Chanwkh 96: 9-16
Rampant Homosexuality in Yisrâ’ë´l
9 (98: 1) And now I swear before you, for the wise as well as the simpletons, that ye shall have strange sights on the Land, (98: 2) because you men shall put on more jewelry than a wife and more brightly colored clothing than a girl! They shall be spilled like water among the royals, among the great, among those in authority, in silver, in gold, and in purple, in splendor and in the delicacies,
10 (98: 3) since they shall lack knowledge and wisdom, and for this they shall be destroyed, together with their properties, their worth and their splendor,
11 so with humiliation, massacre and great scarcity, their spirit shall be cast into a burning furnace.
12 (98: 4) I swear before you sinners, that just as a mountain does not convert into a slave, nor a hill converts into a maidservant,
13 thus the sin [homosexuality] has not been sent down to us onto the earth, rather, man has invented it of their own heads, and whoever facilitates it shall fall under a great curse.
14 (5) It isnt that barrenness was given to the woman, rather it is because of the work of his hands that he dies childless.
15 (6) I swear to you sinners by the Pure and the Great One, that all your evil deeds are disclosed in the heavens; and that none of your oppressive acts are concealed or secret.
16 (7) Do not think by your spirit, nor say in your hearts, that you did not know or did not see that every crime is inscribed daily in heaven before the presence of the Most High! (8) Thenceforwards shall it be manifested; for every act of oppression that you commit shall be recorded daily, until the period of your condemnation.

1 Moshh 18: 20 - 19: 29

20.                   Then Y-hwh said,

The cry of distress of thm and `Amorh happens because it is abounding; and their sin, because it is exceedingly heavy,

21.       I will now descend so I will see whether they have worked it [their sin (v.20)] completely according to her cry of distress which is coming to Me, and if not, I shall know it.

22.                   And the mortal men turned away from there and they walked towards thm, but Y-hwh remained standing before Avrhm,

23.                   so Avrhm drew near and he said,

Would You additionally sweep away the justified with the wicked? [2 Kph 2: 9]

24.       What if there were 50 justified ones in the midst of the city, would You additionally sweep it away and wouldnt You bear it of the place for the sake of the 50 justified ones which are in her midst?

25.       Itd be a defiling thing for You from working like this matter, to kill the justified with the wicked, so as happens to the justified is as happens to the wicked?  Itd be defiling!  For You is the Judgment of all the earth, should You not work rectitude?

26.                   And Y-hwh said,

If I should find in thm 50 justified ones in the midst of the city, yet I would bear it for the entire place for their sakes. [Exodus 34: 6-7]

27.                   And Avrhm responded, and he said,

Look please, I have undertaken to dictate to my Sovereign, though I am who is dust and ashes!

28.       Yet what if the 50 justified ones would lack 5?  Would You destroy, for the sake of 5, the entire city?

and He said,

I would not destroy it if I find there 45.

29.                   Yet he added still more, dictating to Him, and he said,

Yet what if 40 are found there?

And He said,

I would not for the sake of the 40.

30.                   Then he said,

Please, may my Sovereign not be incensed, so I may dictate, yet what if there were found there 30?

And He said,

I would not do it if I find there 30.

31.                   And he said,

Look please, since I have undertaken to dictate to my Sovereign, yet what if 20 were found there?

And He said,

I would not destroy it for the sake of the 20.

32.                   And he said,

Please, may my Sovereign not be incensed, and let me dictate only this once, yet what if 10 are found there?

And He said,

I would not destroy it for the sake of the 10.

33.                   And Y-hwh walked just as He finished dictating to Avrhm, and Avrhm turned back for his place.


Chapter 19

The judgment of the wicked and the rescue of the righteous (2 Kph 2: 9)

1.  When two of the envoys came towards thm in the evening [Yshr 19: 45-49] and Lwţ was sitting in the gate of thm, and Lwţ perceived it and he stood up to meet them and he prostrated himself with the face towards the ground,

2.  and he said,

Here, please, my sovereigns, turn ye aside please to the house of your servant, and lodge ye the night and wash ye your feet, so ye may make an early start and ye may go on your way!

But they said,

No, because we will pass the night in the plaza.

3.  But he pressured them exceedingly so they turned aside to him and they came to his house, and he prepared for them beverage and he baked unfermented bread and they ate

4.  before they would have gone to bed, but the mortal men of the city, the mortal men of thm, they surrounded about the house, from the youth even unto the elder, all of the people from within its borders,

5.  and they called to Lwţ and they said to him,

Where are the mortal men who have entered to you tonight?  Bring them out to us so we may know (have sexual intercourse with) them!

6.  But Lwţ came out to them towards the entrance and he shut the door after him,

7.  and he said,

Please do not do my brothers harm,

8.  here please are my two daughters which they have not known (have sexual intercourse with) a man, let me bring please them to you and ye may do for them as is good in your eyes, only for these mortal men do not do anything, for concerning this they have come into the shelter of my rafters!

9.  But they said,

Come out further!

and they said,

This one has come for a sojourner and he has acted as a judge to condemn?  Now we will do more harm to you than them!

so they pressed against the man, against Lwţ, exceedingly, so they came near to break down the door,

10.                   so the envoys [Yshr 19: 45-49] reached out their hand and they brought Lwţ in to them to the house and they shut the door,

11.                   and they struck with sudden blindness the mortal men which were at the entrance to the house, from the least even unto the great, so they became weary trying to find the entrance,

12.                   then the envoys said to Lwţ,

Who else is for you from here?  A son-in-law and sons and your daughters or anyone who is for you in the city, make them leave from this place,

13.       because we are destroying this place, because their cry of distress has become huge before Y-hwh, so Y-hwh has sent us out to destroy it.

14.                   So Lwţ went out and he dictated to his sons-in-law who were to take his daughters, and he said,

Get up; depart from this place because Y-hwh is destroying the city!

but it was like joking in the eyes of his [betrothed] sons-in-law,

15.                   so when the dawn ascended, then the envoys urged Lwţ to hurry, saying,

Get up; take your wife and the two of your daughters who have been found lest you be swept away by the punishment of the city!

16.                   but he hesitated, so the envoys [Yshr 19: 45-49] took hold of his hand and the hand of his wife and the hand of the two of his daughters by the compassion of Y-hwh concerning him, so they brought him out, and they set him down outside of the city;

17.                   and it happened while bringing them out outside, then He said,

Escape for your life, do not regard what is behind you, and do not stop moving anywhere on the basin to the mountain; escape lest you be swept away!

18.                   but Lwţ said to them,

No, please, my Sovereign,

19.       here, now, Your servant has found favor in Your eyes and You have magnified Your kindness which You have worked with me to preserve alive my life (néphesh), but I am who would not be able to reach to the mountain to escape, lest the disaster should overtake me and I should die,

20.       look please at this city is nearby to flee to there, and she is a small thing (Mits`r), let me escape please to there, isnt she a small thing (Mits`r)? Then my self (néphesh) could live!

21.                   and He said to him,

Look, I have supported with your presence also for this matter, so as for me to not overthrow the city which you dictated.

22.       Hurry!  Escape to there, because I will not be able to work the matter until you have come to there.

For this reason, he called the name of the city, Ts`ar (Insignificance).

23.                   The luminary orb had emerged over the land when Lwţ had come in to Ts`ar,

24.                   then Y-hwh, He caused it to rain upon thm and upon `Amorh brimstone (sulfur) and fire from Y-hwh from the skies,

25.                   and He overthrew these cities and all of the basin and every one of the inhabitants of the cities and the sprouting growth of the terrain,

26.                   but his wife regarded it from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt. [Yshr 19: 52-54]

27.                   And Avrhm rose early during the morning to the place where he had stood with the Presence of Y-hwh,

28.                   and he looked down over facing thm and `Amorh and over all of the face of the land of the basin, and he observed, and look! The thick smoke of the land had ascended like the smoke of a furnace!

29.                   of Yisr'l! So it happened among the ones of Yisr'l not [being] of the ones to rub out Y-hwh, all the ones not [being] the ones, the cities, the one not of the one dwelling around, He was reminded, without regard for the mighty one of 'aharn (light-carrier/lucifer), of the ones not of 'Avrhm of Yisr'l, so He sent out, not of the one, Lwt, he who "I shall exist Yisr'l" of the middle, the one not of the catastrophe (overthrow) among the ones of Yisr'l, not [being] of the ones overturning Y-hwh, the ones not [being] the cities among the ones of Yisr'l. With the ones who inhabited among the ones of Yisr'l belonging to the ones pertaining to the Son, [is] Lwt,,


Leviticus 18: 22 - And with a male you shall not lie with, instead of lying with a wife (ishshh), that is detestable;

Leviticus 20: 13 - and a man (iysh) which is one who lies with a male instead of one lying with a wife (ishshh) is detestable, both of them have worked it, surely they shall die, their bloodshed is upon them.

Deuteronomy 22: 5 The implements of a male shall not be upon a woman (ishshh), and a male shall not put on the resemblance of a woman (ishshh) because all the ones doing these are detestable to Y-hwh your Power.


Romans 1: 25-27

(5) Exchanging the Truth for the Lie

25. Who exchanged the Truth of Y-hwh for the Lie, and reverenced and served the created thing beyond the Creator, Who is blessed into the ages, mn. [Chanwkh 104: 7-8, Songs 140: 10, YirmYhuw 2: 11, Howsh` 4: 6-7]
26. For this reason, Y-hwh released them to passions of dishonor, for both: their females exchanged the instinctive intercourse for that against instinct,
27. And likewise also the males, abandoning the instinctive intercourse of the female, were inflamed in their lust towards one another, males with males committing to the indecency together, and receiving within themselves the recompense that their deviance required.


1 Qorinthym 6: 9-11.

9. Or dont ye understand that unjust ones shall not inherit the Kingdom of Y-hwh? Do not be misled: neither male whores, nor image-worshippers, nor adulterers, nor effeminate men, nor males who lie with males as if with women,
10. nor thieves, nor avaricious ones, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor robbers shall inherit the Kingdom of Y-hwh!
11. Though some of you were these things; nevertheless ye were washed, nevertheless ye were purified, nevertheless ye were justified within the name of Y-hwh Yhuwsha`, the Deliverer, and by the spirit of our Power.


1 Timtheos Chapter 1

The future virtuous use of the Law is part of the Glad Tidings

8. Yet we do acknowledge that the Law is virtuous, when One might use it according to the Instructions (Towrh);
9. discerning this: that the Law shall not be applied against a righteous one, but rather against those lawless and insubordinate, irreverent and sinful, against those impure and heathenish ones, against father-murderers and mother-murderers, against murderers of man,
10. male whores, men who lie with men as if with women, enslavers of sons of freedom, liars, perjurers, and if any other thing is opposed to sound instruction,
11. according to the glad tidings of the worth of the supremely blessed mighty Ones, with which I was entrusted.


2 Kph Chapter 2: 1-22

The Teachers of the Lie:
(1) Doomed peddlers of death

1. But there were also predicators of the Lie among the people then, as there also will be teachers of the Lie among you, who will stealthily bring in sects of extermination, even denying the Sovereign Who bought them, bringing upon themselves a swift extermination!
2. And the many will follow their ways of extermination [MattithYhuw 7: 13] out, by whom The Way of the Truth will be reviled.
3. And in greediness, with treacherous smooth-talk [Songs 35: 6, YirmYhuw 23: 12, Dniyy˴l 11: 21, 34] they will make peddlers of you [YirmYhuw 6: 26]; for whom the ancient condemnation is not idle, and their extermination does not slumber,
4. For if Y-hwh did not spare the envoys that sinned, instead, having cast them to the deepest abyss, gave them over to chains of darkness, to be reserved for a judgment; [Chanwkh 10: 6-17]
5. And if Y-hwh did not spare the ancient world (instead He preserved Nach, one of eight people, a herald of justification [Yshr 5: 6-11]) when He brought in an inundation to the world of the irreverent,
6. And if Y-hwh condemned them with a devastation when He reduced the cities of thm and `Amorh to ashes, Y-hwh has made these examples to those being about to live irreverently! [Chanwkh 96: 9-16, Leviticus 18: 22, 20: 13, Romans 1: 25-27, 1 Qorinthym 6: 9]

(2) Remnant to be delivered from them
7. Yet He rescued righteous Lw
ţ, oppressed by the shameless conduct of the unscrupulous;
8. For through seeing and hearing their unlawful works, the righteous man dwelling among them tormented his righteous self day by day, [Yshr 19, 1 Moshh 18: 20- 19: 29]
9. So Y-hwh knows to rescue the well-reverent out of trial, but to reserve the unjust to a Day of Judgment to be punished;

(3) Their walk and talk
10. But especially those who walk after the flesh in craving lust of contamination, and despise sovereign authority! Daring, self-pleasing hedonists, they do not tremble reviling dignitaries;
11. Whereas envoys, being greater in strength and power, do not bring a slandering judgment against them before Y-hwh!
12. But these, as instinctual irrational animals born for capture and rot, by reviling what they are ignorant of, shall utterly perish within their rottenness,
13. Being about to get the reward of unrighteousness! Esteeming as pleasure the daily indulgence, they are spots and blemishes luxuriating within their delusions as they do the Feast together with you;

(4) Fraud for gain
14. Possessing eyes of a sated adulteress, yet which do not cease from sin, alluring unestablished lives! Sons of doom, who possess a heart well trained in fraud for gain!
15. When they left the straight Way, they went astray, having followed in the way of Bil`m son of B`wr who loved the reward of injustice,
16. Yet he had reproof of his own wickedness, when the naturally mute beast of burden, speaking in a human voice, resisted the madness of the predicator!
17. These are fountains without water, clouds being driven by a tempestuous wind [Proverbs 25: 14], for whom the gloom of darkness is reserved for ages
18. for proclaiming overbearing words devoid of Truth; they allure by fleshly desires and by licentiousness those who indeed have escaped from those who are overturned by fraudulence,
19. Promising them liberty, when they themselves are bondmen of corruption! For by whom anyone has been subdued, he is also held in bondage by him!
20. For if, having escaped the defilements of the world by acknowledging our Sovereign and Deliverer Yhuwsha` the Anointed, but having been entangled, they are subdued by these again, the last state has become to them worse than the first!
21. For nobler were it for them not to have acknowledged the Way of the justification, than after having acknowledged Him, to have turned back from the pure commandment delivered to them!
22. But that of the true Proverb [26: 11] has happened to them: As a dog returning onto his own vomit, so a fool repeats his folly. and, A washed sow returns unto her rolling place in the mire.


Yhuwthh 3-8

Problem: apostasy and lawlessness

3.       Beloved: using all diligence to write to you about our common salvation, I had necessity to write to you, imploring you to earnestly contend for the fidelity once entrusted to the pure ones!

4.       For certain humans came in stealthily, those who of old have been marked out beforehand for this sentence; irreverent ones, changing the favor of our mighty Ones into licentiousness and denying the only Y-hwh Elohym, even our Sovereign Yhuwsha` the Anointed!


Who shall solve it?

5.       But I intend to gently remind you once recognizing this, that Y-hwh, when He had rescued the people out of the Land of Mitsryim, secondly He destroyed those who did not believe!

6.       Also envoys that did not keep their own Chief, who instead forsook their own habitat, He keeps in everlasting bonds under darkness unto the judgment of the Great Day!  [Chanwkh 10:6-17, 12:5-7, 14:1-7, 15:1-16:5]

7.       As thm and `Amorh and the cities around them with a similar lifestyle to these, having given themselves over to fornication, and having followed behind alternative flesh, they are set forth as an example, having undergone the penalty of fire of the Endless One!

8.       However, also these dreamers, in common with them, indeed defile the flesh and reject sovereignty, and revile dignities!