This is not a new religion we are preaching!
The Most High, Who you are accustomed to hear them call "the LORD", or "Jehovah", or "God" or if you are Spanish, "el Señor" or "Diós", is Who we worship, though we deny their mistaken terms for Him.  We certainly do acknowledge that the Anointed IS His mighty Person, come in the flesh, and that He did live a sinless life and died and rose again.  We also believe that the original scriptures are inspired and have zero mistakes.
Blind Faith needs to have open eyes!
However, unbeknownst to nearly all Christianity for centuries, these names Christians have used unquestioningly are NOT His real name, and the original scriptures proclaimed a name which Christians are only NOW hearing in these end-times, when the TRUE glad tidings of the Kingdom must be proclaimed throughout the earth.
How on earth did this happen?
Have you ever lined people up and whispered in the ear of the first, and had them transmit the message along, and seen what comes out the other end?  Well, that is what essentially has happened to His name through the centuries.  Have you heard how a frog can be boiled alive without resistance?  Put him in the kettle when the water is cold and gradually heat it, and he won't jump out.  The same thing has happened to Christianity.  If anyone would have tried to sell the apostles the names Christianity uses today, they would have jumped out, like the proverbial frog.  They would have known everything those names really mean too.
Why did this happen?
The scribes and our religious leaders should have gone to the original in their translations and searched for the Truth, but they settled for the most recent version.  Sorta like the New King James Version, which watered down the KJV to try to make it make sense, rather than going back as close to the original as possible.  Why did they do this, you might legitimately ask?  To not "make waves", to not disturb the slumber the false traditions cause.  Why threaten the offering-plate income?  Why offend any denomination?  Thus their motivations were either $$$ and/or fame and honor from humans.
Our goal is your benefit
So dear Christian brother/sister, please have patience, and perseverance to overcome the obstacles in your seeking the Truth, because otherwise you may become complacent and apathetic, and stay asleep, and not understand with your heart, turn and be cured.  Read this website, and see that indeed the Truth does matter.  And become blessed and read scriptures to become well-rooted in Him.  This website is for you, and  it is done in His affectionate love,
your brothers and sisters in Yâhuwshúa`

Call for the Chosen Few

WELCOME NEWCOMERS! Examine this page with an open mind!

For many are called, but few chosen.

There exists a Most High One (not satan), Who has a plan to make everyone of the potential ones He has envisioned in His Mind develop, grow, overcome satan, and reach the potential He imagined for us. This plan is running on time without any postponements, and we are approaching the second season of Judgment, by fire, to rectify this world. Many see this coming, but don't know how to survive the coming troubles or the Judgment. But "judgment" itself means a separation, a selection, and the ones of the Light will be separated from the ones of the darkness. Thus, error is used to prevent us from developing, growing, and overcoming satan.

The world, being in the Error, does not acknowledge Him, and does not even know His names, and they have a huge confusion about Him, all because of identity theft perpetrated by the jealous adversary satan, who also altered establishment scriptures to accuse Him falsely, and created every false religion about himself. To mistake satan for the Most High is The Error. But the Most High sent His Personhood, Who said:

And ye shall acknowledge the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free [from sin]... [Yâhuwchânâ´n's Glad Tidings 8: 32]

To be freed from the Error (sin), and be justified (reckoned correct) by faith (proving you believe), one acknowledges His calling by recognizing Him back, in Truth. Such a one then comes into existence (eternal life, not being blotted out to restart another life recycling), and when the judgment (separation) comes, this one shall be saved because of being reckoned righteous (correct). So salvation, therefore, is not based on sincerity (Salvation from what?).  Many people are sincerely Hindu, sincerely Buddhist, sincerely Muslim, sincerely atheist, and they are no closer to salvation. It's not a matter of good works or good behavior either. Only the Truth frees us from the Error.

The Truth matters.  Lies will not save anyone. If what you believe in is a Lie, you are not free from error though you may be sincere. Do you know enough to not perish? Do you acknowledge the Truth? Only One Man has ever overcome satan, and by being within Him can we also overcome satan. In fact, His true name in the Good Saying, the saving testimony, is the literal password to get past satan, according to scriptures.

Our Sovereign and King, the Personhood of the Most High, has a name, which He has always used when speaking of Himself, even when He came down to be born on earth as one of our brothers incarnated in the image of filthy mortal flesh.  He always has honored His name and He never has ever said that we can call Him anything we want.  He instead has always said keep His name pure. This honoring His own name concept may sound alien to some cultures where names mean nothing to people anymore.

Therefore, calling on names such as Allah, Krishna, Baal-Zebub, Diana, Zeus, or those of the "sun", moon, or stars of the heavens will not save you from your sins and let you survive the Judgment.  Most Christians will agree with this statement, but ALL these people are calling on the wrong name, and it addresses someone else, but they don't realize it. But if Christianity has been satan's main target for being the closest to the faith which overcomes him, how can Christians think their database hasn't been tampered with over 2,000 years?

The Most High does not want us to mistake Him for any other pretender.  But Satan does want us to mistake him for the Most High.  Satan is the one who has many names, but our true Sovereign only honors His own name.  And anyone who gets this backwards is speaking disinformation from Satan, the king of Confusion (Bâvél in Hebrew).  Satan made the Great Confusion (Bâvél rabbthâ´’ - usually mistranslated to "Babylon the Great") and we are called to escape and come out of her. It is only logical that if Satan wants us to NOT be saved, the first point Satan will attack is our knowledge of our Savior's name.

So then, what source do you put your trust in to go to be able to obtain His name? Why, the answer should be easy: truth-seekers would go to the Christians' scriptures of course. But what scripture translation out there is pure, accurate, unaltered, and faithful to the Truth in order to obtain His name?

Is my King James Version (KJV) Bible inspired?

Did you know "James" comes from "Jacob", which in Hebrew is "Ya`aqov"? "Ya`aqov" means Supplanter, and is a common reference to the impostor in scriptures. So the King James Version would mean "King Supplanter Version". Is it any wonder it supplants our King with the impostor, satan, by names belonging to him?

Your Bible is in English.  The English language did not exist since the Tower of Bavel, it was invented as a combination of French and Germanic languages.  Your Bible is a translation of scriptures written in earlier languages, namely Hebrew and Greek.  The "New Testament" was originally written in Hebrew also, but nearly all Bibles have translated it from Greek translations since the Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Empire deliberately burned Hebrew texts in their persecution of Jews, (yet Hebrew "Matthew" and "Hebrews" texts survived and the Aramaic translations of most other books survive also). So, you should expect the true names of our Savior and Sovereign to be in Hebrew, not in Greek nor English. And don't think that names should change language when books are translated, they don't, and much less in the case of the One Whose name is pure. Altered names are different names and call different ones, especially if the original One doesn't accept other names.

Your English Bible translation is not the inspired scriptures which Paul talked about to Timothy.  He was referring to copies of the ORIGINAL Hebrew scriptures.  Those scriptures DID contain the true name of our Sovereign and Savior. Let's look at how it appeared in those scriptures:

His name forever and for all generations is
Yâ-hwéh hwhy
(click link to listen)

(often transliterated "Yahweh")

The name of the Anointed is
Yâhuwshúa` [vwhy
(click link to listen)

(sometimes phonetically spelled "Yahushua").  (The evidence for these being the authentic names is found on other pages on this website)

Thus, the name originally found in Acts 2:38 which we are supposed to call on to be saved is "Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`".

The Saving Testimony

"Ewww, what's THAT?   I never heard of that!"

These names naturally sound alien to anyone who has never heard them, nevertheless, they are still true.  One should not depend on gut-reactions or emotional reactions to decide whether to believe in them.  One should study about them and be like the Bereans in Acts 17: 10-11, accepting them once one sees that indeed this is accurate.  The more you learn about them, the stronger your persuasion will be.

Note: All this information will bring up many many questions all at once inside most Christians, and these are all answered somewhere on this website.  PATIENCE is quintessential.  Don't stumble just because you don't find all the answers on this page!

Regarding Acts 2:38 (above)

For those who wonder at this scripture verse quoted above, if you would study this, you will find in your KJV that it says "Jesus Christ". It got this from the Greek "Textus Receptus" manuscript (simply another early Greek translation) which says ιησου χριστου "Ihsou Xristou (the Anointed)". But the Aramaic manuscripts do NOT say "the Anointed" there! They say מריא ישוע "MarYa (the Sovereign) Yeshua"! But this form of writing the term "Sovereign" in Aramaic is the one used in the Aramaic translation of the "Old Testament" which indicated to readers that the Hebrew original contained the name of יהוה (Yâ-hwéh)! This clearly indicates that in the original verse which was written in Hebrew, the name found there is יָהְוֶה יָהוּשֻׁעַ . And if you study the context of Acts 2:38, the events of that day of 'Pentecost' (Feast of Weeks) were interpreted to mean that the name of Yâ-hwéh in Yâhuw'Ël ("Joel") 2:32 on which we are to call to be saved is "Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`". This agrees with what we wrote in our translation.

Yet if you were to go to "Joel" 2:32 in the KJV, you'd find they say there that the name to call on to be saved is "the LORD", the standard KJV substitution for Yâ-hwéh's name. So by examining all this variation and alteration going on about this verse alone, we know that there has been much substitution and deceit, for this all-important saving name to have gone through so much change! Why would this happen?

(for more information on this name combination, see the FAQ)

But Christianity has not been proclaiming these true names as they were lost from mainstream Bible translations, due to Jewish scribal censorship of the name, to not "take it in vain", and because scribes did not give the proper priority to reproducing these names accurately in their translations.  They erased the name of Yâ-hwéh over 8,000 times in the undecoded 'Old Testament' alone (many many more if you count the decoded instances), and to replace them, the names which Christianity has called on for centuries in place of His name have been products of the assimilation of pagan populations with their religions into Christianity, which is expressly forbidden to do in scripture.

Facts hard to face:

Dios is the Greek name of Zeus (Jupiter), and it is used in Acts 14:13 in all Greek New Testaments as seen in the illustration (more info).
(as seen in Isaiah 65:11)
God is the Hebrew name of a false deity worshipped by Babylon (Bavel), Fortune, known in Aramaic as Mammon, and translated into Greek as Demon. (more info)
Lord is the English translation of the Hebrew title and false deity Bá`al (Baal), which is also a term used for Satan (Bá`al-Zvuwv), and demons in general, as they possess humans.  It means Controller, Owner, Despot, Dominator, and in Latin is Domine, in Spanish is Señor. (more info)

This name-deception is the Error (sin) which caused the downfall of mankind, to err and worship satan instead of our Sovereign and Savior Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, The original fall was about this, according to decoded scriptures and codices, not about a material fruit. Many people who hear these truths about the Great Deception go into denial in many ways.  But take an honest look at yourself, and all those who profess the same name which you currently do.  Scripture says that if you have the right name, you will not be enslaved to the error anymore and be freed from sin and detest sin.  Do you love Him enough to stop mistaking satan for Him? Do you love Him more than the friends you will lose for His name's sake?

One of the arguments most will say is
"He has many names"

First of all, scripture shows this to simply be a lie, directly contradicting this statement in many verses.  That should be enough for Christians to refute that contention.  (He has many titles, but One name)

But supposing that He did "have many names", who in their right mind would venture to think, even for a millisecond, that the Highest of the high, the Pure and Mighty Lofty One would stoop to accept and endorse Himself to be called by the name of pagan demons?  Think about it. If He would accept these names Christianity calls Him (Dios, God, Lord, Domine, Señor, etc.) what would stop Him from accepting Himself to be called Allah, Krishna, Buddha, Diana, Zeus, and so on and so forth?

The plain and simple truth is that we MUST believe on His true name and call on it and renounce our prior errors and turn away from them in order to be cured and reconciled to Him, to become blameless and cleansed as white as snow.  Scripture says that if we refuse and rebel, the consequences are terrible, to have to pay for your sins yourself, dying and being blotted out generation after generation, until you reach your capable nativity.  Thus, as you see, humility is essential for salvation because those who think they know it all already won't repent and accept the Truth of His name.

But don't let your guard down yet...

If you have come this far, marvelous.  But Satan still has more tricks we need to contend with.

In a movie, an umpire wanted to prevent a catcher from catching a pop-fly ball in a baseball game.  He took many balls and threw them all high in the air over the catcher, and when they all came down, he did not know which to catch, so he did not catch any.  Satan uses this same strategy in these last times as the true name of our Creator is being announced, and he has even anticipated this.  Satan has been the author of the Lie, and there are many lies, but just one Truth.  So in these last times he has caused many false names to be going around and these are being embraced by Christians who smelled something fishy in regular traditional names, but who unfortunately have settled short of the Truth in false names.  Some accept these near-miss names, but more are those who see all the confusion being generated and do like the catcher in the movie, not catch any at all, and retreat to good ol' tradition.

Even corruptions of His actual name are unacceptable to Him, and though we used to cite the third commandment (Exodus 20: 7), we have decoded it to say the following: "Sâţâ´n is for whom you will claim (not pertaining to the ones) for the youth, the name of Yâ-hwéh, not the ones [~names] of the mighty one of ’aharón (light-bearer/lucifer) the ones [are] working, because Yisrâ’ë´l outside [is] belonging to corruption (vanity), for the reason that ţâ´n, who of “Yâ-hwéh” [is] the father of the sovereign (’avadówn), would purge off “Yâ-hwéh” of the one not claiming Him (not pertaining to the ones) for the youth.  The name [is] of Him, the Son [~Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`], because Yisrâ’ë´l outside [is] belonging to corruption (vanity).

The third commandment therefore is really a prediction saying that unchosen believers, for satan, shall claim for the youth (satan) the name of Yâ-hwéh instead of the false names being worked for them, because Yisrâ’ë´l outside belongs to the corruption/falsehood, because if he could, satan would purge the name of Yâ-hwéh from everyone who doesn’t apply it to his impostor (he himself).  Thus those outside Him will misapply His true name Yâ-hwéh to satan (the impostor).

But satan invents satan’s corruptions of the name of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`

e[vwhy hwhy

which invoke satan and include: "Jehovah ", "Yahuwah", "Yahveh", "YAOHU", " Yahuah", "Yahuweh", "Yehweh", and worse, and of the name of the Anointed: "Yehoshua", "Yahshua", "Yeshua", "Jesus", " YAOHUSHUA", "Yahwehshua", " Yahusha", and worse.
One doesn't need to delve deeply into scriptures to realize our Sovereign does not make concessions or compromises nor accepts any diminishing of His purity to accept corruptions of His pure name. In spite of this, many have the nerve to argue against even this, and swindle us with these near-miss names, saying that these are other "acceptable forms" of His name. It's not true to say that it is "more correct" to call Him Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, the fact is, it is the only correct way to say it and invoke Him!

And if you realize the impostor will be called "Yahweh" by those outside Yâhuwshúa`, you will see the need to further identify Him by using both names together.

If you simply want to examine the linguistic, epigraphic, and scriptural evidence proving these names which WE proclaim are in fact the accurate ones, examine Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`: Why these are the correct names


Now, if you believe on these His true names, you should make certain He will have good communication with you by cleansing yourself from all your sin which blocks your access to Him. PRAY to our Father to forgive all your lifetime of sins (errors) by the pure name of Yâhuwshúa`, and to send you the spirit of Truth to guide you to overcome all your obstacles, so you may follow Him in His Way. Then decide to trust in Him and never again deny Him using false names or titles, and to have FIDELITY to Him and His name, and back up your new faith by the works of professing His names, the saving testimony: Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh, before anyone you mention Him to. Do not bury the talent He has deposited in your care, invest it and work it because the wealth of His Kingdom is worth nothing hoarded to yourself, it is more valuable to give to others!

If you now want to know how to preserve yourself and ensure your salvation to come during the coming difficult times, read the New Believer's Page.

There is more detail on this and the answers you seek and many other things on the page: The Name Page

This website makes no compromises, and does not stop short of the Truth.  If you are seeking the Truth, keep coming to this website, and read it all.  If you do so, you will see the Truth and you will be edified with the scriptural proof we post here, and you will become a strong believer in the Sovereign Yâhuwshúa` the Anointed, Yâ-hwéh come in the flesh, and you will be truly blessed.  And if you have an insight on how we can make the Truth more palatable for newcomers, please give us feedback!

Salvation from what?

Christian teachings often don't realize things will not stay this same way forever. The true Creator of the heavens and the earth (not the lower creator satan) planned from the Beginning to clean this inferior material creation up, undo the works of satan, and to bring in a new heavens and new earth, free from sin (error) and corruption, with no darkness. For this purpose, He has instituted a schedule for the judgment of this world. To survive it, you must be reckoned righteous. The judgment will not all happen at the same time, but it is not being postponed nor delayed, and is to happen according to His schedule. All mortal mankind shall be judged, and no one will be judged in ignorance. After every one of these has come out of ignorance and has made his/her decision, first He will judge His house, those who decoded scripture calls OUTSIDE Yisrâ’ë´l (Christianity). Then He will judge the heathen masses ("nations"). Afterwards, all Creation will be purged off by Fire, before He brings in the new heavens and new earth.

The problem is, mankind has done evil and been corrupted, every last one of us. And the wages of sin (error) is death. Therefore "salvation" means us being delivered from death into the new world with new incorruptibility, since He is making us into beings like Him, His brothers at that point.

More importantly to us is that He gives us all routes to make it through all this dire process, and to come out much better off, since really His purposes are not being foiled, He planned for it. Instead the elimination of evil and darkness is like a master chemist's project where a catalyst is being removed from the mix, or a master potter's project where a kiln is being done away with. In the case of Creation, the kiln is this temporary material creation, and the heat and catalyst is satan. In the end result, every single one overcoming satan (Yisrâ’ë´l) will be saved by calling on our Sovereign's name, sooner or later, since He is our Deliverer. It should stand to reason therefore that we stand to gain much more and lose much less if we choose to do so sooner than later. (more concerning "salvation")

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