This is not a new religion we are preaching!
The Most High, Who you are accustomed to hear them call "the LORD", or "Jehovah", or "God" or if you are Spanish, "el Señor" or "Diós", is Who we worship, though we deny their mistaken terms for Him.  We certainly do acknowledge that the Anointed IS His mighty Person, come in the flesh, and that He did live a sinless life and died and rose again.  We also believe that the original scriptures are inspired and have zero mistakes.
Blind Faith needs to have open eyes!
However, unbeknownst to nearly all Christianity for centuries, these names Christians have used unquestioningly are NOT His real name, and the original scriptures proclaimed a name which Christians are only NOW hearing in these end-times, when the TRUE glad tidings of the Kingdom must be proclaimed throughout the earth.
How on earth did this happen?
Have you ever lined people up and whispered in the ear of the first, and had them transmit the message along, and seen what comes out the other end?  Well, that is what essentially has happened to His name through the centuries.  Have you heard how a frog can be boiled alive without resistance?  Put him in the kettle when the water is cold and gradually heat it, and he won't jump out.  The same thing has happened to Christianity.  If anyone would have tried to sell the apostles the names Christianity uses today, they would have jumped out, like the proverbial frog.  They would have known everything those names really mean too.
Why did this happen?
The scribes and our religious leaders should have gone to the original in their translations and searched for the Truth, but they settled for the most recent version.  Sorta like the New King James Version, which watered down the KJV to try to make it make sense, rather than going back as close to the original as possible.  Why did they do this, you might legitimately ask?  To not "make waves", to not disturb the slumber the false traditions cause.  Why threaten the offering-plate income?  Why offend any denomination?  Thus their motivations were either $$$ and/or fame and honor from humans.
Our goal is your benefit
So dear Christian brother/sister, please have patience, and perseverance to overcome the obstacles in your seeking the Truth, because otherwise you may become complacent and apathetic, and stay asleep, and not understand with your heart, turn and be cured.  Read this website, and see that indeed the Truth does matter.  And become blessed and read scriptures to become well-rooted in Him.  This website is for you, and  it is done in His affectionate love,
your brothers and sisters in Yâhuwshúa`

Call for the Chosen Few

WELCOME NEWCOMERS! Examine this page with an open mind!

...For many are called, but few chosen.

Decoded (restored according to scribal shorthand codes shown to be used in LXX):

14. Because many ones (m.) of Yâ-hwéh who exist [in the] middle, [are] invited (m.), but the few (m.) to drink of Yâ-hwéh [are] chosen ones (m.).”

- MattithYâ´huw 22: 14

If you have come to this page, you are invited, and might be an extremely rare and special person of the few who are chosen to drink of Him, which means experience Him to believe in the irrefutable Truth, which is beyond the ability of the flesh to accept, that requires the FAVOR of the Most High to believe. Don’t harden your hearts, but open your ears to consider it.

Unless one is a goat created by the adversary with nothing redeemable within, then you are one of the ones of a finite number, who originated from The One, within Which the Most High is our Great Head, the only One Who never erred, and Who came down Himself, voluntarily, to pay for all the rest of the ones, to rescue, ransom, and redeem us out of the hostage situation we are stuck in, in the chaos of the darkness in this material cosmos, because none of us having erred can escape on our own. We are not of this world (cosmos).  But none of us has not erred (made a mistake), and this error separates us from our Envoy, the emanation of the Father which accompanies us, and needs to be paired again with us.

Thus, error is used to prevent us from developing, growing, and overcoming the adversary, who is not one of us, who has taken the ones, the lights, hostage. To keep the ones from seeking the Truth of Who is our Great Head, the adversary has created a dream-world Matrix, a real womb, this cosmos, wherein we’re buried in corruptible material dirt-bodies able to see material false light, and we’re in a false material simulation of spiritual realities these bodies cannot see without spiritual intervention. It misleads the hostages with many deceiving lies.

What is the error?

To mistake satan for the Most High is the error. 

Note: codices also refer to the adversary himself as the error, referring to his misconception.

Most people trust someone else to do their research about this critically important thing: IS WHAT YOU ARE CALLING HIM ADDRESSING HIM?  And most people don't realize that none of the things of this world are worthy of your trust, including its religious institutions. Establishment-approved scriptures frequently report this verse, as it appears in their translations:

And ye shall acknowledge the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free... [John 8: 32]

What Truth?

If you realize that the error is to mistake the adversary as being the Most High, you will understand that the Truth is to distinguish the Most High from the undesirable adversary who is not one of us.

So let's state the Truth SIMPLY, without stringing you along for hours!  Here it is:

Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh, in Person, and this is the saving Testimony.

Yâhuwshúa` is the real true name of the Anointed One Who died for us all on a gallows-cross yet rose again after three nights and three days, having defeated the adversary.  He is the Personhood of the Most High, being our Great Head, Yâ-hwéh of Yisrâ’ë´l, Who says He is the ones (m.) and Yâhuwshúa` is the existent One (permanently), and He causes to exist each one of the rest of the ones He calls, as He calls us, and we respond, acknowledging Him. This “causes to exist” is “’a-hyéh” in Hebrew, and it is misrendered “ehyeh” which is even further mistranslated “I am”, which you may have heard refers to Him.  He is the Beginning, the First One, and He is also the End, the last one He causes to exist (permanently). Thus, He is A-Z (KJV - alpha and omega), all the ones He conceived within Himself, and to come to exist, one responds acknowledging Him.

But in the meantime while most have not been called by Him, these wander about within this simulation material world, being misled by the hostage takers into the error, she which is not the Truth.

In fact, this same verse, should be included in its context for you to SEE this is so. This what it says, with all the coded content restored, except the [~interpretations]:

Therefore, of Yâ-hwéh He continued dictating,

he who [is] without regard for Yâhuwshúa`, [is] in favor of all Yisrâ’ë´l not pertaining to The One (m./n.) [~the Fullness] [being] the one (m.) [~paired with his Envoy (m.)] having believed, pertaining to the same One (m.) [~the Father] with the Son, [being] the Yâhuwthím [~ones of the Profession of Yâ-hwéh]. If ever of Yâ-hwéh ye might stay among the ones (m.) within Yisrâ’ë´l of the ones (m./n.) not pertaining to the Word of The Way [~Yâhuwshúa`], of the ones (m./n.) not pertaining to Me in Truth [~false names], the pupils of Me ye come to be of Yisrâ’ë´l, then ye shall realize, of the one (f.) [~sister (unpaired néphesh)] [is] not the Truth of Yisrâ’ë´l, and she, which [is] not the Truth, it shall release ye (pl.) free.

---Yâhuwchânâ´n’s Glad Tidings 8: 31-32 (FPS)

(Firstfruits' Purer Scriptures decoded translation)

(note: sister refers to an unpaired nephesh (f.), whereas a brother is a nephesh (f.) paired with His Envoy (m.), unless unequally yoked/paired with a demon (m.) also male) 

This passage says these things:

Anyone not favoring Yâhuwshúa` is for all Yisrâ’ë´l (A-Z) not being relevant/belonging/pertaining to The One, being the believer pertaining to the Same Father with the Son being those of the Profession of Yâ-hwéh. And if chosen ones might stay among those having the wrong names for Him, they will become His pupils and realize that those do not have the Truth of Yisrâ’ë´l, and then that which is NOT the Truth will release them, set them free.

These ones having believed in Yâhuwshúa` that the same One (Yâ-hwéh) is with/belonging to the Son and pertaining to Him as being One, is being the Yâhuwthím of Yisrâ’ë´l. This is the belief of the ones (m.) paired with His Envoy, professing this by calling Him the names associating Him as being One – Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`.

Being the Yâhuwthím of Yisrâ’ë´l means being the “Professions of Yâ-hwéh” – because HE professes these ones, calling each by name, and each responds acknowledging Him.

And the calling is irrevocable – these will come to exist, the pupils of Him, EVEN IF they might stay among the ones still calling on demonic names not being the Word of The Way, which is Yâhuwshúa`, those not pertaining to Him in Truth, because the pupils of Yâhuwshúa` will recognize that those false demonic names are NOT the Truth of Yisrâ’ë´l, and therefore their false name which is not the Truth will release the Yâhuwthím free from those satanic bindings tying them to the hostage-taker adversary.

After all, looking at how it reads in the establishment distortion, who in their right mind would want to be “set free” from the Truth? It’s the error we want to be released from.

Therefore the Truth matters.  Lies will not save anyone. If what you believe in is a Lie, you are not freed from your error though you may be sincere.

Calling on a false name will get you the father of lies.  Every lie spoken by people is dictated by the father of lies speaking through that person.  So consider and think, before committing to your Testimony: is the name you will profess His name, of the Most High, the Word of the Way of Yâ-hwéh, or is it a word of a dirt-man, a mistaken (per)version of His name?  Make certain and gather your evidence, not from ones you see give bad fruits.

Yâ-hwéh is known by many to be a proper true name, but ones should be made aware that codices and decoded scripture make clear that this name alone is insufficient to properly identify Who we worship.  And this is because the adversary made a demon and called it this solitary name, Yâ-hwéh, and it is predicted that the adversary as the impostor will be called Yâ-hwéh by those misled to think he is this One.

Yâhuwshúa` on the other hand, is called the HIDDEN name, in the Glad Tidings of Philippos, because as it is impossible for the adversary to use this particular name for himself, the adversary works assiduously to HIDE this name, burying it under stacks of false corruptions of this name.  There is plenty of evidence for this name being true here. You will find that nearly nobody knows this name, and currently a few who might spell it right mispronounce it, and get the other name, Yâ-hwéh, incorrect.

But why TWO names? 

The Secret Book (Apocrypha) of Yâhuwchânâ´n says:

“...Each has its own realm modeled on one of the higher realms. And each new name refers to a glory in the heavens So that Yaldabaoth’s demons might be destroyed. The demons’ own names, given by Yaldabaoth, are mighty names But the Powers’ names reflecting the glory above Will bring about the demons’ destruction and remove their Power. That is why each has two names. Yaldabaoth modeled his creation On the pattern of the original realms above him So that it might be just like the indestructible realms. [Not that he had ever seen the indestructible ones. Rather, the power in him, deriving from his mother, made him aware of the pattern of the cosmos above.]”

- Secret Book (Apocrypha) of Yâhuwchânâ´n

[Yaldabaoth is Yaldabosheth in Hebrew, meaning "Spawn of shame", and Yeled means "youth", this is what Wisdom, the mother mentioned, called the adversary, who was conceived without the Father.]

This is why the Most High has two names.  In fact, scriptures, decoded, calls these the DUAL-NAMES (in Hebrew, ha-shimáyim) which means precisely “the dual-names”, but was altered by satanic scribes hiding this, into “ha-shâmáyim”, a dual-form which has no linguistic basis for a single form, and which they translate as “the heavens” everywhere in their scripture translations, to substitute for the mention of the existence of dual-names.

Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` is exactly these DUAL-NAMES (“the heavens” - KJV). Moreover, THIS is the Affirmation (“firmament” - KJV) which identifies Him, Which shall separate between the ones of middle Yisrâ’ë´l who presently are waters of Yisrâ’ë´l, and the waters of the adversary (irredeemable), a prediction for the future, made in Genesis 1: 6, if you’d see it decoded:

1 Moshéh (“Genesis”) 1: 6, DECODED

…“Let be caused to exist an affixed-affirmation (“firmament”) [~the Testimony] among the ones of Yisrâ’ë´l belonging to the middle, the ones not of the waters, and of Yisrâ’ë´l, let Him be One Who will laugh (Yitschâ´q) [~Yâhuwshúa` (Glad Tidings of Phílippos 103)] causing a distinction currently between middle Yisrâ’ë´l, of the waters of Yisrâ’ë´l, and of the waters.” So, of Yisrâ’ë´l, it comes into existence thus...

But in the meantime, while we wait for these to come into existence, the adversary is permitted to do this, his SIMULATION of what’s spiritually above this material cosmos, burying the lights in deception in order to try to get everyone to worship him, the adversary himself, first by deception, and later in person, due to his extreme envy. But this adversary who has not been recognized and will never be acknowledged with a name by the Most High, is the one going by many names he named himself. Names of the Lie with which he buries these ones in middle Yisrâ’ë´l.

Therefore, calling on different names or corruptions or titles of the adversary, such as Allah, Krishna, Baal-Zebub, Diana, Zeus, or those of the "sun", moon, or stars of the heavens will not invoke the Most High and you would get call-forwarding to the hostage-taker adversary. Most Christians might agree with this statement, but ALL those Christians are ALSO calling on wrong names, which address the father of lies, but they don't realize it. (We explain most of those on The Name Page) And if Christianity, part of Middle Yisrâ’ë´l called “Day”, has been the main target for the adversary, for being the closest to the faith which overcomes him which he pretends to be their savior, how can Christians think their database hasn't been tampered with nearly 6,000 years? (Yes, believe it or not, Yâhuwshúa` appears in coding of omitted words in the “Old Testament” we call pre-advent scriptures)

Why does the adversary seek to devour the lights by having them worship him? Because without the hostage lights, this darkness would implode of its own evil, like the theoretical “black hole”, at the End of the seventh Day (7th millennium). But for now, the adversary, the huge serpent (dragon in Greek), incorporated (devouring whole) the hostage lights, thus becoming the light-carrier, “lucifer”, and in Hebrew, ’aharón (“aaron”).

We have heard some people allege all this to be impossible (going into denial), alleging that ‘the Most High would never allow His Word to have this happen to Him’. But Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` revealed His Own purpose in allowing this farce, a grotesque material imitation of spiritual realities along with the identity theft the adversary has been perpetrating, in His discourse in the Glad Tidings of Yâhuwchânâ´n 14. (See this chapter which is decoded in FPS.)

And what those do not realize, who are not yet ready to receive favor from the Most High in order to believe on the Truth, and instead stay drunk and satisfied and are not thirsty, and harden their hearts and stiffen their necks, is that, just as this cosmos in this darkness is a womb (matrix) which SIMULATES using corruptible matter, things which are in the dimension of Light which are true and eternal, the adversary who is the temp material creator of this realm of darkness is also working as a simulated subject of worship.

So thus the little lights which originally came from the Light into this darkness, go from zero development to practicing trying to worship SOMETHING, before graduating to a nativity capable of worshiping the TRUE One to worship, Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`.

By then, these will prefer Goodness over evil, and be loyal and faithful. The Most High waits for us to attain a capacitated nativity to call on us to recognize Him, and this means the Few who are chosen. The Many who exist invited apparently will be saved from the underworld, sh’ówl, when the chosen Few are killed and ALSO preach to the spirits in prison, before returning back to the surface after 3 1/2 days. Yes, the chosen Few are going to be The Witnesses (and they are not merely two). And yes, this is explained well in that decoded chapter 14 in the Glad Tidings of Yâhuwchânâ´n. There you will understand how the Most High exploits the adversary's envious desire to make them mistake him for the Most High. It is only logical that if the adversary wants us, the Few, to NOT become the Firstfruits, to become the Witnesses, to rescue the Many, the first point the adversary will attack is our knowledge of our Savior’s name.


The schedule is not postponed, planned since the Beginning.  We calculated a History of man, and these events are preceding the appearance on the Sixth Day (year 6001 month 1 day 1) of what the codex called On the Origin of the World calls the Second Adam.  We have also calculated a creation calendar which is properly calculated without the mistakes others make, to assist your vigilance, included it in the FPS download, and it is in the Site Menu.

Now, if you recognize His calling you, and prefer the Truth, and decide to abandon all the satan-worship that the middle is doing unwittingly, you want to be one of these chosen few. And scriptures in Disclosure (“Revelation”) 12: 6 tell us that Wisdom will nourish to grow out from the Christians, in the Place being the Son (Yâhuwshúa`) Who was prepared to be the Strength under Yisrâ’ë´l being the ones not of the mighty one of lucifer, for 1260 days (which ends at the sixth seal). This time-period has been calculated to begin this year. (4/2/2021 – 9/13/2024) At that point, these will become The Witnesses (these are 144K not 2).  Are you one of these chosen few? Here’s a clue: do you prefer to stick to the Truth even if you are the only one you know who does?  Have you been formed to learn to distrust the narratives of the establishment authorities of this world?

From just before this same time-period, the mouth of the unclean one will be battling the Truth for the Vanity 42 months, through false-namer Christians, using slander and Great Anger. Therefore, THE TRUTH determines which path you are on.

So, before you came here, what source would you have put your trust in to go search for His name? Why, the answer should be easy: truth-seekers usually would go to the Christians’ scriptures of course. But what scripture translation out there is pure, accurate, unaltered, and faithful to the Truth in order to obtain His name? Because these scriptures were the first target the adversary altered, into what Yâhuwshúa` called “scriptures of demons” in codices.

Is my King James Version (KJV) Bible inspired?

Did you know “James” comes from “Jacob”, which in Hebrew is “Ya`aqóv”? “Ya`aqóv” means Supplanter, and is a common reference to the impostor in scriptures. So the King James Version would mean “King Supplanter Version”.  Is it then any wonder that the KJV supplants OUR King with the impostor, satan, by names belonging to him?  Wouldn’t you consider this a sign that you cannot trust it for a source to obtain the name of our true King?

Your Bible is in English.  The English language did not exist since the Tower of Bavel, it was invented relatively recently as a combination of French and Germanic languages.  Your Bible is a translation of scriptures written in earlier languages, namely, Hebrew and Greek.  Contrary to establishment dogma, the “New Testament” was originally written in Hebrew also, but nearly all Bibles have translated it from Greek translations since the Roman Catholic Church, so-called Church fathers, and the Roman Empire deliberately burned Hebrew texts as well as many other books, in their persecution of Jews and Christian factions they considered heretical, (yet Hebrew “Matthew” and “Hebrews” texts survived and the Aramaic translations of most other books survive also). So, you should expect the true names of our Savior and Sovereign to be Hebrew names, transliterated into English, not Greek names nor common English versions. And remember that names should not change, and should be rendered according to their original sound in their language when books are translated, especially in the case of the One Whose name is pure, and which we depend on to CALL on Him. Altered names are different names and call different ones, especially if the original One doesn’t accept other names.  This is in spite of the fact that your KJV altered nearly every single proper name to common English (per)versions in use by commoners. Here is why this is wrong:

IMPORTANT - A NAME is a specific intelligible SOUND that summons/invokes someone. It must SOUND the same to everyone, no matter what language they speak. Therefore, to render a proper name, to people of different languages, in writing, one must render that SOUND in the other person's alphabet, using their phonetic system, to replicate as accurately as possible that SOUND.

That is called a TRANSLITERATION of a name. Sometimes, special characters go into a transliteration, when ordinary letters don't suffice for accuracy. Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` is the most accurate TRANSLITERATION of the dual-names of the Most High into English.

A TRANSLATION of a name, on the other hand, is to render the MEANING of a foreign name in our language, but be aware that it does not CALL the bearer of that name. These rules have been violated many times in many ways in establishment bible translations, so much, that many are very confused and do not know even the meaning of these terms.

Let this nonscriptural example suffice: Do you know you would not be able to call Christopher Columbus if he were here, because you don’t know his name? Nor do spanish-speakers know, they call him Cristobal Colón. His actual name was Cristóforo Colombo. If you’d yell the other two names at him, he’d only look at you funny. Same thing with almost all KJV-named people.

Your English Bible translation is not the inspired scriptures about which Páulus (“Paul”) spoke about to Timótheos (“Timothy”).  He was referring to copies of the ORIGINAL Hebrew scriptures. Those scriptures DID contain the true name of our Sovereign and Savior. Let's look at how it appeared in those scriptures:

His name forever and for all generations is
Yâ-hwéh hwhy (click link to listen)

(often transliterated "Yahweh")

The name of the Anointed is
Yâhuwshúa` [vwhy
(click link to listen)

(sometimes phonetically spelled "Yahushua").  (The evidence for these being the authentic names is found on other pages on this website, especially the name study: Why these are the correct names)

Thus, the name originally found in Acts 2:38 which we are supposed to call on to be saved is "Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`".

The Saving Testimony

Listen to His names, and relearn how to pronounce them, and remember that once, a long time ago, you loved to hear these names, before this lifetime.

These names naturally sound alien to anyone who is unaccustomed to them, nevertheless, they are still true.  One should not depend on gut-reactions or emotional reactions to decide whether to believe in them, because whatever satanic elements present within a person WILL react negatively to the Truth which directly threatens their hold!  One should study about them objectively, and be like the Bereans in Acts 17: 10-11, accepting them once one sees that indeed this is accurate.  The more you learn about them, the stronger your persuasion will be.

Note: All this information will bring up many many questions all at once inside most Christians, and these are all answered somewhere on this website.  PATIENCE is quintessential.  Don't stumble just because you don't find all the answers on this page!

Acts (Deeds of the Delegates - FPS) 2:38-39

38. Moreover Shim`ówn Këph, of Yâ-hwéh continued declaring with regards to all Yisrâ’ë´l [being] the same ones (m.) [being] the Son: “Change ye your minds (m.) of Yisrâ’ë´l, so it becomes immersed, each one (m.) of ye, against Yisrâ’ë´l outside that [is] of the ones (m./n.) not pertaining to the name (n.) of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` , for My Yisrâ’ë´l [being] the release (f.) from the bondage of the errors of Yisrâ’ë´l, or ye will receive not of the one (f.) [being] the gift (f.), not [being] the ones (m.) of the pure One (n.) of spirit (n.),
39. because of Yâ-hwéh, pertaining to you, the sister [~unpaired néphesh (f.)], exists not she which [is] the promise (f.) of Yisrâ’ë´l; and not [being] the One (m.) belonging to the children at that time, of ye of Yisrâ’ë´l, also [are] belonging to all the ones (m.) that [are] not [being] the One (m.) among My Yisrâ’ë´l afar off. Ever of Yâ-hwéh, as far as the river [~death], one may call towards Yâ-hwéh, He Who [is] One without regard for the mighty one of ’aharón (light-carrier/lucifer), of us.”

Regarding (decoded) Acts 2:38 (above)

For those who wonder at this scripture verse quoted above, if you would study this, you will find in your KJV that it says "Jesus Christ". It got this from the Greek "Textus Receptus" manuscript (simply another early Greek translation) which says ιησου χριστου “Ihsou Xristou (the Anointed)”.

But the Aramaic manuscripts do NOT say "the Anointed" there!
They say “ מריא ישוע "MarYa (the Sovereign) Yeshua”!
But this form of writing the term “Sovereign” in Aramaic is the one used in the Aramaic translation of the “Old Testament” which was used to indicate to readers that the Hebrew original here contained the name יהוה (Yâ-hwéh)!

This clearly indicates that in the original verse which was written in Hebrew, the name found there is יָהְוֶה יָהוּשֻׁעַ . Moreover, this is not even resorting to decoding scriptures!
And if you study the context of Acts 2:38, the events of that day of 'Pentecost' (Feast of Weeks) were interpreted to mean that the name of Yâ-hwéh in Yâhuw'Ël ("Joel") 2:32 on which we are to call to be saved is "Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`". This agrees with what we wrote in our translation.

Yet if you were to go to "Joel" 2:32 in the KJV, you'd find they say there that the name to call on to be saved is "the LORD", the standard KJV substitution for Yâ-hwéh's name. So by examining all this variation and alteration going on about this verse alone, we know that there has been much substitution and deceit, for this all-important saving name to have gone through so much change! Why would this happen?

(for more information on this name combination, see the FAQ)

Not knowing that acknowledging the correct name of the Most High is important, leads to excusing distortions of His names, alleging them to be “translations”.

That leads further to alleging SUBSTITUTIONS, of terms referring to the adversary, to also be “translations” or even to actually be His name!

Facts hard to face:

Dios is the Greek name of Zeus (Jupiter), and it is used in Acts 14:13 in all Greek New Testaments as seen in the illustration (more info).
(as seen in Isaiah 65:11)
God is the Hebrew name of a false deity worshipped by Babylon (Bavel), Fortune, known in Aramaic as Mammon, and translated into Greek as Demon. (more info)
Lord is the English translation of the Hebrew title and false deity Bá`al (Baal), which is also a term used for Satan (Bá`al-Zvuwv), and demons in general, as they possess humans.  It means Controller, Owner, Despot, Dominator, and in Latin is Domine, in Spanish is Señor. (more info)

This sort of name-deception is the error (sin) which caused the downfall of mankind, to err and worship satan instead of our Sovereign and Savior Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, by means of these errors excusing the substitution of the adversary for the Most High, at first UNWITTINGLY, and this, in the Glad Tidings of Phílippos, is called THE TRANSITION. But now as the adversary is TIRED of being worshipped UNWITTINGLY, he has come in person as the supplanter impostor, to win the hearts and minds and be worshipped OPENLY, KNOWINGLY. This is called, in the Glad Tidings of Phílippos, THE TRANSGRESSION.

Will you wake up and reject the supplanter to prefer the True Savior? Because when ignorance of the true names of the Most High ceases to be an excuse, it becomes rebellion against His names, and if this one worships the impostor, his/her Transgression is completed.

The original fall was about this, according to decoded scriptures and codices, not about a material fruit. Many people who hear these truths about the Great Deception go into denial in many ways.  Scripture says that if you have the right testimony, you will not be enslaved to the error anymore and be freed from it.  Do you love Him enough to stop mistaking satan for Him? Do you love Him more than the friends you will lose for His name's sake?

One of the arguments many will tell you is

He has many names

First of all, even undecoded establishment-approved scripture simply shows this to simply be a lie, directly contradicting this statement in many verses.  That should be enough for Christians to refute that contention.  

But supposing, HYPOTHETICALLY, that He did have many names”, who in their right mind would venture to think, even for a millisecond, that the Highest of the high, the Pure and Mighty Lofty One would stoop to accept and endorse Himself to be called by the name of pagan demons?  Think hard about it. If He would accept these names Christianity calls Him (Dios, God, Lord, Domine, Señor, etc.), which even cursory research will show they refer to the adversary, what would stop Him from accepting Himself to be called Allah, Krishna, Buddha, Diana, Zeus, and other names you might indeed object to?

Inform whoever tells you that lie, that the one who has many names is the adversary, because he has NO NAME!  Never having been approved for conception by our Father, he was thus never called a name by our Sovereign Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` Who has no regard for him and only refers to him as “the adversary” (ha-satan), and “the slanderer” (diabolos), which others TRANSLITERATED as if they were proper names. As we stated above, his mother (Wisdom) who misconceived him (and repented), called him “the youth”, and “the youth/spawn of shame” is yaldabosheth in Hebrew, translated to Aramaic yaldabaoth, which if ALSO found TRANSLITERATED as if it were a proper name. That is why we try to not capitalize terms referring to him, because that one will never be acknowledged, he has no father. So, whatever aliases he assumes as a deity (fortune-distributor) wanting to be worshipped by mankind, in place of the Most High, are MANY NAMES for sure.

Therefore, the plain and simple truth is that TO OVERCOME that demon,the mighty one (’ë´l) of ’aharón (light-carrier/lucifer), which is the TRUE MEANING OF Yisrâ’ë´l, we MUST believe on the true name of our Sovereign Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, and call on Him and renounce our prior errors and turn away from them in order to be cured and reconciled to Him, to become blameless.

Then, we who walk in the Word of the Way of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, align our members with our Envoy, keep ourselves in The True Marriage with Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` and Wisdom, and we await our missions as the chosen few we know about from scriptures.

But don't let your guard down yet...

If you have come this far, marvelous.  But the adversary still has more tricks we need to contend with.

In a movie, an umpire wanted to prevent a catcher from catching a pop-fly ball in a baseball game.  He took many balls and threw them all high in the air over the catcher, and when they all came down, he did not know which to catch, so he did not catch any.  The adversary uses this same strategy in these last times, spreading MANY false near-miss names before the true name of our Creator was being announced again, having anticipated this.  Even you might have encountered the false names he has going around, being embraced by group-loving Christians, who smell something fishy in regular traditional names, but unfortunately settled short of the Truth, into groups professing false names.  Some accept these near-miss names without researching them, but more are those who see all their bad fruits being generated and do like the catcher in the movie, not catch any at all, and retreat to good ol' tradition.

The adversary invents MANY corruptions of the name of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` e[vwhy hwhy

All corrupted names are false lies and invoke satan the father of lies and include: "#Jehovah ", "#Yahuwah", "#Yahveh", "#YAOHU", " #Yahuah", "#Yahuweh", "#Yehweh", and worse, and of the name of the Anointed: "#Yehoshua", "#Yahshua", "#Yeshua", "#Jesus", " #YAOHUSHUA", "#Yahwehshua", " #Yahusha", and worse.
Understand that to disqualify the true DUAL-NAMES of the Saving Testimony, one need only get one of the two wrong.  One doesn't need to delve deeply into scriptures to realize our Sovereign does not make concessions or compromises nor accepts any diminishing of His purity to accept corruptions of His pure name. In spite of this, many have the nerve to argue against even this, and swindle us with these near-miss names to cheat us out of our inheritance, alleging that these are other "acceptable forms" of His name. It's not true to say that it is "more correct" to call Him Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, the fact is, it is the only correct way to say it and invoke Him!

And when you realize the impostor will be called “Yahweh” by those outside Yâhuwshúa`, you will see and remember the need to further identify OUR Sovereign by using both names together: Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`

In order to FOUND yourself on the ROCK, and be unshakeable when the adversary brings you challenges against the true Testimony, we STRONGLY recommend for everyone to carefully examine the linguistic, epigraphic, and scriptural evidence legitimately proving these names which WE proclaim are in fact the accurate ones, and the best English transliterations for the original names, examining Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`: Why these are the correct names


Now, if you believe on these His true names, you should make certain He will have good communication with you by cleansing yourself from all your errors, following misdirections of archons, which blocks your access to Him. PRAY to our Father to forgive all your lifetime of sins (errors) by the pure name of Yâhuwshúa`, and His Envoy to pair with you to guide you to overcome all your obstacles, so you may follow Him in His Way. Then decide to trust in Him and never again deny Him using false names or titles, and to have FIDELITY to Him not following demonic suggestions, and back up your new faith by the works of professing His names, the saving testimony: Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh, in the hearing of anyone you mention Him to. Do not “bury the talent” He has deposited in your care, invest it and work it because the wealth of His Kingdom is worth nothing being hoarded to yourself, it is more valuable to give it generously to others!

If you now want to know how to preserve yourself and ensure your salvation to come during the coming difficult times, read the New Believer's Page.

There is more detail on this and the answers you seek and many other things on the page: The Name Page

This website makes no compromises, and does not stop short of the Truth.  If you are seeking the Truth, keep coming to this website, and read it all.  If you do so, you will see the Truth and you will be edified with the scriptural proof we post here, and you will become a strong believer in the Sovereign Yâhuwshúa` the Anointed, Yâ-hwéh having come in the flesh, and you will be truly blessed.  And if you have an insight on how we can make the Truth more palatable for newcomers, please give us feedback!

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