The Lie is

the LorD
ezVs ChrIstos

DCLXVI = 666

Note: If you are stumbling on understanding what the impostor's name is, you can find out more about this Lie at Yâhuwshúa` is not Jesus. This page is principally made to explain what scripture says about his manufacture.

The Lie INCARNATES! בַּבׇּשׇׂר הַ־שֶׁקֶר


this page is under repair. the season for the judgment approaches, which is set to happen at an appointed time in the History of Man, He in His zeal is reserving for Himself a remnant of His people He is calling to have the true Testimony of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`.

...the Apostasy (rebellion) of His people against Him is making them prefer the Lie to the Truth that could save them.

...He chose their Lie to cause it to exist, to show them what is wrong with it, in the Incarnation of the Lie.

Alert! Newcomers: this page proposes a shocking concept and shows that scripture supports it, that the coming Lie, the anointed falsifier, will be a cloned image of the leader of the 7th head (which was mortally wounded) of the "Holy Roman Empire" beast.  The pictures on this site thus illustrate how a clone of Adolf Hitler could be disguised to impersonate "the LORD Jesus Christ" in order to manifest their "antichrist" Impostor king.  Is this indeed the plan of the evil powers that be?  Please consider the evidence with an open mind.
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The son of perdition

The Lie INCARNATES! הַ־שֶׁקֶר בַּבׇּשׇׂר

My sons, guard your selves from worshipped images.

[1 Yâhuwchânâ'n 5:21]

This page has a large mission: to explain why the anointed falsifier, the son of perdition, the Lie, will be made by order of the second beast as a image of the beast that received the mortal wound by the sword but resurrected, and why we believe he thus will be a clone of Hitler's body infused with the self (néphesh) of Yehuwthâh ("Judas"). In order to do this, we must proceed systematically point by point, explaining what each of these things mean. Please bear with us.

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Why do we use the term “anointed falsifier” instead of “antichrist”?

AntiXristos is just another Greek term which the establishment scribes preferred to transliterate rather than translate.  Often when they do such a thing, it is because there is a meaning they intend to keep hidden (e.g. baptismos = immersion).  Anti- as a Greek prefix means several things: instead of, substitution, in the place of, opposite, against, replacement.  Christians are generally taught that the impostor to come is the only one they call "the antichrist". Some Christians have even been alerted to the fact that scripture does not support this limitation, and in fact, may not be referring mainly to this impostor when using this term AntiXristos. But studying 1 John (Yâhuwchânâ'n) 4:1-3, one sees that this term 'AntiXristos' is not merely any person/spirit who rejects Yâhuwshúa` for another word, thereby replacing, substituting, and opposing Him, it is BROADER in meaning! It means a violator of the third commandment, to not lift His name to falseness/corruption.  Therefore to reconcile all these meanings, we opt to translate antixristos as "anointed falsifier". We should keep our terms in English!  So therefore, if we are strict about our definitions, ANY person or spirit who rejects Yâhuwshúa` for another word (i.e. any falsified name), thereby replacing, substituting, and opposing Him, is AntiXristos.

This page is written about the impostor to come. The reason we use this term "antichrist" in it is merely so Christian brothers who need to learn about him can find this page. Purists, relax, the impostor is certainly ALSO an anointed falsifier, the biggest antixristos.

But we should realize that although scripture does not call the Impostor to come "the antichrist", this does not mean the Lie's incarnation will not be made to come. It is mostly called many other terms in scripture other than "antixristos" (e.g. image of jealousy, image of the beast, the Lie, the Wickedness, the calf, etc.). Let's examine the scripture in 1 Yâhuwchânâ´n 4:1-3, because it associates every spirit that professes falsified names for Yâhuwshúa` to the impostor to come.

Distinguishing the spirits of Yâ-hwéh from the Lie

    1. Beloved, do not believe every spirit; instead scrutinize the spirits whether they are from Yâ-hwéh, because many predicators of the Lie have gone out into the world.
    2. By this, ye recognize the spirit of Yâ-hwéh: every spirit which professes that Yâhuwshúa` is the Anointed One Who has come in flesh, is from Yâ-hwéh;
    3. But every spirit that does not profess Yâhuwshúa` , is not from Yâ-hwéh — and this is that spirit of the anointed falsifier, which ye have heard that it shall come, and now it is already within the world, [contrast Yâhuwchânâ´n’s Glad Tidings 14: 26]

This is where this infamous term AntiXristos is found, and it talks about evil spirits testifying the Lie, and the impostor will likely accept all these false names.

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But Christians will ask, "will we even see this person manifest?  Won't our Savior come to take us away before this happens?" For they have been taught of a "secret rapture escape" for them when He comes.

These questions cause apathy among Christians who thus think this topic is moot to them. They've been deceived because they have forgotten that scripture says:

1. ¶ So we beseech you, our brothers, concerning the coming of Yâ-hwéh, Yâhuwshúa` the Deliverer, and our complete collecting on the same place to Him, [Mt. Tsiyyówn: Yâhuw'Ë´l 2: 32, Disclosure 14: 1]

2. For you to not be quickly shaken out from your understanding, nor to be alarmed, neither by a spirit, nor by a word, nor by letter as if it were from us, as though the Day of Yâ-hwéh is next!

3. Do not let anyone deceive you in any way, because that Day shall not be next, unless first the rebellion [MattithYâ´huw 24: 11-12] might have come, and the Man of Sin might have been revealed, the son of perdition, [Yâhuwchânâ´n's Glad Tidings 17: 12]

4. Who is an adversary even exalting himself above all called mighty ones or objects of worship; so as for him, within the temple building of Yâ-hwéh, to sit down as the Mighty One, making his self appear that he is the Mighty Ones. [Dâ´niyyË´'l 11: 36-37, 2 Qorinthíym 10: 18, YirmYâ´huw 11: 15]

[2 Thessalonikeans 2:1-4]

¶ Therefore, whenever ye shall see the Abomination (detestable worshipped image) of the desolation, which was spoken of through Dâ´niyyË´’l the predicator [Dâ´niyyË´’l 9:27, 11:31], who said that it would be standing where it should not, [Márquwç 13: 14] within the Separate Place - he who reads, let him understand -

[MattithYahuw 24:15]

Read the above scriptures CAREFULLY, my brothers. This clearly means that if your "rapture escape" were on the Day of Yâ-hwéh when He returns, this says it ain't happening until AFTER this impostor will have been revealed AND invaded the Separate Pure Place, AND launched his Great Persecution. Think about it. This means this "rapture" could not be an escape from the events preceding it, could it? The discerning one will understand that if we are to survive until the coming of the true Anointed One, we must live through the 42 months granted to the mouth of the Beast [Revelation (Disclosure) 13:5].  We all must see the Lie in full power, even past when he does the unspeakable, to violate the separate place and to sit down to exhibit himself as if he were our Mighty Ones!  He will politically conquer the purified people, therefore we are NOT off the earth.  Therefore, we should know more about this despicable character, the Son of Extermination, and not think we somehow will never see him.

However, take note: this is not in order to provoke fear among you brothers who do believe on His true name and the Testimony, because it is abundantly written in scripture that you shall be protected from him, though not the flock of the slaughter that does not believe on His true name.

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What makes you think that the anointed falsifier will assume this unusual rendition of the popularly accepted version of the name of the Anointed?

It is the concept of marketing.  The megalomaniac evil forces that be in this world which want to establish a NWO world government under them realize they must enlist the support of all the world's religions so they will 'win their hearts and minds'.  Unite the world in a clay and iron coalition against a common enemy, Islam, and spring on them their version of the One the world's been waiting for to solve all the world's problems.  Since they don't believe He exists anyway, they see no harm in it. It would not be the first time political empires form alliances with religious organizations to bolster their support.  They obviously will choose to name their anointed falsifier by a marketable name, one which doesn't limit itself to appealing to the English-speaking peoples, but rather a name with multinational appeal. But it's nothing new, scripture says this name is "the evil you didn’t know was being sought diligently" in Yshá`Yâhuw 47:11.  A name which sounds sorta like every language's version of the popularly accepted "Jesus".  This proposed name for the anointed falsifier we warn about SOUNDS like an American trying to say the name of someone Spanish people call "Jesus"; they are taught that the Spanish "e" sounds like "ay" (It just so happens that when it is pronounced this way, "Hay-Zeus", it does mean something in Hebrew, something many groups deny). Thus it already has appeal to practically the entire Western Hemisphere (after all, most people vote for the name that's most familiar to them).  Moreover, prophecy in scripture indicates that whatever name this Lie is named MUST numerologically add up to six-hundred sixty six.  What name can fulfill that condition in Hebrew numerals AND in Roman numerals, AND have international fraudulent appeal to all non-name-believing Christianity?

DCLXVI = 666
DCLXVI = 666.  See how this name also adds up to 666 in Hebrew numerals... click here

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How did we come to this conclusion?

Such a sweeping statement is not to be made lightly. Your first impression may be that this is totally absurd, but for those who study scriptural predictions, it shouldn't be so incredible. We will show here how scriptures correlate with historical facts to support our interpretation of scripture predictions, because we have had the guidance of the spirit of Truth because we believe on Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`'s name. This is our main credential, though it may seem absurd to non-name believers to ask them to consider this to be a valid credential at all. Nevertheless, we here testify that since knowing His true names, everything in scripture has become clearly understood. There exist many theories regarding eschatology among Christians, but none of them stand up to scriptural scrutiny. If you are totally sold on their motion picture versions, whose "antichrist" names don't even add up to 666, you are in for a rude shock when you won't disappear like they portray, leaving behind a neatly folded stack of clothes.

But we will continue now to systematically explain here about the two Beasts, because this impostor is to be an image of one of the heads of the first beast, the head that was mortally wounded, and it is to be made by order of the second beast:

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What does the description of the first Beast shown in Revelation (Disclosure) 13 mean?

13:1. ...and I saw a Beast coming up out of the sea having ten horns and seven heads, and upon its horns, ten crowns, and upon its head a name of scorn!
2. And the Beast that I saw was similar to a leopard, and its feet as of a bear, and its mouth as a lion's mouth, and the dragon gave to it his own power [2 Thessaloníkeans 2: 9], and his own throne [2: 13] and great authority! [Compare Luwqá' 4: 6]

3. And I saw one of its heads as slaughtered to death; but it was resurrected from the wound of its death: and there was wonder in the entire world after the Beast!
4. And they did homage to the dragon who gave the authority to the Beast, and they prostrated themselves in homage to the Beast, saying:

"Who likens to the Beast?"


"Who is able to make war with it?"

[Revelation 13:2-4]

Chapter 13:1-2 first describes the rise of the SEVENTH head of the Beast, as it had 7 heads at that time. We will explain below what each of these 7 heads were. Note that in verse 2, it is the MOUTH of the beast to which Sâţâ´n the dragon gave his own throne and great authority. The mouth of the beast refers to the Impostor. The authority of Sâţâ´n was granted to him when he enticed ’Âthâ´m to obey him and disobey Yâ-hwéh. Sâţâ´n became his lord (owner) and was given the power of administering death for sin. But Yâ-hwéh is Who granted that power, which becomes obsolete when there is no sin, and Sâţâ´n said this power was his to transfer it to whomever he wanted also. No envoy can hurt us who have no sin because good envoys obey Yâ-hwéh, and evil ones are under Sâţâ´n whose authority is granted by Yâ-hwéh also. When the impostor anointed invades the Pure Place, and sees the Power of Yâ-hwéh and obtains immortality, the authority Sâţâ´n gave him will make HIM effectively an envoy administering death, but nonetheless limited to whoever HAS unforgiven sin.

And 13:3 describes the fall of that Seventh head and its resurrection, forming in fact, an 8th head, because note that we see no new head there! This is because it is of the earlier heads, as we find described in chapter 17, described below.  Yet it incorporated characteristics from all the Kingdoms that rose from the Sea (gowyím) that have conquered the Land (believers), the 4 BEASTS OF D´NIYYË´’l 7.

In order to understand this First Beast, we must first explain these other four which characterize it:

In Dâ´niyyË´’l 7 you will read about the 4 beasts and understand that these beasts are not only physical political kingdoms that conquered Yisrâ’ë´l, but also SPIRITUAL kingdoms which conquer and deviate believers (the Land), in the order of their appearance!

1. Bâvél ("Babylon") means CONFUSION and its first king Nimrod who founded it was the first postdiluvian ruler to reintroduce image worship and polytheism to what was a world of one speech and one faith in Yâ-hwéh. That was when this lion's Eagle wings were ripped off. Yet, when its mistaken identity method of confusion devoured and incorporated Christianity (see Glad Tidings of Tâ’ówm 7), this beast was made to stand on its hind legs like a man, and have the heart of a man, though it remains, controlling and misleading its subjects through mesmerizing lies.  The mouth of the first beast in Disclosure 13 is as a lion's mouth.

2. Pâráç (Pârásh in `Ivríyth) is political "Persia", meaning "splendid, pure". Its fourth spiritual kingdom (Dâ´niyyË´’l 10:20,11:2) continued in the Pharushíym ("Pharisees"), which derives from Pârásh. Today's "Yehuwthím" openly claim to be the continuation of the Pharushíym. We remember from Yâhuwshúa` that these Pharushíym's ferment was hypocrisy (fakery), pretending to be splendid on the OUTSIDE; they violate Yâ-hwéh's commands with their manmade rules, straining out the gnat to swallow the camel; and denying the Key of Acknowledgement (the Key of Dawíth) to those who want to enter the Kingdom, while not using it themselves. This sleepy bear seen in Dâ´niyyË´’l 7 kills by depriving us of the Seed of Life, but doesn't finish devouring what it kills (three ribs still in its mouth) to make proselytes. The first beast in Disclosure 13 had feet as of a bear. This means it has the walk of the Pharushíym ("Pharisees"), and its power to harm and methods.

3. Yâwâ´n (wine in English) The Hellenist ("Greek") kingdom's first king was Aléxandros the Great, who believed any name for the gods is OK. Thus he is seen also as a shaggy billy-goat (they eat ANYTHING), that violently breaks the power of the Pharushíym kingdom before them (they certainly have). Seen as a fast spotted leopard in Dâ´niyyË´’l 7, Hellenism lives today in any-name-goes Christianity, further evidenced by their fast talk and spotted conscience and Greek-filled mysterious religious lingo. The first beast in Disclosure 13 resembles a leopard.

4. Rowmâ´h (Haughty in English) The Haughty ("Roma") empire is terrifying and frightening and extremely powerful. It devoured (converted), crushed (suppressed), and trampled (muddied) what was left of The Way, with its large iron teeth (strong religious enforcement). The 10 horns it had on its head, three of the first horns were uprooted from before the Little Horn. These were three nontrinitarian Christian Kingdoms which arose in the area of the Roman empire following its collapse: the Ostrogoths, the Visigoths, and the Lombards. The Little Horn defeated these with the Imperial Restoration of Justinian, and with Charlemagne. This Little Horn is the Vaticanus. In this horn were eyes (seers) like the eyes of a man (believer), and a mouth speaking domineering (tyranical) things (e.g. papal infallibility, roman bishop superiority, papal edicts supersede scripture, etc. etc.). "The Great Confusion", the whore, is currently headquartered within this Little Horn. It asserted itself riding each of the remaining 7 horns which are seen in Disclosure. This we explain later on this page.

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Please watch our video about these four beasts and their true meanings, because it is pertinent today, and to understand the details of this beast that comes, incorporating the characteristics of all of them, because the beast is here already, but as yet hasn't been given its "mouth". This beast will be paganism-infested, externally splendid, hellenistic, and haughty.


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Chapter 13 continues, now describing the Impostor:

    1. ...And to it was given a mouth, speaking great things and scorn; and to it was granted privilege to act forty-two months. [Yshá`Yâhuw 16: 14, Dâ´niyyË´’l 7: 25]
    2. And it opened its mouth for scorn against Yâ-hwéh, to scorn His name and His tabernacle, the tabernacle of those who are in the heavens.  [New Yruwshâláim (21: 2)]
    3. And was granted to it to make war against the people of the pure ones, and to conquer them [Dâ´niyyË´’l 8: 24].  And authority was granted to it, over every tribe and people and tongue and heathen mass.
    4. And all who dwell upon the earth - of whom the names, from the founding of the world, have not been written in the Scroll of Life of the slaughtered Lamb – shall prostrate themselves in homage to it!
    5. If anyone has an ear, let him heed:
    6. If anyone gathers into captivity, he goes into captivity!  If anyone will kill by the sword, he must be killed by the sword!  In these are the persuasion and the patient endurance of the pure ones.  [2 Qorinthíym 10: 3-6]

This refers to the image of the beast, the Impostor, who will be the mouth of the Beast. Like a spokesperson, a CEO of it, its 'anointed one', it will be the Abomination of the desolation which is left of Tsiyyown ("Zion"). This is the same mouth given to the Little Horn of Dâ´niyyË´’l, described in Dâ´niyyË´’l 7 (do go read it from our translation!).

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But let's explain the Seven Heads: What does scripture say to explain them?

Here is the understanding for he who has wisdom: the seven heads are seven mountains, wherever the woman sits upon them, [Vatican alliances]

…And are seven kingdoms...

[Revelation 17:9-10]

The seven heads are seven kingdoms, and are described as mountains. The term mountain in Hebrew also means SURGENCE. All these surgences belong to the same Beast, which incorporates all the spiritually foreign heathen kingdoms currently ruling over believers (the Land).

And the woman described above is infamously named "The Great Confusion", which in the Aramaic in Dâ´niyyË´’l 4: 30 is Bâvél rabbthâ´’. This is mistranslated in establishment versions as "Babylon the Great". Currently, this woman is headquartered in Rome at the Vatican, but has had plans for a long time to move to Yruwshâláim. We see in scripture, ZkharYâ´huw 5: 1-11, that the Wickedness will be exiled from there by our Sovereign Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` when He returns, and will be carried by evil unclean envoys to the valley of Son`ar (commonly misrendered "Shinar") to be set on its proper location, that's where her final place of judgment will be.

Where has this woman sat on this beast? When the vatican has formed a "church and state" alliance with a religious empire calling itself Roman, after all, it's part of the fourth beast of Dâ´niyyË´’l. Historically, whenever this has happened, they call themselves a

"Holy Roman Empire".

This is the name of scorn mentioned in 13:1, because "Holy" means Solar in reality because it is derived from the hebrew name Hëylë´l (Foolish-Boaster, the name given to the fallen envoy of the luminary orb, commonly falsely 'translated' as "Lucifer"), and Rome/Romah is hebrew for "haughty". Thus, this is named, in reality, the "Solar Haughty Empire".

Yet as mentioned above, this Beast that is seen arising from the sea and coming upon the sand of the sea (Christianity) in Disclosure (Revelation) Chapter 13:1-2 already has seven heads, therefore it is first describing the SEVENTH revenance of the "Holy Roman Empire" (the name of scorn of verse 1).  But it is useful to know what these "Holy Roman Empire" seven heads have been:

These seven Vatican alliances are:

Click to see close-up
...The five that are fallen,
1. Imperial Restoration of Justinian, 527 A.D.
2. Charlemagne 12/25/800 A.D.
3. Otto the Great of Germany 962 A.D.
4. Hapsburg dynasty of Austria 1273
5. Napoleon Bonaparte 12/2/1804

(left - Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire)

...The one that is,

6. The sixth head is the Zerach Yahuwdiy Royal Brith-iysh NWO - Vatican conspiracy:
The New World Order conspiracy is headed by Royal heads of Europe (Bilderbergers) particularly the British line, and now infamously also keep the American presidency in their bloodlines, and it runs their mainly invisible empire with their international network, (incl. C.F.R., Trilateral Commission, Round Table, Knights of Malta, G6, Masons, etc. etc.) wherein the multinational bankers are merely the bag-boys who do their bidding, and the Pope is riding this mess.  The Royal bluebloods are racially descended from the tribe of Yâhuwthâ´h, but with the Zérach line, which married the daughter of TsithqiyYâ´huw, the last King of Yâhuwthâ´h of the line of Pherets; and claim through their lineage from Dâwíth their “divine right to rule the world”.  This is an ancient conspiracy, and has existed throughout the history of the other heads of the beast.  Thus, it is the head that is.  They have had control over communism since its beginnings, have potentiated it and been its financiers, and have used it for their world control purposes as controlled opposition (like a thumb) to grasp and crush all opposition to their NWO.  This NWO however, has been losing control over Islamic countries (the King of the South) in recent times. According to Dâ´niyyË´’l 11:17, (after WWI) these intended to enter "Palestine" with the authorities over Christianity and Islam, so they made these alliances with the King of the South: the League of Nations and the United Nations. Since the Vatican rides this Anglo-American British royal conspiracy, the NWO is the sixth head.

The seventh which came and remained a little while, (Rev 17:10)
and was slaughtered to death (Rev 13:3)

7. The Nazi-German/Vatican Holy Róman Empire.  This alliance, kept hushed by Vatican records of this era being sealed from review, later served to help the ratlines: escaping Nazis by disguising them as Catholic priests.  The Vatican harlot under Pope Pius XI and XII did sit upon this axis alliance and cast their blessing on Hitler, who in 1938 took from Vienna the crown of the Holy Roman Empire (also shown elsewhere on this webpage) to Nuremberg, to the Hall of St. Katherine's Church.

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Sâtân gave the Nazi 7th Holy Roman Emperor his own power, and his own throne and great authority! (Rev. 13:2)

Adolf Hitler accepted this promise in the incident described here below, and when he is returned by cloning, he will have it fulfilled: he will be given Sâtân's power of death (for sin), Sâtân's throne (which is in Berlin, moved from Pergamos - see under Zeus at the Name Page), and great authority over all the world for a moment in time!  Recall that this was OFFERED to the Anointed Yâhuwshúa` by Sâtân when He was tested in the desert in exchange to bowing and worshipping Sâtân.  Yâhuwshúa` rejected it, but Hitler accepted it. But even this promise was false, because the self (néphesh) of the son of perdition is the self (néphesh) that will be within the impostor, not Hitler's.

"...Hitler was more than a mere novice initiate into the occult.  He had actively sought and discovered elements of the secret knowledge of occultism and thereby became a functioning agent of Sâtân.
    One day Hitler went to the Treasure House [of the Hapsburgs in Vienna, Austria] to study the Spear of Longinus [the one which pierced the side of Yâhuwshúa`]. Hour after hour he gazed upon the relic, as if in Transcendental Meditation. According to his own testimony he went into a trance:

    "The air became stifling so that I could barely breathe. The noisy scene of the Treasure House seemed to melt away before my eyes. I stood alone and trembling before a hovering form of the Superman--a Spirit sublime and fearful, a countenance intrepid and cruel [see Dâ´niyyË´’l 8:23-25]. In holy awe, I offered my soul as a vessel of his Will."[THE SPEAR OF DESTINY, Trevor Ravenscroft,pg 38]

Spear of Longinus

    Before him stood a mighty spirit--the power behind the Spear. He gave himself that day to the spiritual hierarchies of darkness. He yielded himself to become the vessel of the spirit of antichrist."
[page 65, Guardians of the Grail, by J.R.Church]

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Dâ’niyyË´’l 11 confirms that the Impostor will arise in Germany!

You may ask, "are you sure?" The answer to this question is unequivocal. Read our translation in its context in order to see how clear it is. The "he" of the beginning of verses 18, 20, and 21 refer to the King of the North, the NWO 6th head.

    1. So he will return his attention to the countries, and he will occupy many ones [pre-WWII British imperialism] but a dictator will cause his reproach to desist against him, without his own reproach he will turn against him: [Hitler violates armistice and turns against Britain]
    2. And he will return his attention to the fortresses of his land, but he will be overthrown and he will fall, and he will disappear: [True body of Hitler not found(cached)]
    3. And he will establish upon his place a transitional one tyrannizing, an apartment of a dominion, but it will be destroyed in a few days, yet not in angers or not by battle: [East Germany DDR].
    4. And he will set on his place a despicable one, and to him they will not grant the honor of kingship, yet he will come peacefully and he will seize the kingship [of the North] through treacherous smooth-talk.

(Dâ’niyyË´’l 11: 18-21)

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Dâ’niyyË´’l unsealed: chapters 10-11 explained!

watch our videos from our Youtube channel,

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Nazi Germany's death and resurrection - the mending of the 7th head and rise of the 8th!

And I saw one of its heads as slaughtered to death; but it was resurrected from the wound of its death: and there was wonder in the entire world after the Beast!

[Revelation (Disclosure) 13:3]

"The Beast which you saw [also in Ch13] was, but is not, and is about to come up out of the sea and to go into annihilation; so they who dwell upon the earth - of whom the names, from the founding of the world, are not written on the scroll of life - shall wonder, when they see the Beast which was, but is not, yet shall be present!

Here is the understanding for he who has wisdom: the seven heads are seven mountains, whereverthe woman sits upon them,

.…And are seven kingdoms: those five are fallen, and the one is, and the other is not yet come; and when it [the 7th] shall have come, it must remain a little while –

Even the Beast, which was, but is not: it also is an eighth[kingdom/head], yet it is from the seven, and goes into annihilation."

[Revelation (Disclosure) 17:8, 10-11]

The seventh Holy Roman Empire, the Nazi-Vatican alliance was crushed like no other at the end of W.W.II.  Yet they planned for their postwar recovery and have executed it perfectly to where Germany stands dominant over the European Union which is a world economic superpower greater than the USA and a nuclear power with borders currently nearing the maximum size of Hitler's Third Reich!  Many people have heard how Nazi Germany planned for its own resurrection by sending its assets abroad until after the war. An organization that had to do with this was ODESSA, Organization Der Ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen" ( "The Organization of former SS members). For those seeking more details, please see this link. This resurrected Catholic kingdom is rising now as...

(Resistance is futile!)

Note that the 12 stars represent the 12 tribes of Israel that they want to unite and conquer!

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Note that the 12 stars represent the 12 tribes of Israel that they want to unite and conquer!

An eighth head?

The eighth Holy Roman Empire is from the seven, specifically the seventh combined with the sixth.  Thus it is a Nazi-NWO Holy Roman Empire.  It was and is not, yet will be present.  When the European Union turns Nazi-German, its resurgence at such bigger borders, influence, and as a nuclear power, will strike fear in the hearts of the worldly, especially after it incorporates the USA and GB.  

But their fear will be of the dragon which empowers it. For those wondering how to react, please read this verse from the Glad Tidings of Philippos:

How to react to the coming Abomination

67. (62) Do not fear the flesh nor love it.  If you fear it, it will gain control over you.  If you love it, it will engulf and immobilize you.

European news is not being well-reported within the USA.  Whether this is by design or due to financial interests of the news media, is open to speculation.  Those that keep an eye open to this are noticing a consistent rise in German and European Xenophobism and racial incidents and neo-Nazi activity, with evidence of state cooperation.  The islamic populations within European countries may be the designated instigating problem for a xenophobic crackdown, and require the intervention of the Impostor to gain popular sympathy as their savior from islamic terrorism. Germany is clearly dominant in the European Union, and now with the Islamic anti-US Jihad, the increasing anti-Islamic friendliness among all countries of the Northern Hemisphere, and the growing unhappiness over Jewish rule over Yruwshâláim (Jerusalem), the stage is being set for the entry of the LIE.  Some have even heard of Papal designs of a multinational administration of Yruwshalaim headed by him being considered by Palestinian leaders and Jews as a future solution to their neverending violent squabble. This sounds like a continuation of the King of the North's plan mentioned in Dâ´niyyË´’l 11:17, but instead of giving up the "Yehuwthim" as a slaughter-offering to the King of the South, these "Yehuwthim" will, as servants to their enemies who had destroyed it, shall rebuild the physical Temple as servants to the Romans as Bar-Nâvíy 16:3-4 foretold.

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Explain the second beast of Disclosure 13:11, that rises out of the earth


11.And I saw another beast rising out of the earth (believers): and it had two horns similar to a lamb, but he spoke in the manner of a dragon! 12. And it will execute all the authority of the first Beast before it, and will make the earth (Christians: Yshá`Yâhuw 65: 11-12) and those who dwell on it [not written in the scroll of life (13:8)] that they should prostrate themselves in homage to the first beast, of which the wound of its death was cured.
13. And it performs great signs, such that it should even make fire to come down from the skies unto the earth in the sight of the humans!
14. And it misleads those who dwell upon the earth by means of the signs, which it was granted to it to work before the first Beast, saying to those who dwell upon the earth to make an image to the Beast that has the wound of the sword and lived! [2 Thessaloníkeans 2: 7, YirmYâ´huw 31: 22, Howshë´`á 8: 4-7]

15. And it was granted to it to give spirit to the image of the Beast in order that the image of the Beast also should speak and should cause those to be killed that would not bow down in homage to the Beast.
16. And it makes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and masters and the bondmen, that they should give to them a mark upon their right hand, or upon their foreheads,
17. In order that no one should be able to buy or trade unless he has the mark, or the name of the Beast, or the number of its name...

[Disclosure 13:11-17]

Compare this to Disclosure 19:20 -

"But the Beast was apprehended, and with him the Preacher of the Lie ("false prophet") who performed the signs before him (see v.13), by which he misled those who received the mark of the Beast, and them who bow down in homage to his image (see v.14). Those two were cast alive into the lake of fire, which burns with brimstone."

We see by the works that the Preacher of the Lie apparently is the head individual person of the organization scripture calls the second Beast of the earth. Note that whereas the first beast came out of the sea, being foreign heathen spiritual dominions, this second beast comes from out of the earth (believers).

And Disclosure (Revelation) 6:8 -

"And I saw and look! A greenish horse, and the one sitting up upon it, his name is Death, and Sh’ówl follows it; and to them was granted authority to kill off over one fourth of the earth [believers] by sword, and by food shortage, and by death, and under the Beast of the earth."[13: 11-15, compare YchezqË´’l 14: 21].

This verse which describes the Great Persecution (aka "Great Tribulation") reveals also that this Beast of the earth is not an individual, but an organization, which executes the authority of the first "Holy Roman Empire" beast. It follows logically that this Second Beast is the Little Horn, the Vatican, and that its individual head Preacher of the Lie is a "Pope".

What other possibilities exist for potential hypothetical answers? Many people who are disillusioned in the diminishing freedom in the United States of America seek some place to insert the USA into this scenario in Disclosure (Revelation), pointing out its whorishness and subservience to the NWO and the Papacy.

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Where does the USA fit in?

USA is not the mother whore, it is a daughter whore. "America" was named after a Papal Medici bookie, Amerigo Vespucci, instead of its discoverer, Cristóforo Colombo ("Columbus"). USA's founding fathers were Masons, which ties to the Vatican. USA lost its financial sovereignty to centralized banking which are now headed in Europe, and an incredibly massive debt due to excessive spending that works like a ball and chain to keep USA enslaved. Though seemingly free, USA outgrew its Constitutional limits to government long ago around the time of the War for southern independence ("Civil war"). It develops hybrid crop bioengineering to monopolize food production for the planned fall and assimilation to the "Holy Roman Empire" and to later control the masses with food control. It is the EU's pet pit bull it sends out to fight its wars for its interests without getting its hands dirty, like in Bosnia, Afganistan, Iraq, etc. The USA also clamps down on its own citizen's constitutional freedoms like an enemy, and excessively taxes those who work to keep us weak. I shouldn't need to elaborate further, simply put, USA is not a sovereign independent country serving its own interests, and is quite consistently dominated by the NWO and every one of its rulers are prepicked by it. But it is NOT the mother whore. In scriptural predictions, it is considered ’Ephráyim. And like Yowçë´ph, his brothers have trapped him in a pit, and will sell him to the Ishmaelites.

Answer: The beast of the earth has two horns like a lamb. As this is the Pope Preacher of the Lie's Christendom organization, its two horns are Roman Catholicism with all it controls, and the other horn is Anglo-American Protestantism along with all it controls. Although the USA partially fits under this other horn, we should also realize and accept that the USA mostly will form part of the first beast, the "Holy Roman Empire" after the Second Seal. It will not be a country after it is assimilated.

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The Vatican Beast of the earth orders an Image made to the Beast that has the wound of the sword and lived.

Since the Seventh head of the Beast which received the mortal wound by the sword, was the NAZI "Holy Roman Empire", its leader is the one predicted to make a comeback artificially through cloning when they make an image to this seventh head.

And it misleads those who dwell upon the earth by means of the signs, which it was granted to it to work before the first Beast, saying to those who dwell upon the earth to make an image to the Beast that has the wound of the sword and lived!

[Revelation 13:14]

For the Secret of the wicked trouble (lawlessness) is already working, only it is restraining presently until from the midst he shall have been made;

And then the Vanity (ha-'´wen) will be revealed...

[2 Thess. 2:7-8]

On the makers of the Created thing, the transition

Glad Tidings of Philippos 68: (63)

One will either exist in this world, or in the resurrection, or in the places of the transition.  Yâ-hwéh forbid that I be found in these!  In this world there are the good and the evil.  Its “good” is not good, and its “evil” is not evil.  But there is evil later, of this world, which is truly evil - what is called the transition, it means death [Disclosure 6: 8].  While we are in this age it is fitting for us to acquire the resurrection, so that when we strip off the flesh we may be found in the Rest and that we not have to walk erring in transition.  Indeed, many already go astray from the Way.  It is, thus, convenient to depart from the world before man has completed the transgression [manifest the Lie].  69. (64) Some truly do not desire to [complete the transgression] nor are able to [complete the transgression].  But others, though they desire to [complete the transgression], do not gain anything for not having executed it; yet this desire makes them completers of the transgression.  But for not desiring the correctness, the justification will be concealed for them both – from those who desire to [complete the transgression] and those who do not do it. [Yshá`Yâhuw 29: 15, 47: 10, 51: 23]

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So who is the anointed falsifier going to be?  Hitler is dead, how can he return?

The body of Hitler was predicted in Dâ´niyyË´’l 11:19 to disappear. It was searched for very diligently by the powers that be. It seems unusual but the concept of Hitler being cloned has been a topic of much controversy, even causing a movie The Boys from Brazil (1978) based on a novel by the same name by Ira Levin or 1976 Roman Date. Let's look at one of the verses from scripture where Yâ-hwéh speaks to the leader of Bâvél at its judgment:

"Look, I am against you, arrogant one!" Declares Yâ-hwéh, "since your day has come, the time I punished you! For the arrogant one will stumble, and he will fall, and there will not be one for him to help him up, and I will kindle a fire in his forests [military] and it will consume all of the ones around him."

[YirmYâ´huw ("Jeremiah") 50:31-32]

And here Yâ-hwéh talks to Christianity, asking them how long they will wander from Him, because He has a plan to show them their Lie is really evil, because mankind cannot imagine up a better Savior than Yâhuwshúa`:

“Until when will you vacillate, O backsliding daughter?  Indeed Yâ-hwéh will create a new thing on the earth: a nonvirginal woman will bring back a warrior!”

[Jeremiah (YirmYâ´huw) 31:22]

If you haven't seen this verse this way before, it is because it was SO badly mistranslated in the KJV, that Christian tradition holds it to have been one of the prophecies about the Anointed's virgin birth!  The return of a warrior by means of a nonvirginal woman is the image of the Beast being made.  This is now possible through CLONING and the use of surrogate mothers. If one looks at this verb, the alternative translation instead of "return" is to "envelop", which is what a surrogate mother would do! Not too long ago, this concept was laughable but we have seen animal cloning already, with only legal barriers existing against human cloning, and this would not be a deterrent for those who would want to do this. The problem with this is actually that though one can raise human cells in a petri dish, or grow a human organ from stem cells, or perhaps even clone a human's entire body, it takes more than that to make it a person. It takes spirit, and a self (néphesh). So if the establishment, or aliens (fallen envoys), or both working together were to clone the leader of the Nazi Holy Roman Empire's entire body to make an image of it, they still need to have a spirit infuse a self (néphesh) into it. And what the above scripture verse says is that Yâ-hwéh will permit this, in Disclosure 13:15 (see below):

    1. And it misleads those who dwell upon the earth by means of the signs, which it was granted to it to work before the first Beast, saying to those who dwell upon the earth to make an image to the Beast that has the wound of the sword and lived!  [2 Thessaloníkeans 2: 7, YirmYâ´huw 31: 22, Howshë´`á 8: 4-7]
    2. And it was granted to it to give spirit to the image of the Beast in order that the image of the Beast also should speak and should cause those to be killed that would not bow down in homage to the Beast.  [Yshá`Yâhuw 65: 11-12]

and notice that He will choose their wantonness, their Lie, (see below, Yshá’Yâhuw 66:3-4), which means He will permit it to exist. So what man invented, will be manifested, to their horror:

"...also they, they have chosen their ways, and their self (néphesh) delights in their detestable abominations.

Moreover I, I shall choose their wantonness, and their terrors I shall bring to them [Deut. 32: 25], on account that I called, but there was no one responding, I spoke the Word, but they did not listen, and they made the Evil One in My eyes and they chose what displeases Me."

[Yshá'Yâhuw 66:3-4]

This manufacture of this living image is also seen in 2 Thess. 2:7, one of the worst-translated verses in establishment Bibles (to hide this fact), just look at all the italics in the KJV rendition!  Massive changes like this or unclearness in your scripture translation should raise red flags for Truth-seekers.  Compare this accurate translation with your Greek texts:

[2 Thessalonikeans 2:7-12]

What does this mean, the one coming ...within every deception of the Wickedness among the ones who are being exterminated? All the false traditions told about Yâhuwshúa` by the liars will be true in this Impostor. The physical appearance of this Impostor will truly resemble Catholicism's widespread physical image of "Jesus", and it's easy to make a clone of Hitler look like that just by growing long hair and a full beard on it. You can also bet it will be "born" on December 25th. Believe it or not, I have heard ones say that it was not Yâhuwshúa` who was crucified, it was "Judas" (Yehuwthâ´h) who was crucified, and that people were fooled into thinking it was Yâhuwshúa`, explaining why Yâhuwshúa` was seen alive later. And now the self (néphesh) within this "Jesus" will be Yehuwthâ´h ("Judas")!

What is the purpose of Yâ-hwéh permitting the Lie to exist? In order for people to realize what is wrong with it, so they will realize it is evil. But though it is a marvel, whereas acknowledging Yâ-hwéh is wealth, not acknowledging Him is POVERTY.

Yâhuwshúa` said,

If the flesh came to be alive because of the spirit (breath), it is a marvel; but if the spirit came to exist because of the body [of the convocation], it is a marvel of marvels!  But as for Me, I marvel at this: how this great host has settled for this poverty.”  [Not acknowledging v. 3, Yshá`Yâhuw 41: 29, Yshá`Yâhuw 48: 10]

[Tâ'ówm 29]

Scripturally, this image is made to order by Israel (Christianity).  The image made to the beast is likened to the golden calf made by Apostate Yisrâ'Ë´l (now Christianity). Why is this significant? Because the Second Beast is the one which orders this image to be made!

  Hosea 8: …4-7: “They (Yisrâ'Ë´l) set up kings but it is not from Me, they choose princes but I do not approve, with their silver and their gold they make idols for themselves so that he might be destroyed: Let the calf-idol of Shomrówn (Samaria was an Assyria + Israel mixture, like Germany) be thrown out, My anger burns against them!  Until when will they not be capable of purity?  Indeed he is from Yisrâ'Ë´l, and a craftsman made him, and he is not 'elohíym, for the calf-idol of Shomrówn will be shattered in pieces!  For they sow spirit and they reap a cyclone!  […see also the Lie is called a calf]

This Catholic European Union will have an image made of the leader of the Nazi 7th Holy Roman Empire, Adolph Hitler.  Europe desires a strong leader to unify them, so the predicator of the Lie (a Pope) will be granted that he give spirit to the image of the Beast in order that the image of the Beast should speak and cause those who do not wish to worship the Beast be killed.  The spirit which will be put into it is the spirit of the anointed falsifier, which has been around since the time of Paulus and Yâhuwchânâ´n! Its self (néphesh) will be that of "the son of Perdition" (KJV), Yehuwthâ´h “the man/husband of His city” (’Iysh-Qiryáthow) ("Judas Iscariot" - KJV), as both of these are called the son of Perdition (KJV), which we translate as the son of the extermination.

12. When I was with them within the world, I was guarding them by Your name. I kept watch of whom You have given to Me, and not even one of them is to perish, except the son of the extermination, in order that the scripture might be fulfilled.

[Yâhuwchânâ´n's Glad Tidings 17: 12]

3. Do not let anyone deceive you in any way, because that Day shall not be next, unless first the rebellion [MattithYâ´huw 24: 11-12] might have come, and the Man of Sin might have been revealed, the son of perdition,

[2 Thess. 2:3]

What does "Iscariot" mean? Luwqa' 22: 3 says Yehuwthâ´h called himself “the man/husband of His city” (’Iysh-Qiryáthow), not that it was a surname. Yehuwthâ´h's surname was Bën-Shim`ówn as it is written in Yâhuwchânâ´n 6: 71, 12: 4, 13: 2, 26. What happened is that ’Iysh-Qiryáthow was transliterated instead of translated into Aramaic ([’Iy-]Çkriy’ówţa’) and Greek (’Iskariótes).  Most admit it was likely ’Iysh-Qiryáth but this would be constructive case, “a man of the city of the…”. We see it as logical that the ill-defined suffix was as we have rendered it, to mean “His city”, and the city of Yâhuwshúa` is Tsiyyówn, as this heel is unlikely to have been planted elsewhere so people might hate some other town. But the sinister meaning of "a man of His city" is the included possible meaning of "the husband of his city" when he returns as the self (néphesh) of the Impostor, who will play such a role.

Where is this Oppressor now? He is waiting for his mission in the pit, "hurrying to stoop to be set loose so it might not die in the pit nor its bread be lacking", per Yshá`Yâhuw 51:14, and examine the context in our translation.

See, read, and understand Songs ("Psalms") 109, and understand that there it's Yâhuwshúa` speaking, and that the wicked are the "yehuwdim" around Him, and that the wicked man set over them with Sâtân at his right hand is this Yehuwthah the son of perdition, who was set as who they emulate in their betrayal of Him then, and at the end time when they become his chosen people, and they take him as their Ba`al, which we go into in more depth later, and in our Dâ´niyyË´’l unsealed videos.

In Songs ("Psalms") 109, note that verse 13 pays back the "yehuwdiy" conspiracy to blot out Yâhuwshúa`'s name and memory, recorded in the Jewish acronym YeShuWa, using the exact same verb.

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What about those who believe the "antichrist" will arise from the British royal family?

There is a growing (?) movement proclaiming that the coming "antichrist" will be Prince William or Prince Charles.  Certainly several prophecies could seem to be applicable to either of these.  However, see here that ALL the same prophecies PLUS these in Rev 13 are fulfillable in the hypothesis that the anointed falsifier will be a clone of Adolf Hitler.  Princes Charles and William are political heads of the 6th head of the beast, the one that IS, and not the 7th, which was mortally wounded by the sword.  It is the 7th head to which this image shall be made!  Remember that these heads are kingdoms, not individual people, per scripture:

Here is the understanding for he who has wisdom: the seven heads are seven mountains, wherever the woman sits upon them,

…And are seven kingdoms...

[Revelation 17:9-10]

Furthermore, Prince Charles and Prince William did not arise in Germany, which is described so clearly in Dâ´niyyË´’l 11:18-21 (quoted earlier in this page).  Being of the lineage of Dawith by the Royal geneaology, they may believe that they have the right to eventually rule the earth, but they are not of the line of Pherets, rather from Zerach, since Zedekiah's daughter married into that line.  These are currently sticking their hand out, a breach in the Royal line of Yahuwthah just like during the birth of the twins Pherets and Zerach (Genesis 38: 27-30).  Now the (false) Jews occupying the land of Yisrâ’ë´l are recognizing this little known fact of their descendance from Dâwíth, and are thus more open to allowing one such ruler to rule in the land they occupy.

So Prince Charles applied for the leadership position in this European Union.  This just demonstrates the deep-rooted role of the 6th head of the Holy Roman Empire, the one that IS (see above), in the origins of the 8th head, the European Union.  Seeing it racially, the Zerach-Yahuwthiy Royals rule over Mnashsheh-Yisrâ’ë´l (Great Britain) and he wants to have the political position as well over the other tribes of Yisrâ’ë´l which inhabit Europe.  He nonetheless remains of the 6th head, and is not an IMAGE made by the inhabitants of the earth of the 7th Nazi head of the Holy Roman Empire by order of the Pope.

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