becomes equal to six parts. (15) Then the luminary orb rises up to shorten the day and to lengthen the night,

20 So the luminary orb returns to the east to enter through the sixth gate and emerges through it and to set, during thirty mornings.

21 (16) When the thirty mornings have passed, the luminary orb has diminished the day by precisely one part, so that it becomes equal to eleven parts and the night to seven.

22 (17) Then the luminary orb leaves the west through that sixth gate and proceeds to the east and emerges through the fifth gate during thirty mornings, and sets in the west, again through the fifth gate of the west.

23 (18) At that moment the day diminishes by another part and becomes equal to ten parts and the night to eight.

24 (19) Then the luminary orb leaves from the fifth gate and sets through the fifth gate of the west and rises through the fourth gate for thirty-one mornings, on account of its sign and it sets in the west.

25 (20) At that moment the day is the same length as the night and becomes equal to it: the night has nine parts and the day nine parts.

26 (21) Then the luminary orb leaves that gate and sets in the west, and returning to the east emerges through the third gate for thirty mornings and it sets in the west through the third gate.

27 (22) At that moment the night is longer than the day and than the nights before, and each day is shorter than the day before until the thirtieth morning; the night is equal to exactly ten parts and the day to eight.

28 (23) The luminary orb which leaves through the third gate and sets in the third gate in the west returns to come up in the east and emerge through the second gate of the east for thirty days

29 and the same way, it sets through the second gate in the west of the sky.

30 (24) At that moment the night is equal to eleven parts, and the day, seven.

31 (25) Then the luminary orb which dawns at that time through that second gate and sets in the west through the second gate, returns to the east, proceeding through the first gate, for thirty-one mornings

32 and sets through the first gate in the west.

33 (26) At that moment that night has lengthened to the point where it is twice the length of the day:

34 The night is equal to twelve parts precisely, while the day to six.

35 (27) The luminary orb that has completed this section of its orbits, returns again over them and

36 enters through that first of its gates for thirty mornings and sets in the west through the opposite one.

37 (28) At that moment the night diminishes in its length one part, and the night becomes equal to eleven parts, and

38 the day to seven.

39 (29) Then the luminary orb returns, and enters through the second gate of the east.

40 and it returns by this section of its orbit for thirty mornings, rising and setting.

41 (30) At that moment the duration of the night is decreases and it becomes equal to ten parts, and the day to eight. (31) Then the luminary orb leaves from that second gate and sets in the west and returns to the east and emerges through the third gate for thirty-one mornings, and sets in the west of the sky.

42 (32) At that moment the night has become shortened and it becomes equal to nine parts and the day becomes equal to nine parts, the night is equal with the day. The year has precisely three hundred and sixty-four days. (Compare Jubilees 6: 32 [an uninspired study book])

43 (33) The lengthening of the day and night, and the contraction of the day and night, are indicated by the path of the luminary orb.

44 (34) By means of this path is the day lengthened daily, and the night greatly shortened.

45 (35) This is the law of the path of the luminary orb and its return [to each gate], according to which it returns and emerges sixty times[53]. This is the great Hyll [Foolish boaster (Ysh`Yhuw 14: 12, ZkharYhu 11: 2)] that He names the luminary orb forever and ever.

46 (36) The one which exalts itself [2 Qorinthym 10: 18] is the great luminary, which is named after its own appearance, as Y-hwh has commanded.

47 (37) And thus how it emerges it sets, neither shrinking nor resting, but running its course by day and by night; and its light shines seven times greater than that of the moon[54], though when observing both, their dimensions are equal.


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Chapter 72 (73)

1 After this law I saw another law, which dealt with the inferior luminary, the name of which is the moon, and the orbit of which is as the circumference of the sky,

2 and the vehicle by which it ascends and the light are given to it by measure;

3 and every month its emergence and its setting become modified; its days are like the days of the luminary orb, and when its light is full [~the full moon], its light is a seventh part from the light of the luminary orb.

4 Thus it rises: when during its first [waxing] phase it emerges towards the east on the thirtieth day

5 And during that time-period it appears, it becomes for you the first of the months on the thirtieth day, simultaneously when the luminary orb is within the [fourth] gate through which the luminary orb emerges.

6 (5) It is visible in the half of the seventh part; the whole of its orb is void without light, with the exception of a half seventh, the fourteenth part of its light. (6) And in a day it receives a half seventh part of its light, its light increments half of the seventh part of it. (7) Its sets with the luminary orb

7 and when the luminary orb emerges, the moon emerges with it, and receives a half of a seventh part of light,

8 and on that night, when it commences its morning, [prior to the day of the month,] the moon sets with the luminary orb.

9 And on that night it is dark in its fourteenth part, that is, in the half seventh; (8) but it rises on that day with one-seventh portion precisely and emerges and leans towards the rising of the luminary orb,

10 and during each of its [waxing] days its light increases in the other thirteen parts.


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Chapter 73 (74)

1 Then I saw another process and a regulation for her, how by means of this law the cycle of its months are completed; (2) and all this, `Uwriy˴l showed me, the envoy of the Pure One who directed all of those.

2 I wrote down their stations just as he showed them to me,

3 and I drew its moons, just as they occur, and the aspect of their light, until fifteen days are completed.

4 (3) By each of its half-seventh portions it fills all its light to the east and by each half-seventh part it fills its darkness towards the west.

5 (4) On certain months it changes its settings; and on certain months it follows its own path: (5) During two months the moon sets with the luminary orb, through the two gates which are in the middle, in the third and the fourth gate. (6) It emerges for seven days, and makes its circuit,

6 And again it returns to the gate whence the luminary orb emerges, (7) and when the luminary orb comes out through the sixth gate,

7 It [the moon] comes out for seven days, until it emerges from the fifth gate.

8 And again it returns during seven days through the fourth gate, and completing all its light, it wanes, and enters through the first gate in eight days,

9 (8) And it returns during seven days through the fourth gate from which the luminary orb goes forth.

10 (9) Thus have I seen their stations, how the moon emerges and the luminary orb sets during those days.

11 (10) If we add up five years, the luminary orb has an excess of thirty days, and all of days, which these five-year periods add up to upon completion, are three hundred sixty four days. (11) The excess of the luminary orb and stars comes to be six days; in five years, at six days per year, equals thirty days,

12 So that the moon has thirty days less than the luminary orb and the stars.

13 (12) The luminary orb and the stars carry on the whole year precisely, such that they do not advance nor move back their positions not even a single day for all eternity and they complete their years with correct precision in three hundred and sixty-four days. (13) In three years the days are one thousand and ninety-two; in five years they are one thousand eight hundred and twenty; and in eight years two thousand nine hundred and twelve days.

14 But for the moon alone, its days in three years amount to one thousand and sixty-two days, so in five years it lacks fifty days, (15) It has in five years one thousand seven hundred seventy days; thus the days of the moon in eight years are two thousand eight hundred and thirty-two days.

15 (16) At eight years, it is behind by eighty days,

16 (17) The year becomes completed [finishes] regularly according to the seasons of the world, and the position of the luminary orb; which emerges through the gates from which it rises and it sets for thirty days.


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Chapter 74 (75)

1 The leaders of the chiefs of the thousands who are assigned over all creation and over all the stars have to make with the four intercalated days, and being never separated from their office according to the calculation of the year,

2 these must serve four days that are not computed [in the calculation of the year.]

3 (2) Respecting them, men do err, for these luminaries render service precisely to the seasons of the world, one through the first gate, another through the third, another through the fourth, and another through the sixth gate.

4 And the shlwm of the world gets completed in three hundred and sixty-fourth seasons. (3) For the signs,

5 The seasons,

6 The years,

7 And the days, `Uwriy˴l showed me, the watcher to whom the Sovereign of Worth appointed over all the luminaries

8 of the sky and in the world, so that they might rule the face of the sky, be seen from the earth, and to be

9 the guides of the days and of the nights: the luminary orb, the moon, the stars, and all the auxiliary creations that circuit their orbits in the vehicle of the sky.

10 (4) In the same way `Uwriy˴l showed me twelve gates open for the circuit of the vehicles of the luminary orb in the heavens, through them shoot forth the rays of the luminary orb,

11 and the heat expands upon the earth, when they are opened in their assigned seasons. (5) They also are useful for the winds and the spirit of the dew, when they are opened in the extremities of the skies.

12 (6) Twelve are the gates I saw in heaven, at the ends of the earth, through which emerge the luminary orb, the moon, the stars, and all the works of heaven, at their rising and setting.

13 (7) And many windows also are open to their right and to their left

14 and each window spreads heat during its season. These also are those gates from which the stars go forth, and in which they set according to their number according to what He has commanded.

15 (8) I have seen in the skies vehicles that circuit the world above those gates, and in them turn the stars that never set. (9) One of these is greater than all, which goes round the whole world.


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Chapter 75 (76)

1 And at the extremities of the earth I saw twelve gates open for all the regions; from which the winds go forth and from them they blow over the earth.

2 Three of them are open over the face of the sky, three in the west, three on the right side of heaven [south], and three on the left [north]. (3) The first three are those that are towards the east, the next three are towards the south, the next three are towards the north, and the next three are towards the west.

3 (4) Through four of them proceed winds that are for the curing of the earth and for its livening, and through eight proceed the jeopardizing winds, which when they are sent forth, destroy all the earth, the waters, and all there are in them: flora or fauna, both aquatic and terrestrial, and all that lives in it.

4 (5) First proceeds the western wind through the first eastern gate, and which inclines southwards. Through this go forth destruction, drought, heat, and desolation.

5 (6) Through the second gate, the middle one, proceeds the wind of the easterlies, the rain, fruitfulness, reanimation, and the dew. And through the third gate proceeds the northeast wind, which is near to the north wind: cold and drought.

6 (7) After these, through the three gates which are south of the skies, proceeds principally through the first gate a southern wind which is to the south and which inclines eastwards, a hot wind.

7 (8) But through the second gate proceeds a southern wind, which they call south: dew, rain, well-being, and reanimation.

8 (9) Through the third gate proceeds a wind from the southwest: dew, rain, locusts and destruction.

9 (10) After these, proceeds a northern wind that comes from the seventh [first] door, towards the east, with dew, rain, locusts and desolation. (11) From the middle gate directly proceeds a wind with fitness, rain, dew, and prosperity. Through the third gate, which is inclined westwards, proceeds a wind with clouds, frost, snow, rain, dew, and locusts.

10 (12) After these are the winds of the west. Through the first gate, which is inclined northwards, proceeds a wind with dew, frost, cold, snow, and chill. (13) Through the middle gate proceeds a wind with dew, rain, prosperity and blessing.

11 And through the last gate, which is inclined southwards, proceeds a wind with scarcity, ruin, scorching, and desolation.

12 That completes the twelve gates of the four quarters of the sky.

13 I have explained to you their full explanation, oh my son Mthuwshlach.


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Chapter 76 (77)

1 The orient is called the eastern (qthym), because it is the first (qthem).

2 The south is called midday (tshryim two oil producers) because the Greatness dwells there, and in Him resides the Blessed One forever.

3 (2) The west has a name of diminution (ym = basin), because there all the luminaries of heaven are diminished, and descend.

4 (3) The north is named the north (tsphwn - hidden) because in it hide, reunite, and return all of the stars of the sky and head towards the east of the skies. The east is called orient because from there come up the heavenly bodies and from there they arise. I saw three divisions of the earth for the sons of thm to inhabit it, one for all of the seas and the rivers, another for the seven [great islands (v.8)[55]], and another for the Pard of the righteous.

5 (4) I saw seven mountains, higher than all the mountains existing on the earth, snow covers them, and days, seasons, and years depart from them and pass away.

6 (5) I saw seven rivers upon the earth, greater than all the rivers, one of which comes from the west and its water flows into the Great Sea [Mediterranean].

7 (6) Two others come from the north towards the sea, and their waters flow into the Sea of Reeds [Red Sea], on the east. (7) And the remaining four come out from the northern side, each towards their respective sea, two of them towards the Sea of Reeds, and two into a great sea, where also it is said there is a desert [Persian Gulf].

8 I saw seven great islands in the sea with the continent, and five in the high seas[56].


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Chapter 77 (78)

1 The names of the luminary orb are the following: the first is Oranyes, and the second Tomas.

2 and the moon has four names: The first is Asonya; the second, Ebela; the third, Benase; and the fourth, Era'el.

3 These are the two great luminaries, their circuits are as the circumference of the sky; and the dimensions of both their orbs are equal.

4 Within the orb of the luminary there are seven portions of light that are added to it more than to the moon and it is transferred to it by full measure until the seventh portion extracted from the luminary orb. (5) They set and enter through the gates of the west, circuit through the north, and return through the gates of the east over the face of the sky.

5 (6) When the moon rises, a half of a seventh portion of its light shines in the sky to appear over the earth and it fills day after day, until the

6 fourteenth day when the whole of its light is completed.

7 Its light grows by fifteenths and it is completed from day to day until the fifteenth day, in which the whole of its light is completed, according to the signs of the years.

8 The moon waxes and reaches its phases in half sevenths.

9 (8) During its waning phase the moon decreases it light: on the first day its light decreases a fourteenth part; on the second day it decreases a thirteenth part; on the third day a twelfth part; on the fourth day an eleventh part; on the fifth day a tenth part; on the sixth day a ninth part; on the seventh day it decreases an eighth part; on the eighth day it decreases a seventh part; on the ninth day it decreases a sixth part; on the tenth day it decreases a fifth part; on the eleventh day it decreases a fourth part; on the twelfth day it decreases a third part; on the thirteenth day it decreases a second part; on the fourteenth day it decreases a half of its seventh part; until on the fifteenth day all the remainder of its light disappears.

10 (9) On certain months the moon has twenty-nine days,

11 and other times twenty-eight days.

12 (10) And `Uwriy˴l taught me another calculation, having shown me when light is transferred to the moon, and onto which side of it light is shed onto it from the luminary orb.

13 (11) During all of the waxing phase of the moon, its light is transferred before the luminary orb during fourteen days until it is completely illuminated and its light is full in the sky.

14 (12) But when it is wholly extinguished, its light is consumed in space; and on the first day it is called the new moon, because from that day its light waxes.

15 (13) It becomes a full moon precisely at the moment in which the luminary orb descends into the west while the moon ascends at night from the east.

16 and the moon shines during the whole night, until the luminary orb emerges before it, and the moon is observed in front of the luminary orb.

17 (14) On the side where light comes to the moon, through there it wanes again, until all its light disappears, and the days of the month are completed,

18 and its orb becomes empty without light.

19 (15) For three months it comes out in thirty days and in its period it comes out for three months of twenty-nine days each, in which it completes its waning in the first period of time and in the first gate, for one hundred and seventy-seven days.

20 (16) And at the time of its emergence it appears for three months of thirty days each, and for three months it appears twenty-nine days each.

21 It appears during the night for twenty days each month.


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Chapter 78 (79)

1 My son [Mthuwshlach]: now I have taught you everything and the law of all the stars of heaven has concluded.

2 He taught me all their laws for all the days, for governing every season, for all the years and their finalization, for the prescribed rule for every month and every week, for twenty days each month, (3) and the waning of the moon, which begins through the sixth gate in which its light is completed.

3 (4) which happens in the first gate of its period and is completed at a hundred and seventy seven days, or counted in weeks, twenty-five weeks and two days.

4 (5) It falls behind exactly five days in the course of one period, with respect to the luminary orb and the ordinance of the stars and when this occurs, it is corrected. It looks like the image of a vision when its light falls behind.

5 (6) When it is found in its fullness, in the night this appearance looks like that of a man, who in the night appears like the image of the luminary orb in the sky and that there is nothing more in it except its light. Such is the appearance and the likeness of all the luminaries which `Uwriy˴l, the great envoy, showed to me.


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Chapter 79 (80)

1 In those days `Uwriy˴l spoke to me and told me:

Look! I have revealed to you all things, O Chanwkh,

2 And I have taught you all things so you could see this luminary orb, this moon, and the guides of the stars of the skies and all those that cause them to circuit and do their tasks, seasons, and departures.

3 (2) In the days of sinners the years shall be shortened

4 and their seed shall arrive late to their lands and fields, everything done on earth shall be altered, and will not emerge in its season; the rain shall be withheld, and the skies shall withhold it.

5 (3) In those days the fruits of the earth shall be withheld, the fruits of the trees will not grow on time, and they shall be withheld.

6 They shall alter the ordinance of the month so (the moon) will not appear at its proper period. (5) But in those days the luminary orb shall be observed burning in the sky, extending the barrenness and it shall take place in the borders of the great vehicle in the west and it shall shine more than what corresponds to the ordinance of its light; (6) while many guides of the stars shall transgress the order, altering their orbits and tasks

7 so they shall not appear at the prescribed moment for them. (7) All the laws of the stars shall be hidden to the sinners [Dniyy˴l 7: 25, 1 Thessalonkeans 5: 2-3];

8 The thoughts of those who dwell on the earth shall be in error about it and they shall be perverted in all their ways

9 and they shall think the stars to be mighty ones (elohym); (8) while evil shall be multiplied among them

10 and the punishment against them shall arrive to annihilate all of them.


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Chapter 80 (81)

Chanwkh revisits earth for a year

1 He [`Uwriy˴l] said:

Chanwkh, look at these tablets of heaven, and read what is written in it, and take note of every bit of information.

2 Then I looked at the heavenly tablets and read all that was written and I understood it all; I read the scroll of all the works of the sons of thm;

3 And of all the sons of the flesh that are upon earth, even unto the remote generations.

4 (3) Immediately I blessed the great Sovereign, Y-hwh, the King of Worth for all eternity, because He has made all the creatures of the world,

5 And I praised Y-hwh, for His patience and I blessed Him on behalf of the sons of thm.

6 (4) At that time I said:

Blessed is the man, who shall die righteous and good, and against whom no record of unrighteousness has been written, and for whom one is not found on the Day of Judgment! [Songs 32: 1-2, Romans 4: 6]

7 (5) Then those three pure ones carried me and placed me on the earth in front of the gate of my house

8 and they said unto me:

Explain everything to Mthuwshlach your son; and inform all your sons, that no flesh is righteous before Y-hwh, for He is their Creator.

9 (6) We shall leave you one year with your son, until you give your instructions, so you may instruct your sons, write for them what you have seen and that you may testify to all of our sons; Afterwards, during the second year you shall be separated from them, (7) but your heart shall be strong because the good shall announce the justification to the chosen; the righteous shall rejoice with the righteous and shall congratulate each other; (8) but the sinners shall die with sinners,

10 And the apostate [rebellious] shall be drowned with the apostate [rebels].

11 (9) Those likewise who act righteously shall die on account of the work of thm, but shall be gathered together on account of the works of the wicked.

12 (10) In those days they finished conversing with me,

13 And I returned to my people, blessing the Sovereign of ages.


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Chapter 81 (82)

1 My son Mthuwshlach, now I am telling you and writing all these things. I have revealed everything to you, and I have given you the scrolls concerning them.

2 Preserve, my son Mthuwshlach, the scrolls written by your father, and pass them on to future generations of the world.

3 (2) I have given wisdom to you and your sons so that they may pass it on their sons for generations, wisdom which is superior to their thoughts; (3) and that those who comprehend it may not slumber, instead that they lend their ear so they may learn this wisdom, and for those who eat it, it shall taste better than an exquisite food.

4 Blessed are all the righteous; blessed are all who walk in the Way of righteousness and who do not err like the sinners in the calculation of the days:

5 When the luminary orb circuits in the skies, it enters and emerges from each gate for thirty days, together with the leaders of the thousand classes of the stars; adding the four days which are intercalated in order to separate the four quarters of the year, which guide them and enter with them four days.

6 (5) Due to this, men err, and do not calculate them in the full calculation of the year; they are in error and they do not recognize it as they should, (6) because these are included in the calculation of the years, and are truly assigned forever; one to the first gate, another to the third, another to the fourth, and another to the sixth

7 So that the year is completed in three hundred and sixty-four days.

8 (7) Their calculation is correct and the count registered in them exact, for the luminaries, months, feasts, years, and days, it was shown and revealed to me by `Uwriy˴l, to whom the Sovereign of all creation of the world has subordinated the hosts of the heavens. (8) He has power over the night and over the day, to make the light shine on the sons of thm: the luminary orb, the moon, the stars and all the powers of the heavens that revolve on their orbits.

9 This is the ordinance of the stars with respect to their constellations, their new moons, and their signs.

10 These are the names of those who guide them, who watch that they enter in their time period, in order in their season, their month, in their period, with their power and in their position.

11 Their four guides, who separate the four quarters of the year, enter first. Soon thereafter, the twelve chiefs of their class who distinguish the months and for the three hundred and sixty-four days these leaders of a thousand are distinguishing the days, even for the four intercalated ones, are those who, as guides, divide the four quarters of the year.

12 These leaders of a thousand are intercalated between guide and guide, each after his season, those which their guides distinguish. (13) These are the names of the guides that separate the four quarters of the year that have been fixed: Melki'el, Helimmel'ek,

13 M'eliy'el, and Nar'el.

14 And the names of those who lead them are And'ar'el, Idyasusa'el, and 'Ilume'el.

15 These three are those who follow the chiefs of the classes of stars and there is another that comes after the three chiefs of the classes, which follow the guides of the seasons, which distinguish the four seasons of the year.

16 (15) At the beginning of the year M'eliy'el rises first, who is named Tamaini, and luminary orb [southern luminary orb],

17 and all the days of his governing, over those that he rules, are ninety-one days.

18 (16) And these are the signs of the days that are seen upon the earth during the days of his influence: heat, perspiration, and calm; all the trees produce fruit and the leaves grow upon them; the grain is reaped; the rose blooms, but the trees of winter are dried up.

19 (17) These are the names of the guides who are over those: Berkai'el, Zalbesa'el; and the other which is added, a guide of a thousand called Hiluyasef, with whom the days of his rule finish. (18) The next guide is Helimmel'ek, called brilliant luminary orb

20 and the total of days of his light are ninety-one days.

21 (19) These are the signs of his days, on the earth: burning heat and drought; the fruits of the trees ripen, which produce all the fruits ripe and ready;

22 The sheep mate and conceive, all the fruits of the earth are harvested, everything there is in the fields, and the wine is pressed; this takes place during the time of his rule.

23 These are the names of the chiefs of a thousand: Gidaya'el, Ke'el, He'el.

24 And to them is added Aspha'el.

25 during which his rule finishes.


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Scroll of the Dreams

Chapter 82 (83)

Chanwkhs vision of catastrophe

1 And now Mthuwshlach, my son, I shall show you all the visions that I have had prior to your birth. (2) I had two visions before getting married, one quite different to the other:

2 The first was when I was learning to write, and the second before I took your mother. I saw a terrifying vision

3 and upon observing it, I prayed to Y-hwh.

4 (3) I was lying down in the house of my grandfather Mahalal˴l, and I saw in a vision how the sky collapsed, was loosened and fell upon the earth.

5 (4) And when it fell upon the earth, I saw the earth devoured by a great abyss, mountains suspended over mountains,

6 Hills knocked down upon hills and the lofty trees broken off from their trunks, cast and sunk into the abyss.

7 (5) At these things, my voice faltered, and I raised my voice to cry out and I said:

The earth is destroyed!

(6) Then my grandfather Mahalal˴l woke me up, since I was sleeping close to him, and said to me:

Why do you cry out like this, my son? And for what reason do you utter such a lament?

8 (7) I related to him the whole vision that I had seen and he said to me:

Thus as you have seen a terrifying thing, my son,

9 since the vision of your dream about the secrets of all the sins of the earth is terrible, thus the earth is about to be devoured by the abyss and annihilated by a great destruction.

10 (8) Now, my son, rise up, and beg the Sovereign of Worth, since you are trustworthy, that a remnant may be left upon earth and that He might not totally annihilate the earth. (9) My son, from heaven shall all this come down upon the earth, and upon the earth there shall be a great destruction.

11 (10) After I arose, I prayed, I implored, and I supplicated, and I wrote down my prayer for the generations of the world, and I shall explain everything to you Mthuwshlach, my son.

12 (11) When I descended, I looked at the sky, and I saw the luminary orb emerge from the east, and the moon set in the west, and some stars and the totality of the earth and everything that Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym) has created from the beginning; then I blessed the Sovereign of the judgment, and I exalted Him because He makes the luminary orb exit through the windows of the east, so that it ascends and shines in the face of heaven and goes and maintains the path which He has pointed out to it.


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Chapter 83 (84)

Chanwkhs prayer for the survival of mankind through the flood judgment.

1 I lifted up my hands in righteousness, and blessed the Pure One, and the Great One and I spoke with the breath of my mouth and with a tongue of flesh, which Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym) has formed for all the sons of mortal men, that they may use it in speech, and has given them a breath, a tongue, and a mouth in order to talk with them.

2 Blessed are You, O Y-hwh, the great King, and powerful in Your Greatness, King of kings, Sovereign of all the world. Your Power, kingdom and greatness endure for always;

3 Your sovereignty is for all the generations; the heavens are Your eternal throne, and the earth is your footstool for the ages of the ages.

4 (3) For it is You Who have created them and Who reigns over all things, there exists no act that is difficult for You; Wisdom does not distance itself from Your throne nor does it leave Your Presence; You know, see and hear all things, nothing is concealed for You, because You see everything.

5 (4) Now the envoys of the heavens are convicted of sin and on the mortal flesh of men befalls Your wrath until the great Day of the Judgment.

6 (5) Now, O Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym), Sovereign and great King, I implore and supplicate You to accept my prayer, that You may leave a posterity to me on earth, that You might not annihilate the whole human race,

7 That You might not leave the earth empty and that the destruction might not be eternal.

8 (6) So now, O Y-hwh, exterminate from the earth the flesh that has awakened Your wrath, but establish the flesh of righteousness and uprightness like a eternal plant of seed and do not hide Your Face from the prayer of Your servant, O Y-hwh!


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Chapter 84 (85)

Second Vision of Chanwkh

1 After this I saw another dream, and I will show you this entire dream, my son. (2) Chanwkh raised his voice and said to his son Mthuwshlach:

I wish to speak to you, my son, listen to my words and pay attention to the visionary dream of your father. (3) Before I took your mother Edna, I saw a vision on my bed[57]

2 And look! A bull sprung forth from the earth,

3 And this bull was white.

4 After the bull a female heifer sprung forth and with her two calves: one of which was black and the other red. [Qyin and Hvel.]

5 (4) Then the black calf struck the red one, and pursued it over the earth

6 and from then on I could not see that red calf. (5) Afterwards the black calf grew, and a female heifer [Luluwa] went with that one

7 and I saw come out of him numerous oxen that resembled him and followed him.

8 (6) And the first heifer left the first bull to search for the red heifer, but did not find him

9 and she lamented for him with a great lamentation while she was seeking him.

10 (7) I saw that the first bull came [thm] and made her be quiet and she ceased to lament.

11 (8) She soon calved another white cow [Shth]

12 and afterwards this one begot many black bulls and cows.

13 (9) I saw in my dream this white bull grow until becoming a great white bull, [Qynn Yshr 2: 11-14]

14 from which numerous white bulls resembling him came forth.

15 (10) And they began to procreate numerous white bulls that resembled them and which followed each other.


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Chapter 85 (86)

in the days of Yred (grandson of Qynn) [7: 7 note]

1 Again I was looking attentively in the dream and I surveyed the sky above

2 and look! A single star fell from heaven [Shemiychzh (68: 4)]

3 in the midst of the large bulls and ate and pastured in their midst.

4 (2) Then I saw these large black bulls, and look! All of them exchanged their pastures, stalls and yearling calves and began to live one with another. (3) Again I looked in my dream and looked towards the sky and look! Many stars were descending and fell from the sky to where the first star was, [Mt. Chermwn]

5 and were being transformed into bulls among those yearling calves and pastured with them and among them.

6 (4) I watched them and saw how all took out their sexual member like horses and mounted the cows of the bulls and all became pregnant and gave birth to elephants, camels, and asses.

7 (5) All the bulls were afraid of these, were terrified at them and they began biting with their teeth, devouring, and striking with their horns.

8 (6) And besides these began also to devour those bulls and look! All the sons of the earth began to tremble and be frightened before them and to flee.


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Chapter 86 (87)

1 Again I saw how they began to strike one another and to devour each other and the earth started to cry out. (2) Then I raised my eyes again towards the sky, and I had a vision, see here! There came forth from heaven beings similar to white men, four came forth from thence, even three with Him [Miykh˴l (10: 15)].

2 (3) Thus, those three who came forth last took me by my hand and carried me over the spawn of the earth to an elevated place

3 and they showed me a lofty tower built on the earth and every hill was lower than it. (4) And they said:

Remain here until you have seen all what shall happen to those elephants, camels, and asses, and to the stars, the cows, and to all of them.


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Chapter 87 (88)

1 I saw one of the four white men who had come forth first [Rph˴l (10: 6)]

2 seize the first star that had fallen down from the heavens,

3 bind it hand and foot and cast it into the deep, narrow, steep, and dark abyss.

4 (2) Then one of them [Gavriy˴l (10: 13)] drew the sword and gave it to the elephants, camels, and asses, and they began to injure each other and the whole earth shook because of this.

5 (3) I continued observing my dream, when look! One of those four [Miykh˴l (10: 15)] Who had come forth, received a command from heaven and He took all the numerous stars whose sexual members were like those of horses, and He bound them all hand and foot and cast them in an abyss of the earth.


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Chapter 88 (89)

1 One of those four [Tsuwriy˴l (10: 2)] went unto one of the white bulls [Nach], and instructed it and he constructed for himself a ship and he dwelt in its interior. The three bulls [Shm, Chm, and Ypheth] entered with him in the ship that covered them and I saw a lofty roof over them.

2 Again I lifted up my eyes towards heaven, and I saw seven cataracts pouring forth much water upon the earth.

3 And look! The deposits of water of the interior of the earth opened up

4 and the water began to spring up and the waters to rise upon the earth. I continued watching until the earth was covered with the waters.

5 (4) by the darkness and by the fog, which filtered over it.

6 [scribal revisionist insert removed]

7(5) The bulls were submerged, distanced, and destroyed in the water.

8 But the ship floated upon the waters, but all the bulls, wild asses, camels, and elephants sank in the waters.

9 (7) Again I saw in my dream how those cataracts of water disappeared from that lofty roof, the gorges of the earth became leveled, but other abysses were opened;

10 (8) and the water began to descend through them, until the land was left uncovered,

11 The ship rested on the earth, the darkness receded; and the light appeared.

12 (9) Then the white bull which had become a man, came out of the ship and with him the three bulls,

13 One of which [Shm] was white, and resembled that bull, another was red like blood [Ypheth], and the other black [Chm]. And the white bull left them.

14 (10) Then they began to beget wild beasts and birds.

15 There were multitudes of each species: lions, leopards, dogs, wolves, hyenas, wild pigs, foxes, squirrels, boars, falcons,

16 vultures, falcons, the eagles, and ravens.

17 Then in the midst of them was born another white bull [Avrhm],

18 (11) And they began to bite each other. The white bull that had been born in the midst of them, begot a wild ass [Yishm`˴l] [1 Moshh 16: 12] but also a white yearling calf [Yitschq]. The wild ass multiplied itself. (12) Then the white yearling calf [Yitschq], which was begotten by the white bull, procreated a black boar and a white ram. [`sw and Ya`aqv]

19 The boar [`sw] procreated many swine, [Bar-Nvy 10: 3, Yshr 64: 5]

20 and the ram [Ya`aqv] procreated twelve sheep.

21 (13) When these twelve sheep had grown up, they delivered one sheep from among them [Yowph] to the wild asses. [Yishm`˒lym]

22 And those asses in turn delivered that sheep to the wolves, [Mitsryim]

23 And the sheep grew up among the wolves.

24 (14) Then the ram brought all the eleven other sheep to dwell and graze with him among the wolves

25 and they multiplied and they became a flock of numerous sheep, and there was abundance of pasture for them.

26 (15) But the wolves began to oppress the flock even making their young perish

27 and casting their young in a current of water.

28 Then the sheep began to cry out for their young and to lament before their Sovereign. (16) One sheep [Moshh] which had escaped from the wolves fled and went away to the wild asses [Kuwsh].

29 I saw while the flock complained, and cried terribly

30 until the Sovereign of the flock descended at the voice of the sheep, from His lofty habitation He came to their side and made them graze.

31 (17) He called to that sheep that had escaped from the wolves and told him about the wolves, so she would make them understand that they were not to touch the sheep anymore.

32 (18) Then that sheep went to the wolves by the command of Y-hwh and another sheep [Aharn]) met with her and went with her.

33 They went and both of them entered together into the assembly of the wolves, by the command of Y-hwh, talked to them and made them understand that thenceforwards they were not to touch the sheep.

34 (19) From then on I observed that the wolves oppressed the sheep with more duress and with all of their forces and the sheep cried out loudly; (20) and their Sovereign came beside the sheep

35 and He began to strike those wolves and the wolves started lamenting, however the sheep became calm, and from that time they stopped crying out.

36 (21) I saw the sheep when they departed from among the wolves and the eyes of the wolves were dimmed and those wolves went forth pursuing the sheep with all their forces. (22) But the Sovereign of the sheep went with them guiding them,

37 All His sheep followed Him.

38 and His countenance was radiant, awesome and terrifying to the sight. (23) The wolves began to pursue these sheep, until they overtook them near a certain pond of water. [Sea of Reeds]

39 (24) But that lake became divided and the water stood up on either side before His face

40 and Y-hwh guided them and He placed Himself between them and the wolves.

41 (25) As those wolves did not see the sheep anymore, they went into the middle of the pond and the wolves pursued the sheep and these wolves ran after them into the pool of water.

42 (26) And when they saw the Sovereign of the sheep, they turned to flee from before His face.

43 Then the water of the pool closed, and returned suddenly to its natural position and it filled with water. (27) I continued watching until all the wolves that went pursuing this flock perished, submerged and drowned, and the waters covered them.

44 (28) The flock left from these waters and went to a desolate place, in which there is neither water nor grass, and their eyes were opened and they saw.

45 Then I watched until the Sovereign of the flock let them graze, gave them water and grass,

46 and the sheep went and guided them.

47 (29) The sheep ascended to the top of a lofty rock and the Sovereign of the flock sent her to the middle of the flock and all of them kept their distance.

48 (30) Then I looked and behold, their Sovereign stood up before the flock and His appearance was powerful, magnificent, and terrifying,

49 and all of the flock saw Him and were afraid of Him.

50 (31) All of them were frightened and trembled before Him so they cried out to the lamb that was His second and to the other sheep who had been with him, and who were in the midst of them:

We are not able to stand before Y-hwh, or to look upon Him!

51 (32) Then that lamb that guided them went back, and ascended a second time to the top of that rock;

52 But the flock began to grow blind and to depart from the Way that he had indicated to them, without the lamb knowing such things.

53 (33) The Sovereign of the flock was greatly enraged against the flock, the lamb knew it and

54 descended from the top of that rock and came to the flock and found the majority

55 had become blind

56 and had wandered off of His Way. (34) When they saw him they began to be afraid at his face;

57 And became desirous of returning to their fold,

58 (35) Then the lamb [Moshh] took with him other sheep [Lwiyym] and went to the flock that had wandered

59 and slaughtered all of them, and they started to tremble at his countenance. Then this lamb made all the flock that had wandered to return to their fold.

60 (36) I continued watching this dream until this lamb was transformed into a man, built an encampment [~tabernacle] for the Sovereign of the flock and took all this flock to this encampment.

61 (37) I kept watching until that the sheep that had joined the lamb that directed the sheep fell asleep. I observed until all the elder sheep had perished and smaller ones rose up in their place and they entered into a pasture and they approached a river of water [Yardn].

62 (38) Then the sheep that guided them and who had converted into a man, was separated from them, fell asleep

63 and all the sheep searched for her, and cried for her with great lamentation.

64 (39) I looked until they finished weeping for that sheep. Then they passed through the river of water

65 and that there arose other sheep that guided them [~Judges](50) in the stead of those who had guided them who fell asleep after having guided them.

66 (40) I looked at the sheep until they entered into a beautiful region, into a pleasant and splendid land.

67 I saw those sheep until they became satiated and that encampment was in the midst of them in that pleasant land. (41) As soon as they opened their eyes, they went blind, until another sheep [Shmuw˴l] arose and guided them and led all of them and their eyes were opened.

68 (42) The dogs, the foxes, and the wild boars began to devour these sheep until the Sovereign of the sheep raised a ram [Shwl] from their midst to guide them. (43) This ram started butting on one side then another at those dogs, foxes, and wild boars, until he made them all perish.

69 (44) But that sheep [Shmuw˴l] whose eyes were opened, saw that the ram that was in the midst of the sheep was being abandoned by his honor

70 and he began to butt the sheep, tread upon them and to behave himself in an inappropriate way.

71 (45) Then their Sovereign of the sheep dispatched the lamb to another lamb [Dwth] and raised him up to become a ram and to lead them instead of the ram who had been abandoned by his honor.

72 (46) He went therefore beside him, and talked with him in secret and he ascended him to ram, made him a judge and pastor of the sheep, but during all these events, the dogs [~The Phlishttym] oppressed the sheep.

73 (47) The first ram pursued the second

74 and this second left and fled from his presence, but I looked until those dogs [Phlishttym] knocked down that first ram.

75 (48) Afterwards that second ram arose and guided the sheep

76 and procreated numerous sheep and later fell asleep.

77 A smaller sheep [Shlmoh] became a ram and was the judge and the leader in his place.

78 (49) Those sheep grew and multiplied

79 and all those dogs, foxes, and boars feared and fled far away.

80 That ram also butted and killed all the wild beasts and those beasts could not again prevail in the midst of the sheep, nor at any time ever snatch them away.

81 (50) And that house [Byth-˴l] became large and wide, and a lofty and great tower was built by the sheep, it was built upon the house for the Sovereign of the sheep.

82 The encampment [tabernacle] had been low [humble], but the tower very high [exalted]

83 and the Sovereign of the sheep stayed upon it, and they offered a full table before Him.

84 (51) Afterwards I saw those sheep err again and go by various ways and abandon their house [Byth-˴l].

85 The Sovereign of the sheep called from among them to some [~The predicators], and He sent them alongside them.

86 But the sheep began to kill these. (52) But one of them was saved and was not killed [liyYhuw. (seen again 89: 21)] she leaped, and cried out against the sheep that were desirous of killing her,

87 But the Sovereign of the sheep delivered her from the hands of the sheep, made her ascend and to dwell near me [Chanwkh (in Pard)].


Secret of Y-hwh

88 (53) He sent still many other sheep [including His Son] to these sheep to testify to them and to lament over them.

89 (54) Afterwards I saw them abandon the house of their Sovereign [Byth-˴l] and His tower, erring in everything and their eyes were closed,

90 I saw that the Sovereign of the sheep make a great slaughter with them, until these sheep provoked the slaughter and betrayed His post. (55) He abandoned them in the power of the lions and the tigers, of the wolves and the hyenas, of the foxes and of all the wild beasts, [Ashshwr, Bvl, Greece]

91 which began to tear the sheep in pieces.

92 (56) I saw them forsake His house and His tower and turn them over to the lions [Rome] for them to break them in pieces and devour them.

93 (57) I began to cry out with all my might, and to call the Sovereign of the sheep and made Him see that the sheep were being devoured by all the wild beasts.

94 (58) But He remained mute [Ysh`Yhuw 53: 7] and when He saw them He was gladdened to see that they were devoured, swallowed up, and carried off, and abandoned them to become pasture for the beasts. [MiykhYhu 3: 1-5] (59) He summoned seventy pastors [Luwq 10: 1-16], and delegated these sheep to them so they would take them to graze, (His pupils, Yhuwchnns Glad Tidings 21: 15-17)

95 and He said to the pastors and to their accomplices:

Let each one of you henceforwards take the sheep to graze, and whatsoever I command you, do; (60) I will deliver them to you duly counted

96 and I will tell you which must be destroyed and these, make them perish.

And He delivered those sheep to them.

97 (61) Then He called to another[58], and said:

Observe and register everything that the pastors do to these sheep, since they destroy more than those which I have commanded: [ZkharYhu 11, Ychezq˴l 34: 1-10]

98 (62) every excess and slaying that shall be committed by the pastors, register it; how many they destroy in accordance with My command, and how in accordance with their own whim.

99 Put on the account of each pastor the destruction that he inflicts. (63) Later, read the result before Me: how many they have destroyed, and how many I delivered to them for destruction, so that this may be a testimony against them to know every action of the pastors, that I may evaluate them and that they may see what they do and if they hold or not to what I have commanded them.

100 (64) However, they must not learn of this, you must not tell it to them nor should you warn them, instead only annotate every destruction which the pastors commit, one by one and at the moment, and exhibit all this before Me.

(65) I saw when those pastors pastured in His time then they began to kill and destroy more sheep than they were offered

101 And they delivered these sheep to the hands of the lions (Pagan Rome). (66) The lions and the tigers devoured a great part of these sheep and the boars [Ethwm (`sw) 88: 19] ate beside them. They burned that tower and demolished that house [Byth-˴l, MattithYhuw 23: 38]. (A.D. 70 Titus)

102 (67) I was extremely grieved for that tower because the house of the sheep was demolished

103 and then I could not see whether those sheep entered into that house.

104 (68) The pastors and their accomplices (Roman apostate Universal Bishops [Popes]), delivered those sheep (Yruwshlim) to all the wild beasts (Islam), that they might devour them, but each of them had received a determined number and it was written for each one of them, by the other one [liyYhuw] in a scroll, how many of them they had destroyed.

105 (69) Each pastor killed and destroyed more than were prescribed.

106 And I began to weep and lament on account of these sheep.

107 (70) Then in the vision I observed the one who wrote [liyYhuw 89: 21], how he wrote down each one that was destroyed by the pastors day after day and he carried it and exhibited all of his scroll and showed the Sovereign of the sheep all that which they truly had done,

108 and all those they had delivered up to destruction. (71) And the scroll was read before the Sovereign of the sheep and

109 He took the scroll in His hand, read it, sealed it, and archived it.

110 (72) After this, I saw that the pastors were taking them to pasture for twelve hours[59] [5497-5997 (1524-2024 AD)]

111 And look! Three of these sheep[60](59) returned, arrived, entered and began building all that had been demolished of that house [Byth-´wen, Ychezq˴l 8: 17],

112 But the wild boars [The Palestinians, Moslems, and Arabs.](60) hindered them, and they did not prevail.

113 (73) Afterwards they began to build again as before[61], and raised up that tower, which was called a lofty tower.

114 And they began again to place a table before the tower, but all the bread that they had was contaminated and impure. [Ychezq˴l 44: 6-8, Malkhy 1: 6-14]

115 (74) Concerning all this the eyes of the sheep were blinded and did not see and their pastors likewise did not

116 so He delivered them up for a greater destruction [The Great Persecution (4th seal)] to their pastors, who trod the sheep underfoot and devoured them.

117 (75) The Sovereign of the sheep kept Himself indifferent until all the sheep were dispersed throughout the field and they [the Yehuwthm] mixed with them [the Christians], and they did not save them from the hands of the [2] beasts.

118 (76) He who had written the scroll (liyYhuw) brought it, showed it, and read it before the Sovereign of the sheep; he implored and supplicated on behalf of them, and showed Him every act of the pastors and gave testimony before Him against the pastors. (77) Then taking the scroll, he deposited it with Him, and departed.


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Chapter 89 (90)

Roman Catholic dominance over Tsiyywn [Ysh`Yhuw 47: 6]

1 And I observed in this way until thirty-five pastors had undertaken the pasturing and they completed their turns strictly: from the first, each one in turn received them in their hands, in order for each pastor to graze them in their respective turn.

2 After this, in a vision I saw all the birds of prey of the skies come: eagles, vultures, kites and ravens; the eagles led all of those birds

3 and they began to devour the sheep, to peck out their eyes, and to devour their flesh.

4 (3) The sheep cried out because their flesh was being devoured by the birds.

5 I watched and groaned in my sleep against the pastor that grazed the sheep.

6 (4) I observed until those sheep were devoured by the eagles, the kites, and the vultures, which did not leave them any flesh, nor skin, nor tendons on them, and nothing was left but their bones, until the bones also fell upon the ground, and the sheep became very few.


Protestant prevalence over Zion

7 (5) I observed while twenty-three pastors[62] had grazed them and had strictly completed their turns fifty-eight times.

8 (6) Then look! some small lambs[63] were born of those white sheep and they managed to open their eyes and see, and they bleated to the (blind) sheep.

9 (7) and they cried to them, but these did not hear what they said because they were extremely deaf and too blind and worse each time.

10 (8) I saw in the vision how the ravens flew down upon those lambs and

11 that they seized one of them and tore the sheep in pieces and devoured them.

12 (9) I observed until the horns [Protestant countries] sprouted from those lambs and the ravens made their horns fall.

13 and I looked until there a great horn [Kingdom of Y-hwh] sprouted out on an ibex among these sheep, and their eyes were opened.

14 (10) She looked at them and cried out to the sheep

15 Then the ibexes[64] saw her, all of who ran to her side.

16 (11) In spite of this, all the eagles, vultures, ravens, and kites kept snatching away the sheep, flying down upon them, and devoured them. Still the (blind) sheep remained in silence, but the ibexes cried out and lamented.

17 (12) Then these ravens contended, and struggled with her [the ibexes the Virgin of Yisrâ’ë´l]

18 and wished to break off His horn among them; but they did not prevail over Him.

19 (13) I saw until the pastors, the eagles, the vultures, and the kites came

20 and cried out to the ravens to break the horn of that ibex and they contended and struggled against Him, and he fought against them and cried out that help might come to him.


liyYhuw returns before the Great and Terrible Day of Y-hwh

21 (14) Then I perceived that man who had written down the names of the pastors and who had taken it and presented it before the Sovereign of the sheep arrive

22 to help that ibex, aided him, rescued him, and showed him everything.


6th seal/Day of Y-hwh events

23 (15) And I saw the Sovereign of the sheep come to his side, infuriated; all those who saw Him fled away [the dabela (ibexes)] and took cover before His presence; [1 Kph 4: 17, Ychezq˴l 9: 5-7] (16) while all the eagles, vultures, ravens, and kites assembled and brought with them all the sheep of the field,

24 they had all united and pledged themselves[65] to break this horn of the ibex in pieces. [Songs 2]

25 (17) Then I saw the man [liyYhuw] who had written the scroll by the command of Y-hwh, open the scroll concerning the destruction that the last twelve pastors had committed, and disclose before Y-hwh that they had destroyed much more than their predecessors. [~1/4 of the earth during the Great Persecution 4th seal]

26 (18) I saw when the Sovereign of the sheep came to them, took in His hand the rod of His wrath, struck the earth and the earth was rent asunder and all the beasts and the birds of the skies fell far away from these sheep and they were gulped down by the earth, which closed over them.[66] [1: 6]

27 (19) I observed the moment in which a large sword was delivered to the sheep and they went forth against all the beasts of the field to slay them [Songs 149: 6-9]

28 and all the beasts and the birds fled away from their presence.

29 (20) And I saw when a throne had been erected on the pleasant land, [(already) Disclosure 11: 18]

30 The Sovereign of the sheep had sat upon it, and the other One had taken the sealed scrolls

31 and opened them before the Sovereign of the sheep. [(7 seals) Disclosure Chapters 5 - 6]

32 (21) Then Y-hwh called those white men, the seven foremost ones [Miykh˴l, Gavriy˴l, Rph˴l, Tsuwriy˴l, Nach, Moshh, and liyYhuw], and commanded that they bring before Him, commencing by the first star that led them, all the stars whose sexual members resembled that of the horses, and they brought them all before Him.

33 (22) Then, He spoke to the man who wrote before Him [liyYhuw (88: 97)], who was one of the seven white men, and told him:

Take those seventy pastors to whom I entrusted the sheep and who after having received them slaughtered many more of them than the ones they were ordered to.

(23) Look! I saw them all bound, and all bowed down before Him. (24) The trial first fell to the stars and they were judged, found guilty, and dispatched to the place of condemnation: [1 Qorinthym 6:2-3, Disclosure 6: 13] They were cast into an abyss full of fire, flames, and pillars of fire. [Chapter 18: 12-16, Chapter 21] (25) Then the seventy pastors were judged, found guilty, and cast into the burning abyss.

34 (26) I saw in that moment a crevasse that was opening in the midst of the earth, which was full of fire.

35 They brought those blind sheep [marked of the beast (v.25)] unto there and all were judged and found guilty and cast into that abyss, in such an abyss of fire, and they burned

36 in that crevasse that was on the right [south] of that house.

37 (27) And I saw the sheep burning and their bones also burned.

38 (28) I stood up to see how He disassembled that ancient house [Byth-l = Apostate Yisrâ’ë´l (Christianity) 1 Kph 4: 17], He removed all of its pillars, rafters, and decorations of the house which were taken out simultaneously, and they brought them and deposited them in a place to the south of the Land. [Exile outside the Kingdom]

39 (29) I saw when the Sovereign of the sheep brought a new house, greater and higher than the first, and He put it in the place of the first, which had been disassembled. And all its columns were new and its decorations were new and greater than the ones of the first, the old house, which had removed out all the sheep that were inside it.

40 (30) I saw all the sheep which remained [144,000 remnant] be in the middle of it, the beasts of the earth, and all the birds of the sky bowing to render reverence to these sheep, petitioning them, and obeying them in everything. [Great Multitude]

41 (31) Then those three who were clothed in white, and those who had elevated me before, took me by the hand and also the ibex took my hand and placed me in the midst of these sheep [144,000], before the judgment took place. [Chanwkh returns before Y-hwhs judgment commences (7th seal)]

42 (32) These sheep were all white, and their wool abundant and pure. (33) Then all who had been destroyed or dispersed by the beasts of the field and the birds of the sky were congregated into that house [regrafted in first resurrection] and the Sovereign of the sheep rejoiced with great joy because all were good and because they had returned to His house.

43 (34) And I saw that they laid aside that sword that had been given to the sheep: they brought it to the house and sealed it up in the presence of Y-hwh.

44 And all the sheep were invited to that house though they did not fit. (35) Their eyes were opened and they gazed at the good One nor was there any among them who did not see Him.

45 (36) I saw that the house was large, wide, and was completely full. (37) I saw that a white Bull had been born and His horns were great and all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the sky feared Him and supplicated Him at all times. [Yhuwsha` Songs 29: 6]

46 (38) I saw when all their species were changed and all were converted into white bulls [transformed into spiritual bodies].

47 And the First among them [Yhuw˴l 2: 32] is the Word, which became a Lamb that became a large Auroch[67] that had upon His head two black horns

48 While the Sovereign of the sheep rejoiced over Him and over all the bulls.

49 (39) I was asleep in the midst of them and I awoke after having seen everything. (40) Such is the vision that I had when I was sleeping and when I awoke, I blessed the Sovereign of righteousness, and I praised Him.

50 (41) Afterwards I wept abundantly and without containing my abundant tears until I could not any more, and when I looked back they spilled because of what I saw because all shall happen and shall fulfill, because all the acts of men, one after another, were revealed to me.

51 (42) That night I remembered my earlier dream and wept and I was anguished because of having had that vision.


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Scroll of the Weeks

Chapter 90 (91)

1 And now, my son Mthuwshlach, call to me all your brethren, and assemble for me all the sons of your mother; for the Word calls me, and the spirit has been poured out upon me, that I may show you everything that shall happen unto eternity.

2 Then Mthuwshlach went and called to him all his brethren and assembled his kindred.

3 And Chanwkh spoke with all the sons of righteousness

4 and said to them:

Hear, sons of Chanwkh, all the words of your father, and heed the word of my mouth, for it is ye whom I exhort and call beloved, love righteousness and walk with her.

5 (4) Do not approach righteousness with an ambivalent heart and do not associate with those of ambivalent hearts: walk with uprightness, my sons, it shall guide you by good paths and righteousness shall accompany you.

6 (5) I know that violence increases upon the earth and a great punishment shall be executed upon her and all injustice shall be exterminated, cut off from its root, and its structures shall be completely demolished. (6) Iniquity shall again be consummated on the earth and every act of crime, oppression, and transgression, shall be duplicated and shall prevail.

7 But when every type of works of sin, unrighteousness, scorn and violence shall have incremented and the rebellion, the disobedience, and the impurity increase, a great punishment from the heavens shall come upon the earth

8 and the pure Sovereign shall come to execute the judgment on the earth with wrath and punishment.

9 [errant scribe repeated verse 8]

10 (8) In those period violence shall be cut off from its roots, and those of the iniquity and of the fraud shall be eradicated from under heaven.

11 (9) Every worshipped image of the heathen masses and their temples shall be abandoned, [their followers] burned with fire and exiled from all the Land.

12 (10) The righteous shall awake from their slumber, wisdom shall surge and shall be given to them and the Land shall rest for all the future generations.


[Verses 11-17 missing from Spanish translation]


13 Then shall the roots of iniquity be cut off; sinners shall perish by the sword; and scorners shall be annihilated everywhere.

14 Those who meditate oppression, and those who scorn, shall perish by the sword.

15 (18) And now I will speak to you, my sons, to show you all the paths of righteousness and all the paths of violence.

16 I will again show them to you, that you may know what is to come.

17 (19) Now then, my sons, heed me and choose the paths of righteousness and reject those of violence, for all those who walk by the way of the unrighteousness march towards complete destruction.


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Chapter 91 (92)

1 That which Chanwkh wrote and delivered to Mthuwshlach his son, and to all those who inhabit the firm earth that they may work goodness and shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation):

2 Do not anguish your spirit on account of the times, for the great Pure One has granted a time for everything [Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8].

3 The righteous shall arise from their slumber and shall proceed in the Way of justification and all his paths and words shall be of uprightness and favor. (4) He shall show favor to the righteous and shall confer on them His eternal righteousness and His power; He will remain in goodness and righteousness and shall walk in the everlasting Light; (5) Conversely, sin shall be lost in the darkness forever and it not appear anymore from that time forward for evermore.


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Chapter 92 (93)

The 10-week History of the Chosen (1 week = 700 years)

See History of Man

1 Chanwkh resumed his speech saying:

2 For the purpose of the sons of the justification and concerning the Chosen One of the world, which has grown from a plant of Truth and of righteousness,

3 I shall speak and I will let you know myself (Chanwkh), my sons, as I have understood it and all has been revealed through a heavenly vision and through the voice of the Watchers and the envoys of the Pure One. In the tablets of heaven have I read and understood everything.

4 (3) Chanwkh continued speaking and said:

I, Chanwkh, was born the seventh generation during the first week [0-700], during the period in which righteousness still was firm. [Chanwkh born 622 (3352 BC)]

5 (4) But after me came the second week [701-1400] in which the lie and the violence shall grow

6 and during that week the first End shall take place, and then mankind will be delivered[68].

7 But when that [2nd] week shall have finished, iniquity shall grow, and Y-hwh shall execute the decree[69] upon sinners.

8 (5) Afterwards, towards the end of the third week [1401-2100], a man[70] shall be chosen as the plant of righteous judgment, after which he shall grow as a Plant of righteousness forever.

9 (6) Later, when the fourth week [2100-2800] finishes, the visions of the pure ones and of the righteous shall have appeared [Tenkh (Old Testament) written] and a Law shall have been prepared for generations of generations and an enclosure [Land of Yisrâ’ë´l] shall be made for them.[71] (7) Afterwards, at the end of the fifth week [2801-3500] the house of the mighty Ones shall be erected in honor within the name of Y-hwh for all eternity[72]. [Bar-Nvy 16: 6]

10 (8) Afterwards, during the sixth week [3501-4200], those who live during it shall be blinded and their hearts shall treacherously distance itself from wisdom [`mw 8: 11-12[73]], and in it shall come forth the Son of thm[74] and ascend to heaven.

11 And at the end of this [6th] week, the house of the Sovereign shall be consumed with fire and all the race of the chosen Root shall be dispersed.[75]

12 (9) Afterwards, in the seventh week [4201-4900], a perverse generation shall arise; numerous shall be its deeds, but all its deeds shall be in The Lie. (10) And at the end of this week, the chosen shall be chosen as witnesses of the Truth of the Plant of eternal Righteousness. Wisdom shall be given to them and knowledge sevenfold. (11) They, to commit the righteousness, shall pull out by the root the causes of violence and in them the work of the Lie.

13 (12) Afterwards there shall come the eighth week [4901-5600], the one of justice, in which a sword shall be given to all the just for them to justly judge the oppressors[76],

14 who shall be delivered up into their hands. (13) And at the end of that week the just shall have acquired riches honestly [Crusade recovery of Temple gold, Conquest of the Americas] and the royal house of the Great One [British royals (Zrach Yhuwthm)] in His eternal splendor shall be established for all the generations. (14) After this, in the ninth week [5601-6300], shall the justification and the righteous Judgment be revealed to the totality of the sons of the earth[77].

15 And every one of the irreverent shall disappear from the whole earth and shall be cast into the pit for the age, and all men shall see the eternal Way of righteousness.

16 (15) And after this, on the seventh part of the tenth week [6300-7000], the Everlasting Judgment shall take place. It shall be the time of the Great Judgment, which shall be executed upon the Watchers, and He shall execute the vengeance among the pure ones.

17 Then the former heaven shall depart and pass away and a new heaven shall appear and all the heavenly powers shall dawn shining with sevenfold splendor forever. (17) And after this one, there shall there be many weeks [7001+], whose number never will have an end, in which good and righteousness shall be worked.

18 Sin then shall not be mentioned forever.

19 (11) Who among all the sons of thm can heed the Word of the Pure One without getting upset, and understand Y-hwhs commandment to him,

20 or imagine His thoughts? (12) Or who among all the sons of thm can contemplate all the works of the heavens or the angular columns on which they rest?

21 He may discern its animation, but not its spirit. He may be capable of retelling it, but not of ascending to it. He may see all the edges of these things, and meditate upon them; but he can make nothing like them.

22 (13) Who of all the sons of thm can understand and measure the length and breadth of all the earth?

23 Or who has had all its dimensions and its form shown to them? (14) Who among all the sons of thm can comprehend what is the length of the heavens and what is its height or how they is supported

24 or how large is the number of the stars?


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Chapter 93 (94)

1 And now let me exhort you, my sons, to love righteousness, and to walk in it; for the paths of righteousness are worthy of acceptation; but the paths of iniquity shall be destroyed suddenly and disappear.

2 To the sons of thm of a certain generation shall be shown the ways of violence and death but they shall keep far from them and shall not follow them.

3 Now, let me exhort you, who are righteous: do not walk in the paths of evil nor in the paths of death because ye shall be destroyed; instead seek

4 and choose for yourselves righteousness, and select a good life.

5 Walk in the Ways of shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation), and you shall live and you shall prosper. (5) Retain my Words in your inmost thoughts and do not permit them to be erased from your hearts, for I know that the sinners shall tempt the people to question the knowledge for evil intent and such that it shall not be found anywhere, and no test can be avoided.

6 Woe to those who build iniquity and oppression, and who lay the foundation for it in the fraud [any false anointed], for they shall suddenly be torn down and there shall not be shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation) for them.

7 (7a) Woe to those who build up their houses with sin [e.g. Islam, Jewish nation-state, Catholicism], because all of their foundations shall be yanked up, and by the sword they shall fall! (8) Woe to you who are rich, for you have trusted in your riches. So from your riches ye shall be stripped since you have not remembered the Most High in the period of your wealth! (7b) Those who possess the gold and the silver, ye shall suddenly perish in the Judgment.

8 (9) Ye have scorned and committed iniquity and are ripe for the day of the slaughter and the darkness, and for the Day of the Great Judgment.

9 (10) I declare and announce to you that He Who created you will overthrow you

10 and shall be no compassion concerning your ruin, yea, your Creator will rejoice at your destruction.

11 And ye, the righteous in those days, shall be a reproach for the sinners and the irreverent.


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Chapter 94 (95)

1 O if my eyes were clouds of water, so that I might weep over you, I would extend to you my tears like rain, and I could console the sorrow of my heart!

2 Who has permitted you to hate and to transgress? The Judgment shall overtake you, ye sinners.

3 Do not fear the sinners, oh righteous ones, because Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym) will again deliver them into your hands, that ye may judge them as you please.

4 Woe to you who cast curses that cannot be broken, because of your sins the remedy is far removed from you! (5) Woe to you who repay your neighbor with evil, for ye shall be repaid according to your works.

5 (6) Woe to you, witnesses of the Lie, and to you who add weight to the value of the Wickedness, for you shall suddenly perish.

6 (7) Woe to you sinners who persecute the righteous, for ye yourselves shall be delivered up and persecuted because of that Wickedness, and the weight of its yoke shall fall upon you!


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Chapter 95 (96)

1 Maintain hope, oh righteous ones, because the sinners shall suddenly perish from before you, and you shall have dominion over them, according to your wish.

2 In the day of the sufferings of sinners (Great Tribulation fourth seal) your sons shall ascend and fly like eagles and your nest shall be higher than that of the condors; Like squirrels you shall climb and like small hares ye shall be able to enter into the cavities of the earth, and into the clefts of the rocks far for always from the presence of the irreverent,

3 Who shall groan over you like sirens and weep due to you.

4 (3) Therefore, ye shall not fear those who have troubled you, because the restoration shall be distributed among you, a radiant light shall illuminate you, and ye have heeded the Word of tranquility from heaven. [Deeds 4: 12] (4) Woe to ye sinners, for your wealth gives you the appearance of righteous ones, but your hearts convict you that ye are sinners, and it shall be a testimonial against you and your evil works.

5 Woe to you who feed on the best of the grain, who drink wine in large mugs and with your power trample the humble ones. [MattithYhuw 24: 48-51]

6 Woe to you who can drink fresh water at any moment but do not do so, because at any moment ye shall receive your recompense: ye shall be consumed, and wrung from the very last drop, because you have rejected the Fountain of Life.

7 Woe to you who forge the Wickedness, the Fraud, and the scorn, because against you there shall be a memorial for crimes!

8 Woe to you mighty ones that oppress the righteous with violence, for the Day of your destruction is arriving, the day of your judgment: and at that time shall come numerous good days for the righteous, even during the period of your judgment. (1,000 year Day of Y-hwh / Day of Wrath)


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Chapter 96 (97)

1 Believe, oh righteous ones, because the sinners shall be shamed and shall perish in the day of the Wickedness.

2 Know, ye sinners, that the Most High is watching for your destruction, and that the envoys of the heavens rejoice for your perdition. (3) What will you do, sinners, and where will you flee to in the Day of the Judgment, when you shall hear the murmur of the prayer of the righteous ones?

3 (4) You shall fare like those against whom these words shall be a testimony: ye are workers of the iniquity.

4 (5) In those days the prayers of the righteous shall arrive up to Y-hwh and the days of your judgment shall arrive for you. (6) And every account concerning your iniquity shall be read before the Pure and the Righteous One,

5 Your faces shall be filled with shame and He shall reject every work based in the Wickedness.

6 (7) Woe unto ye sinners who are in the midst of the sea or on dry land, ye are those against whom an evil record exists. (8) Woe to you who acquire silver and gold with the Iniquity, and say: We are become rich, possess a fortune and properties, and we have acquired all that we have desired!

7 Let us now make our plans happen, for we have accumulated silver, it fills our banks like water, and our workers are numerous!

8 Like water shall your fantasy spill out, because your wealth will not remain, rather it shall suddenly fly from you, because you have obtained it with the Iniquity and ye shall be delivered up to a great curse [Disclosure 14: 9-11].


Rampant Homosexuality in Yisrâ’ë´l

9 (98: 1) And now I swear before you, for the wise as well as the simpletons, that ye shall have strange sights on the Land, (98: 2) because you men shall put on more jewelry than a wife and more brightly colored clothing than a girl! They shall be spilled like water among the royals, among the great, among those in authority, in silver, in gold, and in purple, in splendor and in the delicacies,

10 (98: 3) since they shall lack knowledge and wisdom, and for this they shall be destroyed, together with their properties, their worth and their splendor,

11 so with humiliation, massacre and great scarcity, their spirit shall be cast into a burning furnace.

12 (98: 4) I swear before you sinners, that just as a mountain does not convert into a slave, nor a hill converts into a maidservant,

13 thus the sin [homosexuality] has not been sent down to us onto the earth, rather, man has invented it of their own heads, and whoever facilitates it shall fall under a great curse.

14 (5) It isnt that barrenness was given to the woman, rather it is because of the work of his hands that he dies childless.

15 (6) I swear to you sinners by the Pure and the Great One, that all your evil deeds are disclosed in the heavens; and that none of your oppressive acts are concealed or secret.

16 (7) Do not think by your spirit, nor say in your hearts, that you did not know or did not see that every crime is inscribed daily in heaven before the presence of the Most High! (8) Thenceforwards shall it be manifested; for every act of oppression that you commit shall be recorded daily, until the period of your condemnation. [Leviticus 18: 22[78], 20: 13[79], Romans 1: 25-27, 1 Qorinthym 6: 9, 1 Kph 2: 6]


Blind and deaf Sheeple Christians

17 (9) Woe to you, senseless ones, for you shall perish for your foolishness. You did not listen to the wise, and the good lot shall not be your inheritance.

18 (10) Now therefore know that you have been prepared for the day of destruction, therefore do not expect to survive yourselves, sinners, rather to fall away and die because ye shall not know redemption,

19 since ye are prepared for the day of the great judgment, for the day of the great tribulation and of the great shame for your selves (nphesh).

20 (11) Woe to you, hardened in heart, who forge the Wickedness yet feed on blood [believe on His resurrection, the New Covenant in His blood]. Whence is it that you feed on good things, drink, and are satiated? Is it not because Y-hwh, the Most High, has abundantly supplied every good thing upon earth? For you there shall not be shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation).

21 (12) Woe to you who love the Iniquity. Why did ye promise happiness? Know that ye shall be loosed into the hands of the righteous who shall cut off your heads, slay you, and show you no pity.

22 (13) Woe to you who rejoice at the trouble of the righteous, for no grave shall be dug for you.


Woe to those who alter scripture to deny His name

23 (14) Woe to you who do not maintain at all the Word of the righteous (Yhuwsha`), because for you there exists no hope of life. [Contrast Yhuwchnns Glad Tidings 20: 31]

24 (15) Woe to you who write down the word of the Lie, and irreverent words: because they record their Lies, in order that the people may heed them and that they do harm to their neighbor. [ZkharYhu 5]

25 Therefore for them there shall be no shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation); rather they shall suddenly perish.


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Chapter 97 (99)

1 Woe to you who act irreverently, ye praise the word of falsehood[80] and exalt it! Ye shall perish and have never led a virtuous life.

2 Woe to those who pervert the Words of Truth (His name). Because they distort the everlasting law [e.g. King James, other lying scribes (YirmYhuw 8: 8-9)]

3 and they are converted into what They were not[81]: they shall be trampled upon the earth.

4 (3) In those days, be ready O righteous, to raise your prayers [7th Seal (Disclosure 8: 1-6)]; and to deposit them as a testimony before the envoys, so that they can record the sins of the sinners before the Most High.

5 (4) In those days (6th Seal) the nations shall be overthrown (8th Holy Roman Empire); but the families of the peoples shall rise again in the Day of perdition. (10 toes/kings)

6 (5) In those days those who become pregnant shall go out and carry off their children and shall forsake them and their offspring shall perish; they shall even abandon their suckling infants, they shall not return to them and they shall not have pity on their beloved ones. (Infanticide)

7 (6) Again I swear to you sinners that the sin is ripe for the Day of the unceasing spilling of blood.

8 (7) Those who worship stones and those who manufacture images of gold, silver, wood or clay and those who worship impure spirits or gods and every kind of worshipped image without discernment, no help will arrive for them. (8) They fall into irreverence due to the foolishness of their hearts; their eyes are blind to the fear of their hearts and to the vision of their dreams. (9) That is why they become irreverent and terrible, because with all their work they have forged a trick and have worshipped a stone[82]. They shall perish in an instant.

9 (10) Instead, in those days blessed shall be those who accept the Words of wisdom and understand them [Y-hwh Yhuwsha`], who point out and follow the Way of the Most High, who walk in the Way of His Righteousness, and who do not convert to the irreverence with the irreverent,

10 because they shall be saved (144,000 remnant).

11 Woe to you who disseminate the Wickedness among your neighbors; for ye shall stay dead in Shwl. [Exodus 20: 16 (9th commandment[83])]

12 Woe to you who lay the foundation of fraud and deceit [false anointed], and who provoke the rebellion upon the earth, for by it you shall be consumed. [1 Qorinthym 3: 11]

13 Woe to you who build your houses [denominations] by the labor of others, every part of which is constructed with brick [not living stones], and with the stone of crime [false anointed]; I tell you, that you shall not obtain shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation).

14 Woe to you who despise the extent of the everlasting inheritance of your fathers [spiritual Ethwm], and whose selves (nphesh) follow after the worshipped images, for they shall have no rest.

15 Woe to those who work iniquity, collaborate with the oppression, and assassinate their neighbor until the day of the Great Judgment; (16) for He shall cast down your honor to the ground, He shall stir up His wrath and He shall destroy all of you with the sword,

16 then all of the pure ones and the righteous ones shall remember your sins.


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Chapter 98 (100)

6th Trumpet Hunters (YirmYhuw 16: 16)

1 In those days in one place shall the fathers and their sons be punished together, and brethren with their brethren shall fall by the death until a river shall flow from their blood.

2 For a man will not be capable to restrain his own hand from assassinating his son and his grandson,

3Nor shall the sinner be able to stop his hand from assassinating his beloved brother: From the dawn of the day to the luminary orb shall set, they shall slaughter each other. (3) The horse shall wade up to his breast, and the chariot shall sink until its upper part is submerged. [Disclosure 14: 19-20]


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Chapter 99 (100: 4-13)

1,000-year Day of Wrath

1 (100: 4) In those days the envoys shall descend into a site of seclusion, and shall gather together in one place all who have assisted in the Crime.

2 In that day of the judgment the Most High shall rise up to sentence the great judgment in the midst of all the sinners. (5) For all the righteous and pure He shall designate Watchers from among the envoys of the Pure One; they shall protect them like the pupil of an eye until He exterminates every evil and every sin;

3 Even if the righteous sleep a long slumber, they shall not have to worry.

4 (6) Then the sons of the earth shall surely understand wisdom and they shall understand every word of that scroll, and they shall recognize that their riches cannot save them from the ruin of their sin.

5 (7) Woe to you sinners when you shall be afflicted on account of the righteous in the Day of the great trouble: you shall be burnt in the fire, so you shall be recompensed according to your deeds.

6 (8) Woe to you hardened of heart, who are watchful to plan the Wickedness, because the terror[84] shall overcome you and no one shall assist you!

7 (9) Woe to you sinners because of the words of your mouths and the work of your hands, which your Wickedness has forged; ye shall burn in burning flames worse than those of fire!

8 (10) So know now that for Him the envoys of the heavens shall investigate your actions, from the luminary orb, the moon, and the stars, regarding your sins; for concerning the Land He already has determined the judgment for the righteous.

9 (11) yet He will add as a witness against you every cloud, fog, dew or rain, for all of them shall be withheld from you that they may not descend upon you, and they shall call attention to your sins.

10 (12) Now then bring peace offerings to the rain to see whether it wont refuse to descend upon you! When has the dew accepted gold or silver in order to descend? (13) But when the frost and the snow, with its chills and all the snowstorms with their calamities fall upon you, in those days you shall not capable of standing [surviving] before them.


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Chapter 100 (101)

1 Attentively consider heaven, all you sons of the heavens, and all the works of the Most High; tremble before Him, and do not work evil before Him.

2 If He shuts up the windows of heaven and withholds the rain and dew from falling on your account, what will you do?

3 And if He sends His wrath against you due to all your deeds, you will not have opportunity to supplicate Him if you utter against His Righteousness haughty and insolent words, and thus you will not obtain shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation).

4 Do you not see the commanders of ships when their vessels are tossed about by the waves and rocked by the winds, and fall into peril?

5 Because of this they fear, because all their great possessions are embarked with them on the ocean so they get bad forebodings: that the sea will swallow them up, and they will perish there.

6 Is not the whole sea, all its waters, and all its movements the work of the Most High? Hasnt He put His seal upon all its actions and hasnt He bound it to the sand?

7 At His reprimand it trembles, it dries up and all of its fish die, likewise as all that it contains, yet ye sinners who are upon the earth do not fear Him. (8) Isnt it He Who made the heavens and earth, and all the things that they contain?

8 And Who has granted the erudition and the wisdom to all those who move upon the earth and on the sea?

9 Arent the commanders of ships terrified at the ocean? And shouldnt sinners be terrified at the Most High?


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(No Chapter 101)

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Chapter 102

Fire engulfs the globe

1 In those days, when He shall cast a terrible fire upon you, whither will you flee, and how will you be saved? [Mal`khy 4]

2 And when He sends forth His Word against you, shall you not be consternated and shall you not tremble?

3 (2) All the luminaries are seized with great fear and the entire earth is terrified, it shall tremble and it shall be alarmed!

4 (3) All the envoys shall execute their orders and shall seek to conceal themselves from the presence of the Great Worth; the sons of the earth shall tremble and shake,

5 But you sinners shall be accursed for the age and you shall have no shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation). [Ysh`Yhuw 48: 22, 57: 20-21]

6 (4) Fear not, lives (nphesh) of the righteous, have hope you who have died in righteousness. (5) Do not grieve if your selves (nphesh) have descended in pain to Shwl, or if during your lifetime your bodies things have not gone for you in accordance to your goodness. Instead, await the day of judgment of the sinners, the day of the condemnation and the punishment.

7 (6) And when you die, the sinners say about you: The righteous die just as we die! What profit do they have in their works? Look! Like us, they expire in sorrow and in darkness. What do they get more than us? From then on we are the same! (8) What will they take with them and what shall they see in the eternity? For look, they are dead, and from now on they will never again see the light! (9) I say unto you: You sinners have been satisfied eating and drinking, robbing, sinning, plundering men, acquiring riches and living happy days. (10) You have not seen the end of the righteous, how their end is in shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation), for even to the day of their death no violence has been found in them. (11) Although they perish, and it is as if they had not existed, and their selves (nphesh) have descended in affliction to Shwl, [continues in Ch. 103]


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Chapter 103

1 yet now I swear to you righteous, by the greatness of the Worth of the Great One, by His illustrious kingdom and by His majesty: (2) I comprehend the secret, I have read it in the tablets of heaven, I have seen the scroll of the pure Ones, and have found written and registered in them concerning you:


Tablet of Heaven: Destinations of the righteous and the sinners

2 (3) I have seen that every wellbeing, happiness, and honor have been prepared for you, and been written down for the spirits of them who die in righteousness, numerous good things shall be given to you in payment for your labors; and your portion shall be better than that of the living.

3 (4) The lives (nphesh) of you who have died in righteousness shall be raised and shall live and your spirits and your remembrance shall not perish before the face of Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym) for all the generations of the world and from there on ye shall not fear the affront.

4 (5) Woe to you who have died sinners! If you die in the richness of your sins, those who are like you say,

Blessed are these sinners who have seen all their days, (6) and now have died in the pleasure and in wealth and have not seen during their life persecution nor murder, they have died in honor and during life, no judgment has been pronounced against them.

5 (7) Dont ye know that when He shall make your selves (nphesh) descend to Shwl, there your evil deeds shall shame you? And your suffering shall be great (8) there in the darkness, the chains and the burning fire, when the great punishment shall be executed. [Judgment of the dead 7th Trumpet]

6 Woe to you, because you shall not have shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation)! (9) To the righteous, and the good who were alive: Do not say on reflecting,

During our life we have worked laboriously and experienced much suffering, we have seen many evils,

7 we have been consumed, diminished, and our spirit has been cast down.

8 (10) We have been destroyed and we havent found anyone that would help us not even with a word, we have been tortured

9 and have not expected to see life the next day.

10 (11) We hoped indeed to have been the head,

11 But we are the tail. We have suffered working, but we have not enjoyed the fruit of our labor; they have been devoured by sinners and the wicked who have unloaded their yoke upon us.

12 Those who detest and who assault us have exercised dominion over us; and before those who hate us have we bowed our heads yet they have shown no compassion towards us.

13 We have been tried escaping from them, in order to escape and be at rest, but we have found neither where to flee nor how to escape from them. (14) We have complained before our governors for their persecution and we have cried out against those who were devouring us; but our cries have not been heard nor would they listen to our voice,

14 (15) because the governors help those who plunder and devour us, those who diminish our number, and cover up their oppression; they do not remove the yoke from us of those who devour, evict, and slay us; they conceal our slaughter, nor it is not remembered that they have raised their hand against Him.


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Chapter 104

1 I swear to you, righteous, that in heaven the envoys do record your goodness before the Worth of Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym).

2 Have hope, though first ye have been afflicted with the calamity and suffering, now shall you shine like the luminaries of the heavens. You shall appear and you shall shine, and the gates of the Kingdom shall open itself before you. (3) With your cry, cry for justice and it shall manifest for you, because all of your tribulation shall be visited on the governors and on all who have assisted those who spoil you.

3 (4) Have hope and do not renounce your hope [Yhuwsha` `Ivrym 10: 23, 26], because you shall enjoy a great joy, like that of the envoys in the heavens. (5) However you might conduct yourself, you shall not have to hide on the Day of the Great Judgment, you shall not be taken for sinners [1 Qorinthym 3: 11-15]; the eternal judgment shall fall far from you for all the generations of the world.

4 (6) So now do not fear, oh righteous, when you see the sinners grow in strength and prosperity in their ways,

5 and do not associate with them; but keep yourselves at a distance from their violence, because ye shall be associates with the host of the heavens. [2 Qorinthym 6: 14] (7) Though you sinners say,

None of our sins shall be taken account of, or be recorded.

Nevertheless your sins are recorded daily.

6 (8) And be assured by me, that light and darkness, day and night, look at all your transgressions. (9) Be not irreverent in your hearts: do not lie and do not alter the Word of the Truth, and do not accuse as being false the Word of the Pure One and the Greatness. Do not regard your worshipped images because all your lies and irreverence shall not be imputed for righteousness, but as a great sin.


Sinners will alter the Word and create the Lie, the Creature (Romans 1: 17-25)

7 (10) Now, I know this secret: the sinners shall alter and adulterate into many forms the Word of Truth (Yhuwsha`)

8 and they shall proffer wicked words; they shall lie and create a great Creature[85] and they shall write scrolls upon their own words!


Scripture restoration predicted

(11) Nevertheless if they shall write My Word correctly in their own languages

9 and if they do not alter nor abbreviate My Words, rather that they write them all correctly, I shall testify all that first in their favor.

10 (12) Another secret also I know: the scriptures shall be granted to the righteous and the wise in order to communicate joy, integrity, and great wisdom. (13) The scriptures shall be given to them, they shall believe,

11 and they shall rejoice in them; And all the righteous shall become happy at learning from them all the Ways of righteousness[86].


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Chapter 104A (105)

1 In those days Y-hwh designated them from among the sons of the earth in order to read them and to give them testimony concerning His wisdom, saying to them:

Teach them it, because ye shall be their guides and ye shall receive the rewards;

2 Among all of the sons of the earth ye shall have the whole reward, (2) for I and My Son will forever hold communion with them in the paths of uprightness, while they are still alive [Yhuwchnns Glad Tidings 14: 23, 1 Yhuwchnn 1: 3]. Shlwm (peace, completeness, reconciliation) shall be yours. Rejoice, sons of integrity, in the Truth! mn


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Chapter 105 (106-108)

Birth of Nach (1056 [2916 BC])

1 After a time I took, Chanwkh, a wife for Mthuwshlach my son and she gave birth to a son to whom he gave the name Lmekh[87], saying,

Truly Righteousness has been humiliated until this day.

When he reached maturity Mthuwshlach took for him a woman,

2 and she became pregnant by him, and brought forth to him a son. (2) When the infant was born, his flesh was whiter than the snow, redder than the rose; his hair was white like the pure wool is, thick and brilliant. When he opened his eyes it illuminated the entire house like the luminary orb and the whole house was radiant.

3 And then the infant got up from the hands of the midwife, opened his mouth and spoke to Y-hwh, the Sovereign of righteousness. (4) Fear overcame Lmekh his father and he fled away and came all the way to his own father Mthuwshlach, (5) and said:

I have put in the world a different son, he is not like the sons of thm, rather he resembles a son of the envoys of the heavens, he is not like us:

4 His eyes are like rays of the luminary orb and his face is radiant, (6) It seems to me that he was not procreated by me, rather by the envoys,

5 and I fear that something miraculous should take place in his days!

6 (7) So now, my father, I supplicate you and I implore you to go to our father Chanwkh, and learn the truth from him, since his residence is with the envoys [Pard].


7 (8) So when Mthuwshlach had heard the words of his son, he came to me at the borders of the earth; because he had been informed that I was there, and he cried out

8 and I heard his voice, and I went to him and I said to him:

I am here my son, why have you come towards me?

9 He answered and said:

I have come to you on account of a great concern and on account of a [difficult] sight to which I have approached.

10 So now, my father, hear me: a son has been born to my son Lmekh, who does not resemble him, his nature is not like the nature of man, his color is whiter than snow and redder than the rose, the hairs of his head are whiter than white wool, his eyes are like the rays of the luminary orb and when he opened them they illuminated the whole house.

11 He has gotten up from the hands of the midwife; he has opened his mouth and has blessed Y-hwh, the Sovereign of the heavens.

12 His father Lmekh has been seized with fear, and has fled towards me, he does not believe that the infant belongs to him, rather of the envoys of heaven, so look! Here I have come to you, so that you might let me know the truth.

13 Then I Chanwkh, answered him saying:

mn (Indeed) Y-hwh shall restore His Law upon the earth, as I have seen and I told you, my son (Chapter 7: 7 note), because in the days of Yred my father, those who were from heaven disregarded the Word of Y-hwh. (14) Look! They committed sin, disregarded the law of Y-hwh, altered it to go with women and to sin with them, married some of them, who gave birth to creatures not similar to the spirits, rather carnal ones.

14 (15) Because of this there shall be great wrath and a great destruction shall take place during one year: a deluge upon all of the earth.

15 (16) But this child that to you [plural] has been born and his three sons shall be delivered on the earth when all the sons of thm who exist upon the earth shall die.

16 (17) Then the earth shall rest and it shall be purified from the great corruption. (18) Now therefore inform your son Lmekh,

he is your son in truth and without deception; this infant that has been born is yours.

Let him call his name Nach, because He [Y-hwh] shall be a rest for you when ye rest in Him and He shall be your salvation [Yhuw-sha`], because he and his sons shall be saved from the corruption of the earth, caused by all the sinners and by the irreverent ones of the earth, that there shall be in his days. (19) Afterwards there shall be greater unrighteousness take place than this, which shall be consummated in his days on the earth, for I know the secrets of Y-hwh, that He himself has revealed and explained to me, and which I have read in the tablets of heaven.

17 (107: 1) I saw it written in them that generation after generation shall work iniquity in this way, and there shall be evil until a righteous generation shall arise, and until irreverence and the Wickedness disappears from off the earth and until the goodness comes to the earth upon them.

18 (107: 2) And now, my son, go tell your son Lmekh, and tell him

19 that this infant is, in truth and without deception, his son.

20 (107: 3) And when Mthuwshlach had heard the word of his father Chanwkh, who had revealed to him every secret thing, he returned and let him know, and gave this infant the name of Nach, since He was to console the earth from all the destruction.


21 (108: 1) Another scroll, which Chanwkh wrote for his son Mthuwshlach and for those who shall come after him and keep the law[88] in the latter days: (2) You who have labored well, wait these days until the end be consummated for evildoers, and until the power of the sinners be consumed. (3) Wait because certainly sin shall pass away and the name of the sinners shall be blotted out of the scroll of life and the scroll of the pure; and their seed shall be destroyed forever, their spirits shall be dead. They shall lament in a chaotic desolation, and they shall burn in the fire because there shall be no ground there.[89] (4) I observed there a cloud that could not be discerned well, because from the depth of it I was not able to see through it. I saw also a flame of fire blazing brightly, and something like glittering mountains that whirled around, and agitated from side to side.

22 (5) Then I inquired of one of the envoys of the Pure One who was with me, and said to him:

What is this brilliant object? For it is not heaven, but only a brilliant flame that blazes and a clamor of screams, wailing, lamentations and great suffering!

23 (6) He said to me:

Into this place that you see there are cast the selves (nphesh) of the sinners, of the irreverent, of those who work evil and of all those who alter what Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym) has spoken through the mouth of the predicators about all that shall be [Lying scribes]. (7) Because some of these things are written in scrolls and others inscribed in the heights of the heavens so that the envoys and the pure ones might read them and know what shall happen both to the sinners, or to the humble spirits, to those who have suffered in their bodies and shall be repaid by Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym), and to those who have been slandered by the wicked men; (8) who have loved [preferred] Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym) and who have not loved [preferred] gold nor silver nor any of the riches of this world, yet whose bodies have been tortured;

24 (9) to those who from the period of their birth have not been covetous of earthly riches, but have regarded them as a passing breeze,

25 and whose conduct has been consistent with this, so Y-hwh has proven their selves (nphesh) and has found them pure in order that they might bless His name.

(10) I have exposed in the scrolls all their blessings: and He shall reward them; for they have been found to love Y-hwh more than the surface of this world. He says:

While they have been trodden down by the wicked, and heard their reviling and scorning and were slandered, they were blessing Me. (11) So now will I call the spirits of the good from the generation of the Light, and I will transform those who were born in darkness and who have not been received in their bodies honor or esteem or compensation as their fidelity has merited.

26 (12) I shall exhibit in a brilliant light those who have loved My pure name, and I will make each sit on a throne of honor, of honor peculiarly his own, (13) They shall shine for innumerable times, since the judgment of Y-hwh the mighty Ones (Elohym) is righteous

27 and He shall replete the belief of the loyal in the dwellings of the Way of Truth; (14) They shall see those who have lived in the darkness cast into the darkness, while the righteous shall shine. (15) The sinners shall scream loudly and shall see them shining at them, who truly shall exit the days and periods that are prescribed to them.

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[1] The italicized words are restorations from other translations.

[2] Quoted by Yhuwthh, vv. 14, 15.

[3] Note the distinction between the righteous chosen ones and the chosen ones in this verse, who are presently the Christians who havent yet believed on His name. See 1: 7, how His clemency relapses on them, which is their being grafted in again at the 7th trumpet resurrection after their 6th seal judgment for denying His name.

[4] Mt. Chermwn derives its name from the `Ivryth word chrem, a curse (Charles, p. 63).

[5] These names are put as they were found in the Spanish translation which obtained them from the Aramaic Qumran translations. No further attempt to transliterate them more accurately here has been made except in the case of Shemiychzh.

[6] The Greek texts vary considerably from the Ethiopic text here. One Greek manuscript adds to this section, And they [the women] bore to them [the Watchers] three racesfirst, the great giants. The giants brought forth [some say slew] the Naphelim, and the Naphelim brought forth [or slew] the Elioud. And they were increasing in power according to their size. See the account in the Book of Jubilees (an uninspired study book).

[7] one anothers flesh R.H. Charles notes that this phrase may refer to the destruction of one class of giants by another (Charles, p. 65).

Observers of the stars. Astrologers (Charles, p. 67).

[9] Verse 1 names 5 envoys, and says here four. Apparently some scribe tried to eliminate `Uwriy˴l from the Spanish translation to make it congruent, and the mention that they were four was eliminated from the English translation, but these alterations were revealed in comparing them. The solution is that Miykh˴l is Who they complained to, as this One is the Chief Envoy of Y-hwh and the One at the right hand side of the Father on His Throne.

[10] Sariel (per Spanish translation). Here one Greek text reads `Uwriy˴l.

[11] Bastards, Mamzr in `Ivryth, this means the product of scripturally forbidden sexual unions. It has no bearing on racial mixing scripturally.

[12] 76 to 84 years per generation would land this event in 7000 during the antediluvian lifetime of Nach. If it is 80 years per generation, it is in Nachs 344th year, during the lifetime of Yred. Therefore this most likely occurred in the year 1400 after creation, making it fall within the second week (92: 5). The watchers will be brought back up to share with the perdition of their beloved which happens at the sixth seal judgment (89: 32-37) for this is when these watchers will be sharing the 1,000 year day of wrath in the torments of deepest Shwl, and then at the Great Judgment shall be cast into the lake of fire.

[13] This is when these watchers shall see the perdition of their beloved, these are the marked followers of the beast.

[14] Yes, there is reproduction during the millennial reign of Yhuwsha`.

[15] Lebanon and the Amorite name for Mount Hermon (near Damascus).

[16] Note the many implications of vv. 3-8 regarding the origin of evil spirits. Note that they stay (dwell) upon the surface of the earth, and are made reference to in Disclosure and some other end-time predictions.

[17] The meaning of Nphilym is fellers, bullies, and tyrants.

[18] If they had died in the flood, we would find fossils of them, or the flood would have been attributable to their evil and not mans. Flesh in scripture is the term for race also, and 15:10 states that these evil spirits will come forth from women then before the judgment. This will likely be by implanted clones, which have no innate self, but can harbor such a disembodied evil spirit.

[19] Likely the magnetosphere of the earth, and its electrical current.

[20] Paradise (Pard) is an `Ivryth word meaning orchard-park and specifically refers to the garden of `˴then.

[21] the secrets of the righteous shall be revealed (source text). Correction based on context and scriptures.

These who do not sleep but stand before Him are the Srphym, the Kruwvym, and Ophnnym (70: 9)

[23] Compare Wisdom to Yhuwsha`. Compare Iniquity to the Lie.

[24] The judgment of the heathen masses that disobey comes after the 7th Trumpet, and is not simultaneous with Y-hwhs coming at the 6th Seal.

[25] This happens at the second resurrection. To understand this materially, it would mean that those righteous and pure lost at sea would miss out on participating in the first resurrection, which is against scripture. Therefore this statement is spiritually discerned: the sea represents the heathen masses! Racially, we know that many of His people who migrated among the heathen masses were spiritually lost at sea turning heathen, but besides this, most of the dead heathen masses themselves are considered the sheep of the other flock that it behooves Him to gather also.

[26] Dweller in a valley, the son of Eliyphz and grandson of `sw. Note the spiritual definition of `Amlq is name-denying Christianity, which is related to `sw, who despised the inheritance of our fathers, Y-hwh. Note that Y-hwh Yhuwsha` shall remove from the roots all of the house of the Valley Dwellers (`Amlq), per the Exodus reference. Note that this uprooting means getting totally rid of the Wickedness (the Lie) by exposing its roots and by revealing the Truth at His coming (explained more in detail in the Glad Tidings of Phlippos).

[27] Take a scroll into your hands, and write what Y-hwh declares: that Yhuwsha` the Son of the Power shall in the last days cut off from the roots all the house of `Amlq (valley dwellers).

[28] Here He is declaring that after the 4th seal tribulation and suffering, the condition of His decree will be met when the Sixth seal comes, and day becomes night as the luminary orb turns black and there is Light in the evening. After this is when He unleashes His wrath and punishments on them.

[29] Remember that though the giants were destroyed before the deluge, their evil spirits were to return as humans in the last days (15: 10).

[30] The 10 kings (toes) who rise up against the Lamb.

[31] It is possible that this was originally from Y-hwh which would make sense, but this reading is also correct, because His name was given to us from the heavens (Deeds 4: 12) and though the Word of the belief is not far off in the heavens for it to be unobtainable for us, this verse may have been what precipitated the question which that verse Romans 10: 6 answered.

[32] Lightning produces ozone and puts nitrogen in the soil.

[33] Meaning emotions, this phrase means my emotions were released (I panicked)

[34] Meaning mind, this phrase means my consciousness was dissolved (I fainted).

[35] The food is spiritual, the execution of the will of the Father and its completion. The annihilation of the desert-beast (apostate Christianity) and the later annihilation of the sea-beast (unrepentant heathen masses) are on the same Day, yet separated, the latter being the marriage supper of the Lamb.

[36] This implies that this section of the scroll was written by Nach, Chanwkh's descendant, rather than Chanwkh. Scholars have speculated that this portion of the scroll may contain fragments of the lost Apocalypse of Nach.

[37] The power of the beasts: the winds of the earth, reined by a bridle yet controlled, different yet balanced. Their distinguishing on the same day: the lightning and thunder, different media, not separated, restrained, and negative energy. The sea-monster is the heathen masses, the desert-monster is apostate Christianity. The desert monster will be killed that Day of the 6th seal and the sea monster at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, yet both are part of the same judgment.

[38] Reason to capitalize this is that Y-hwh is echth, and that seven spirits dwell on Him. This voice is of Him speaking through those who are in Him.

These who do not sleep but stand before Him are the Srphym, the Kruwvym, and Ophnnym (70: 9)

[40] This answers the question whether selves (nphesh) in Paradise can praise Him. Perhaps not in the lower burning pit of Shwl, but yes in Paradise.

[41] Strongs #5707 not #5703 as mistakenly vowel-pointed in `Ivryth, a difference only of vowel-pointing. Source translation mistranslates ages of the ages.

[42] B`al and `Ashtrwth worship are based on carnal lust, and the names of the gods worshipped today are based on these.

[43] Yeqwn means he lamented, most translations err and think this is another name for Shemiychzh.

[44] Most likely Strongs 2880, Ţibchth. Literally, slaughter, a reference to the great persecution by the image of the beast after he violates the pure place.

[45] Source text: Its name is Beka. A reference to verse 22, Aka'e, with the `Ivryth article B still attached, meaning among. The ibexes (`Ivryth Aqqw, from Strongs #0689 in the singular) are referred to as being those sheep whose eyes are opened to see the Truth, also seen as the seeing believers in Chanwkh 89: 15.

[46] Source text: this oath of Aka. Ibexes in `Ivryth was transliterated here, as explained in above note

[47] According to 59: 14, this was in the vicinity of the garden of the righteous (`˴then), Pard

[48] This is put in future tense by a possible waw-conversive rule in `Ivryth, because according to scriptures, the forefathers and the righteous were not dwelling in the garden until Yhuwsha` delivered them there following His crucifixion after great four days (in the year 4000).

[49] To the `Ivrym 11: 5 says Y-hwh transferred Chanwkh. Here he says Miykh˴l did this, further confirming that Miykh˴l is a title for Y-hwhs Person, the Son.

[50] Since some translations translate this term as through, and the orb is not observed to cross through the north to get back to the east, the `Ivryth term here which can mean beyond and through is Strongs #5676, literally crossing past/beyond.

[51] Some may scoff and say the luminary orb does not go around the earth, saying the earth orbits the luminary orb. Remember that in space, motion is relative, and though it is thus, it depends on your perspective. If in the beginning Y-hwh chose the heavens and the earth, not the luminary orb moon and stars, this is related from the perspective of those chosen. But beyond this, there exists measurable scientific proof of a fixed stationary non-rotating earth.

[52] This first lunar month of the year is determined by the next chapter verse 4-5 saying it is the month in which the solar equinox comes while the moon is in its waxing phase, prior to its midmonth full moon, not by human traditions about barley.

[53] That is, it is sixty days in the same gates, viz. Thirty days twice every year (Laurence, p. 97).

[54] The Aramaic texts more clearly describe how the moon's light waxes and wanes by a half of a seventh part each day. Here in the Ethiopic version, the moon is thought of as two halves, each half being divided into seven parts. Hence, the fourteen portions of 72: 9-10 (Knibb, p. 171).

[55] The seven here probably refer to the seven major land divisions, islands mentioned at the end of this same chapter, the continents, though Eurasia counts as one. It is unlikely that the seven refer to the Seven white men mentioned later in the scroll.

[56] Though modern continents are considered seven, the continent here is Eurasia, so this and Africa are two, leaving the other five of the high seas to be N. America, S. America, Antarctica, Australia, and the other may be Greenland.

[57] This second vision of Chanwkh portrays in symbolic language the complete history of the world from the time of thm down to the final judgment and the establishment of the Kingdom of Y-hwh (Charles, p. 227).

[58] liyYhuw, per 89: 21. Being human and one of the persecuted sheep, he is uniquely qualified to make record of Christian excesses and slaughter as a 3rd party witness.

[59] Since a day for Y-hwh is a thousand years, this 12 hour period when Christians had access to scriptures and respite from Catholic genocide against the sheep is 500 years before the resuming of their slaughter on a worse scale called the Great Tribulation (Persecution) in verses 116-118. Therefore, it would extend from 5497 (1524 AD) to 5997 (2024 AD). 1524 was the turning point in the Protestant Reformation when Martin Luther was out of danger from the Papists, and when his (altered) scriptures were written to become available to the sheep.

[60] The Yehuwthm (racial Yhuwthh, Vinymyn, and Lwy) returned in the 1880s but did not succeed at establishing a country.

[61] The return of tribal Yehuwthm, Vinymyn, and Lwy to the Land of Yisrâ’ë´l in 1947.

[62] The numbers thirty-five and twenty-three make fifty-eight. Symbolic for Protestant prevalence over Zion. Seventy minus fifty-eight is twelve, symbolizing the last pastors that remain, foolish pastors of the dry tree.

[63] Protestant reformers, still helpless without His name, starting to see the reality of adulterous Yisrâ’ë´l.

[64] Dabela. Related to Strongs #3104, Spanish translation which has DSS has here rams. The ibex symbolizes the believers in the rebuilding Virgin of Yisrâ’ë´l. The ibex are wild goats, which have enormous, back-curving horns, measuring 28-55 inches in males. They are found in craggy terrain between the timber and snow lines of the Alps. They are remarkably surefooted and agile, leaping about rocky ledges and evade less agile predators. They have low reproductive rates. They were hunted severely, for their attractive horns, but are now protected.

[65] This alliance of the foolish pastors, their multi-species ecumenical union, and the blind sheep uniting and making a pledge to break the horn of Y-hwhs Kingdom represents the clearest explanation of why the mark of the beast will be done. Is it any wonder such a grave punishment is promised for them?

[66] 6th seal Second coming This is the Judgment of the House of the Power: name-denying Christians are denied (Ysh`Yhuw 5: 13-14). They receive the reward of the contradiction of Qrach, claiming to be leaders of the righteous chosen (Numbers 16: 1-40). Note: marked blind sheep not included, nor the leaders, the heads of the enemy.

[67] Extinct very large bulls with deadly horns.

[68] This refers to mankind being delivered from the giants by the judgment pronounced by Y-hwh in chapter 10, which occurred in 1400, 70 eighty-year generations from the judgment in the year 7000

[69] The Deluge was during the third week 1656 (2318 BC)

[70] Avrm born 1948 (2026 BC), renamed Avrhm in circumcision covenant 2047 (1927 BC)

[71] Yisrâ’ë´l crosses Yardn and enters Promised Land 1/10/2489 (4/1485 BC)

[72] The building of the physical Temple was during the fifth week, 2929-2936 (1045-1038 BC) destroyed 3358 (616 BC), rebuilt 3476 (498 BC), destroyed again 4043 (70 AD). The Letter of Bar-Nvy 16: 6, written after AD 70 Roman dates, quotes part of this verse to ask whether it still exists. He explains that the living temple are we who are housing His name, which is why he makes the case that it still exists after the Romans destroyed the physical building.

[73] Look, days are coming, declares my Sovereign Y-hwh, when I shall dispatch a famine into the Land, not a famine for bread nor thirst for the waters, as instead for hearing the Words of Y-hwh. And they will wander from one sea to another sea and from north even unto to the orient, quickly to and fro, to ask about the Word of Y-hwh, but they will not find it.

[74] The Anointed Yhuwsha` 3969-4000 (5 BC-27 AD).

[75] The destruction of Yruwshlim and the Temple by Titus and his Roman armies 4043 (70 AD) and the dispersion after the atheist Yehuwthy Bar Kochba revolt 4108 (135 AD).

[76] Islam is halted, Protestant reformation, Crusades, defeat of Spanish Armada.

[77] The glad tidings method of justification believing on His true name will be proclaimed throughout the world then the Sixth Seal Great and Terrible Day of Y-hwh comes on 7/10 (Day of Atonement) 5997 (9/12-13/2024 AD) [MattithYhuw 24: 14].

[78] And with a male you shall not lie with, instead of lying with a wife (ishshh), that is detestable;

[79] and a man (iysh) which is one who lies with a male instead of one lying with a wife (ishshh) is detestable, both of them have worked it, surely they shall die, their bloodshed is upon them.

[80] Jesus (Xz), Yeshua, Yahshua, Yaohushua, Yaohu, Yehoshua, Yshua, Jehovah, Yahuweh, etc.

[81] e.g. compare how they converted the first commandment: True: I am Y-hwh, your mighty Ones, Who have brought you out of the Land of Mitsryim, out of the house of bondservices: There shall not be for yourself other mighty ones besides My Face. False: I am the LORD [B`al] thy God [Fortune (Demon)], which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods [demons] before me. (KJV)

[82] One example of stone-worship is Allah, the black silver-framed stone which devout Muslims kiss during their pilgrimages to the Kaaba in Mecca. It was an image worshipped by Mohammeds family, the only one he did not destroy from the Kaaba.

[83] You shall not be heeding a testimony of a lie by your neighbor [to bear a false testimony]. This describes the evolution of the creature from the Creator.

[84] The word terror here refers to the frightful demons within worshipped images. See Deuteronomy 32: 25

[85] Literally, create a great creature, but the Spanish translation has invent great Lies. Both are true, but this way better reflects Romans 1: 21-25 speaking of the false names (words of men 1 Thessalonkeans 2: 13) and the anointed of the Lie [antichrist].

[86] The restoration of Scripture to include His Words, Y-hwh, Yhuwsha`, and His titles.

[87] This explanation of the name Lmekh shows that the Le means for and that the mekh relates to Strongs #04134 or 04355.

[88] English translation: preserve their purity of conduct. The Torah was nonexistent before Moshh, and this may be a scribal revision, or if it is accurate, it would refer to the fact that only those of us who are justified by faith are capable of keeping the Law. Another possibility is that it refers to the eternal Law of life and not that of Moshh.

[89] In the bottomless fire shall they burn. Literally and consistent with the Spanish translation, in the fire shall they burn, where there is no ground (Laurence, p. 178). [Shwl during Day of Wrath]