Jesus the image of the beast

Dâ´niyyË´'l 8:23-25 -  “But in the latter part of their reign, when the apostasy becomes complete, a king of stern attitude and a master of intrigue will arise.  His strength will become great, but not by his power, and he will cause astonishing devastation, and he will succeed at whatever he does, and he will destroy the mighty men and the people of the purified ones.  And by his cunning, he will also cause the Treacherous Deceit to prosper by his hand and he will consider himself to be superior.  And when they feel secure, he will destroy the Many and he will take a stand against the Prince of princes, but it will not be by human power that he will be shattered.

What will the antichrist do? The Seals 1-3

Time will demonstrate the factual nature of these predictions, so as they start to come true, we realize that there will be authorities looking into this exposé. For their benefit and information, let it be known that the site developer has NOT obtained this information from other sources, secret documents, or illegal activities.  These predictions are brought up for the informing of the small Remnant which will want to know what to expect to happen, for academic reasons.  In no way does this site developer nor this website ever advocate nor condone violence or military or paramilitary opposition nor civil disobedience nor protests, to what has been determined for the Establishment to do, the conquest of the entire world, including our areas, by this designated world leader and his activities.  The writers, site developer, and our target audience, the Virgin Remnant of Yisrâ'Ël, see these events as determined by Yâ-hwéh our Sovereign to occur and we are NOT responsible for whatever actions any other groups may happen in response to this information, including Christians. We are like YirmYâ´huw (Jeremiah), who warned about the invasion by Bâvél (Babylon), and pleaded them to NOT resist, and he survived and was blessed. the season for the judgment approaches, which is set to happen at an appointed time in the History of Man, He in His zeal is reserving for Himself a remnant of His people He is calling to have the true Testimony of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`.

...the Apostasy (rebellion) of His people against Him is making them prefer the Lie to the Truth that could save them.

...He chose their Lie to cause it to exist, to show them what is wrong with it, in the Incarnation of the Lie.

...His Personhood, our Lamb of Exemption (Phâ´çech) which they slaughtered and tried to keep in a tomb by rolling a massive stone in front of it and sealing it up with seven seals, will open up the Scroll of the season of Judgment by unsealing its seven seals. These seals start as they accomplish the Trangression, and their Wickedness starts doing all that has been determined for him to do. Still, His judgment will not have begun yet...

The 70th Week of Dâ´niyyË´’l

This famed 7-year period is quite simple to know when it is. In Dâ´niyyË´’l 9:24-27, it is described to end when the following is done:

to finish the rebellion [“apostasy” in Greek] and to put an end to sin, and to atone for wickedness and to bring in the everlasting rectification and to seal up the vision and prediction and to anoint the Pure One of the pure ones...”.

That is also when the secret of Yâ-hwéh will end, at the 7th trumpet (Disclosure 10:7). That will be fulfilled at the beginning of the 7th Day, the Day of Rest, in other words 1/1/6001 in the true calendar. Therefore, it stands that this period must start 7 years before that, at 1/1/5994 (see calendar). YchezqË´’l ("Ezekiel") 45:18 also says that these offerings are SUPPOSED to begin on the FIRST day of the FIRST month! This 7-year period speaks of offerings done at a rebuilt physical temple in Yruwshâláim and this, as described at length in the book of YchezqË´’l ("Ezekiel"), happens as a large portion of the promised Land, NOT the entire promised Land promised to the Seed of ’Avrâhâ´m, is being or has already been carved up among the tribes allotting their own inheritance. Also, YchezqË´’l describes the exalted one (KJV - "prince"), will be the political leader there providing all the offerings to the Temple out of a tithe contribution of flocks and grains from the Land.

So how does all this situation in the Land of Yisrâ’ë´l get set up? Obviously BEFORE the beginning of this 70th week begins. This 7 year period gets interrupted in its midst when the impostor ceases the continual offering. The impostor (mouth of the Beast) also is granted 42 months.  The period that precedes this is described in Dâ´niyyË´’l 11 and apparently includes the first two seals.

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What will this impostor do?

The Lie and its incarnation is covered in the above aforementioned pages. It has a purpose and mission that is already determined, and written in scripture (for instance, see the left-hand margin).  Let's not entertain the notion that anyone can prevent any of this from happening. This is not a Hollywood fantasy where mankind will defeat the bad guy or even delay him. Once he is incarnated, first, he will seize the crown of the NWO EU Vatican alliance not through election, but by treacherous smooth-talk [Songs 35: 6, YirmYâ´huw 23: 12, Dâ´niyyË´’l 11: 21, 34, 2 Këph 2: 3]

And he [King of the North] will set on his place [Germany] a despicable one, and to him they will not grant the honor of kingship, yet he will come peacefully and he will seize the kingship [of the North] through treacherous smooth-talk:”

(Dâ´niyyË´'l 11:21)

This non-democratic takeover was foreshadowed before WWII by Hitler when he burned the Reichstag, declared a state of emergency, and assumed the office of Chancellor without being elected. But the term 'treacherous smooth-talk' (Strong's #2519 in Hebrew, #4112 in Greek) refers to how slippery and treacherous the evolved Christian religious talk is, like polished stones having no sharpness.

The British monarchy currently represents the kingship over Yisrâ’ë´l held by the tribe of Yâhuwthâ´h although through the line of the alternate twin son of Yâhuwthâ´h, Térach, because the firstborn Phérets line of Dâwíth through Shlomóh ended at TsithqiyYâ´huw, whose sons were slaughtered before his eyes (YirmYâ´huw 52: 10), but whose daughters were taken by YirmYâ´huw (“jeremiah”) (YirmYâ´huw 43: 6) to the British Isles and one of them, Tea Tephi, married one of the male royals of the Térach line of Yâhuwthâ´h and this is the current genealogical line of the British monarchy.

Thus the British monarchy are cognizant and aware of YchezqË´’l 21: 27 that they are to be overturned and the crown and the turban of the high priest (also usurped by them) shall be given to Him to Whom the right belongs, and Yâ-hwéh shall grant it to Him (Yâhuwshúa`).

Thus says Yâ-hwéh your mighty Ones,
Depose the turban of the high priest, pick up and take away the crown!  This one [turban] is not this other one [crown]. The lowly are to be exalted and the exalted are to be brought low. An overthrow, another overthrow, another overthrow!  I shall place it [turban] also upon this one [crown], it shall not happen until the coming of Him to Whom the right belongs, and I shall grant it to Him; [1 Moshéh 49: 10]

This impostor will likely use this Christian treacherous smooth-talk to impersonate this One and obtain this kingship. This royal line is referred to often as the Cedars of Lvânówn (the Whiteness), particularly the fortified inaccessible height.  Their downfall is mentioned in various places:

Yshá`Yâhuw 10: 33-34

Look!  The Sovereign Yâ-hwéh of hosts is lopping off boughs with awful crashing and the elevated ones of the height are being chopped down and the exalted ones are being laid low.
And He will clip the thickets of the forest with iron, and the Whiteness (Lvânówn) in majesty shall fall.

ZkharYâ´hu 11: 1-2

Open, oh Whiteness (Lvânówn), your doors so the Fire may consume your cedars! [6th Seal]

Hëylë´l (Foolish boaster “Day-star” [luminary orb]) is within the top one because the cedar shall have fallen [British Monarchy/ House of Yisrâ’ë´l], of which the majestic ones, they shall have been devastated; wail ye, oh oaks of Bâshâ´n (fruitful), because the fortified wooded height shall have been taken down!

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The first seal

Next, this impostor will go forth to conquer using extortion and conspiracies, also foreshadowed by Hitler before WWII in his annexation of the Sudetenland, the anschluss of Austria, his taking over Czechoslovakia, before actually launching war.

The description of the first four seals in Disclosure (Revelation) describes a series of horsemen. We believe these four horsemen to be one and the same rider, the Image of the Beast. In his first appearance, he holds a bow, but no arrows, which threatens violence:

First seal: Warless conquest by Anointed Falsifier

And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying, as a peal of thunder,

Come and see!

And I heard and I saw, and look!  A white horse, and the one sitting upon it having a bow, and a crown was granted to him [Dâ´niyyË´'l 11: 21], and he went forth unto victory, both conquering and in order that he might conquer!

[Disclosure (Revelation) 6:1-2]

The kingdom of the North is to be unified, because currently there still exist nominal national boundaries and division between Latin (Roman) America and Anglo-America. Most people know that this division represents the sons of Yâhuwçë´ph ("Joseph") versus his brothers, and right now, he's trapped and confined in their pit. So what happens next? "Joseph" gets turned over to the Ishmaelites. At this point it is likely that Songs ("Psalms") 83:1-8 may be fulfilled, when this man conspires against his own people (tribal) Israel, ’Ephráyim and Mnashshéh (USA and GB), allied with several Arab nations, to perpetrate more terrorism on American/British soil.  The motive Germany (Assyria) has in this is to destabilize and overthrow Britannia in order to incorporate it into his NWO-Nazi "Holy Roman Empire", much like throwing rocks at a fig to help it to fall into his hands.

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The second seal

Second Seal: War

3. And when He opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying: "Come!"

4. And another horse went forth, red! And to the one sitting upon it was granted to him to take the peace from the earth, and in order that they should slay one another, and a great sword was given to him.

The second seal happens when the Impostor uses war methods to continue his conquest of the world. And the first fig to fall is written in Yshá`Yâhuw 28:1-4 to be 'Ephráyim (tribally, USA).

1. ¶Hówy to the crown of the insolence of the drunkards of 'Ephráyim, and the drooping flower of the beauty of his prestigious rank, that is on the head of the very fertile valley of the ones struck down by wine.

2. Look! My Sovereign has a powerful and a strong one, like a storm of pelting icerocks, a horror of destruction like the downpour of overwhelming mighty waters! He shall cause it [the crown (v.1)] to fall down to the ground by hand.

3. The crown of the insolence of the drunkards of 'Ephráyim shall be trampled underfoot,

4. And it shall happen that the drooping flower of the beauty of his prestigious rank that is on the head of the very fertile valley shall be like her first ripe fig right before the summer harvest, which the one looking sees it, while it is still in his palm, he swallows it up.

How will this be accomplished? Some mistakenly think the USA is quite strong. Not so. Now, as the times approach of the troubles of the errant (sinners), Yâhuwcëph ('Ephráyim and Mnashsheh) must fall into the pit toppled by his brothers, and is being prepared for its fall by their real invisible government, with impossible debt owing their country's enemies, fiat currency, and a very obnoxious foreign policy which gains enemies worldwide. And the thing which will make it even more righteous in Yâ-hwéh's sight is this fact:

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US has given China Eminent Domain Over US Property As Collateral For USA’s Reckless Spending Spree.

(See supporting article, cached if link broken, though we are not affiliated with them nor approve of their religion)

Scripture describes that terrorism will riddle America (YirmYâ´huw "Jeremiah" 4-5) and as if that weren't enough, China will invade it (YirmYâ´huw "Jeremiah" 5:15-19, Yshá`Yâhuw "Isaiah" 5:24-30 see below), making it, 'Ephráyim, become the first fig to be plucked of the harvest season (Yshá`Yâhuw "Isaiah" 28:1-4).  The USA has long been a target and will fall in this way into his Evil empire.

Even George Washington saw this Chinese invasion in his Valley Forge vision. The vision was not given by Yâ-hwéh but it contained certain truths:

"Again I heard the mysterious voice saying, 'Son of the Republic, look and learn.' At this the dark, shadowy angel placed a TRUMPET to his mouth, and blew three distinct blasts; and taking water from the ocean, he sprinkled it upon Europe, Asia and Africa.  'Then my eyes beheld a fearful scene. From each of these continents arose thick black clouds that were soon joined into one. And through this mass there gleamed a DARK RED LIGHT by which I saw HORDES OF ARMED MEN. These men, moving with the cloud, MARCHED BY LAND AND SAILED BY SEA TO AMERICA, our country was enveloped in this volume of the cloud. And I dimly saw these VAST ARMIES DEVASTATE THE WHOLE COUNTRY and burn the villages, towns and cities which I had seen springing up."

YirmYâ´huw predicts this in Ch. 5:15-19 about the Chinese invasion of the US. Remember that the blessing of Ya`aqóv documented in Genesis 48:16 states that the name of "Yisrâ’ë´l" would go to the sons of Yâhuwçë´ph: ’Ephráyim and Mnashshéh -

15. “Here I am bringing against you a heathen mass from afar, O house of Yisrâ'Ë´l,” declares Yâ-hwéh, “An enduring heathen mass, it is a heathen mass from antiquity, it is a heathen mass whose language you do not know and you do not understand what they speak.
16. His quiver is like an opened grave, all of them are warriors,
17. And he shall devour your harvest and your bread, he shall consume your sons and your daughters, he will consume your flock and your herd, he shall devour your vineyards and your fig tree plantations and your olive yards, he shall flatten the posts of your military defenses, those that you had trusted in, by the sword!

Yshá`Yâhuw predicts this in Ch. 5:24-30 about the Chinese invasion of the US:

...because they refused the Law of Yâ-hwéh of hosts and they spurned the Word of the Pure One of Yisrâ'Ë´l [Yâhuwshúa`]
25. Concerning this, the anger of Yâ-hwéh burns against His people, and He is extending His hand against them, and He strikes them, and the mountains tremble and their corpses shall be like the refuse in the middle of the streets; During all of this, His anger is not receding, and His hand is still extended!
26. So He raises the signal for the heathen masses from afar, and He whistles to them from the ends of the earth, and look! They come swiftly, hastily!
27. There is not one exhausted and there is not one stumbling of them, they shall not be drowsy and they shall not sleep and their waist belt shall not be loosened, and the thong of their sandals shall not be broken.
28. Whose projectiles are piercing, and all of their weapons are cocked, the treads of their cavalry are reckoned like flint, and their wheels are like a whirlwind;
29. Their roaring is like the lion, and they roar like the young lions, and they growl and they grasp hold of the prey, and they secure them and there is no rescuer.
30. And they will roar over them in that day, like the roaring of the sea, and they look to the Land, but here is the darkness of the adversary; even the light of day, it will be darkened by their clouds.

in contrast, Yshá`Yâhuw predicts this in Chapter 28 about His REMNANT during the Chinese invasion of the US:

5. In that day, Yâ-hwéh of Hosts shall be for a crown of beauty and for the revolution (turn of events) of prestigious rank for the remnant of His people.
6. And for a spirit of justice for the One presiding over the judgment, and for the heroism of the ones refusing to battle.

This is why we do not advocate armed resistance to this Chinese invasion, we instead announce this inevitable event predicted in scripture, and we heroically refuse to battle. Yâ-hwéh is Who called them in, quite righteously, because of the reasons given in scripture, and because the US Government put up US land as collateral to their spending spree. When this happens, let none of us pick up a weapon of the flesh against them. Yâ-hwéh will protect His chosen ones who believe in Him, and our purpose in reporting these events is not to provoke fear in us, rather to encourage those who haven’t acknowledged Him to do so soon.  Remember YirmYâ´huw 40: 1-5 how and why YirmYâ´huw was spared by Bâvél when they took over because he warned his people they were coming because of their sins.  Yâ-hwéh is the One sending them against those with which He is angry, not us.

We have been announcing this event since our discovering it in the late 90's, and online since 1999. At that time, we weren't taken seriously by our countrymen. But now, apparently, their awareness is official and becoming a reason for their concern. See this serious article from March 2012 RD from the Brookings Institution: Addressing U.S. - China Strategic Distrust, by Kenneth Lieberthal and Wang Jisi (cached)

which we found from this pertinent article: The Game of Thrones getting ugly? Via Meadia - Walter Russell Mead's Blog from The American Interest, April 3, 2012 RD

Howshë´`á says war-ravaged USA will then seek help from King Mein Kämpf of Germany:

“so I am like consumption (`âshë´sh)[~tuberculosis] for 'Ephráyim and like a goad to the house of "Yehuwthâ´h"; when 'Ephráyim shall have perceived his infirmity and "Yehuwthâ´h" his pricks [e.g. Deeds 9: 4], then 'Ephráyim will have gone towards Successful One ('Ashshúwr) [~Germany] and he will have sent for the king who will struggle (Yârë´v) [~the impostor (he will struggle - Mein Kämpf)], but he is not Who is able to cure it for you nor Who would rid from you the pricks,

[Howshë´`á 5:12-13]

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The NWO's purposes for the “Communist threat”

"Communist threat"? Isn't that ancient history now? Not quite yet. And why do we put the "communist threat" in quotes? Because those who have studied the NWO ("New World Order") conspiracy know that Communism all along has been an NWO-controlled opposition (like a thumb is used to grasp objects) which has been used as a tool by the NWO for various purposes in their quest for world domination. What does this have to do with scriptural prophecy? The NWO-Vatican alliance is the 6th head of the beast, "the one that is", and examining it one can definitely see the characteristics of the 4th beast of Dâ´niyyË´’l.
These are and have been the NWO's purposes for Communism:

1. To extort and force sovereign countries to submit to the NWO financial and political control, by exploiting amorality and atheism to form threatening Communist movements within them, and by tantalizing them by their greed into overwhelming debt using their international banking system.(see North and South America, Asia)
2. To punish those countries which did not submit to the NWO by abandoning them to be taken over by genocidal communists (see history of Russia, Vietnam, Mainland China, Cuba, Nicaragua, South Africa, etc.)
3. To present the appearance of a "threat", which although Communism itself is armed with inferior weapons and an inferior socioeconomic system, gives the NWO a great excuse to arm itself to the teeth to "defend" itself from it, to prepare for their final conflict with the King of the South (Islam).
4. To sell Communist-bloc inferior and obsolete weapons to the King of the South (Islam) to give them the illusion they are adequately defended against the NWO's superior weapons technology (see results of US-Iraq and "Israel"-Arab wars), while at the same time recovering much of revenues used for oil.
5. To use the "Cold War" to keep the NWO-politically controlled but individually free and armed Americans occupied spilling their blood developing weapons technology and military strategies for their planned world conquest (see Vietnam War).
6. And finally, now that most of these their goals have been accomplished, the "Communist threat" has been mostly dismantled except for those Communist countries with blind hatred for America (China, Korea, Cuba) which have one more purpose: the "Long March" to overwhelm the emasculated USA which has been given a very poor worldwide reputation for having been used by the NWO as their pet pit-bull to do their dirty work, while they sit back and pretend to oppose us looking pretty.

Islam (the King of the South) has been immune from methods #1 and #2 because of their restrictively moral and fanatically anti-atheist religion and because of their overwhelming oil revenues, though between their Islamic sects they keep blowing each other up. Although they have supported communists training in some of their countries in the past, it was due to their common interest to destabilize Christian countries. They have been deceived by #3-5 and have only resorted to direct action for their religious expansionism via terrorism and Jihad and their missions which teach Islam as being related and a continuation of "Judeo/christianity" to proselitize followers. But they will be only too happy to assist in #6 softening up "the Great Satan" USA with their terrorism.
So here in the verse below, you now can understand what Dâ´niyyË´’l was told, how it is that the treacherous despicable one who will take the throne of the NWO will finish off the "Chinese communist threat" and "save" USA and Britannia into his NWO-Nazi Holy Roman Empire, which we know is his vested intent in the first place, because the NWO is behind the reason for the terrorism and the Chinese invasion in the first place!  Then "our savior" the King of the North will feel ready to perpetrate the Lie.

“Then the armies of the overwhelming flood [China] will be overwhelmed from before him [the despicable one] and they will be crushed, and also the ruler of Britannia [Briyth = covenant].

And after uniting with him [the German usurper to the throne of the NWO], he will perpetrate a Treacherous Deceit [claim to be “the LorD XezVs ChrIstos”] and he will ascend [`Ala'h] and he will be powerful by a heathen mass (nation) of a few [“Jews”]

[Dâ´niyyË´’l 11:22-23]

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The Treacherous Deceit

The invasion of and crushing of China after its having devastated USA saves the 8th Holy Roman Empire the effort of having to conquer its main competition themselves.  Win their hearts and their minds, by appearing as their "savior" to rescue them from the hordes of China (Howshë´`á 5:12-13), destroying atheistic Communism for good.

So this mention above in Dâ´niyyË´'l 11:22-23 of the term Mirmâ´h, "treacherous deceit", is when the Impostor will execute the Lie, impersonate the King of kings by filling the vacancy left by the ascension of the Anointed Yâhuwshúa`, and call himself “the LorD XezVs ChrIstos”. This is also mentioned in Dâ´niyyË´'l chapter 8:23-25, also quoted in the Left Hand Margin above.

23. But in the latter part of their reign [of Hellenism], when the rebellions become complete, a king of stern attitude and a master of intrigue will arise.

24. His strength will become great, but not by his power, and he will cause astonishing devastation, and he will succeed at whatever he does, and he will destroy the mighty men and the people of the pure ones.

25. And by his cunning, he will also cause a Treacherous Deceit [11: 23] to prosper by his hand and he will consider himself to be superior. And when they feel secure, he will destroy the Many [a reference to the Christians]and he will take a stand against the Prince of princes [Yâhuwshúa`], but it will not be by human power that he will be shattered.

 Yet when he has incorporated the Chinese and the Americans and the British into his Holy Roman Empire, it will be galvanized by fear and hatred of Islam, the next common enemy, into the Empire of the Northern Hemisphere (including South America), the King of the North of Dâ´niyyË´’l 11.  This will be the clay and iron mixture prophesied as being the feet of the great statue of Bavel.  The next step is for him to call himself Allah in order to assimilate Islam, but he delays those plans.  But he goes ahead and pretends to be the "messiah" the Jews were waiting for, and he will have the Temple built according to the specifications in the Book of Ezekiel, yet violate the law of the Temple Mount (Ezekiel 43:12), allowing a persistent Islamic presence on it, separated off by a wall (Ezekiel 43:8). Yes, there will be a material temple built, and the Letter of Bar-Naviy (called "the Epistle of Barnabas") tells us in Chapter 16 that the wretched (the "Yehuwthim") will build it as servants to the Romans...

3. ...Moreover, He again says, "Behold, they who have cast down this temple, even they shall build it up again."

4. And it shall come to pass. For through their going to war, it was destroyed by their enemies [Rome, AD 70]; yet now: they, as the servants of their enemies, shall rebuild it.

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 The Lie will buy off the racial Jews, his chosen people

“and he will be powerful by a heathen mass (nation) of a few [“Jews”]; He will come in peace even by the rich ones of the district [regional NWO government of the land of “Israel”] and he will accomplish what was not accomplished by his fathers [Holy Roman Emperors, incl. Hitler] or the fathers of his fathers [Popes]: he will distribute plunder, and loot, and wealth among them, and he will plot against the fortresses [Islam and Christianity] their overthrows, but for a time.

[Dâ´niyyË´’l 11:23-24]

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The Jewish-Roman plot to overthrow Christianity: The distribution of the Land inheritance to the 12 Tribes still in sin

Note: The 12 tribes of Yisrâ’ë´l will be called to return to the Land out of the north and will come with the Jews among them.

YirmYâ´huw 3: 18 - During those days, the House of Yâhuwthâ´h [“Yehuwthâ´h”] shall walk among the House of Yisrâ’ë´l [“Christianity”] and they will enter together from the land of the north onto the land that I had given your fathers as an inherited-portion.

Note this speaks of the HOUSE of Yâhuwthâ´h, not us the inward Yâhuwthím, rather, the tribal geopolitical house. 
This is a TRAP.  You see, ’Ethówm (those who forsake their inheritance with Yâ-hwéh, namely the followers of the impostor, also found in Rome, and historically, scripture documents they also mingled with Rome) and the House of Yâhuwthâ´h (the Jews), in a conspiracy against Christianity (Yisrâ’ë´l) because they KNOW these are unable to stay in the Land because they are adulterous with other mighty ones and images, so they will invite them in to distribute the Land among them.

YchezqË´’l 25: 12 - Thus says my Sovereign Yâ-hwéh:
Since ’Ethówm is working for the House of Yâhuwthâ´h [“Yehuwthâ´h”] in surely taking revenge so are they surely remembering injuries and have avenged themselves on them.

Bar-Nâvíy 16:4 says the Jews will rebuild the temple as servants to the ones who destroyed it, Rome.  This is due to this conspiracy.  This conspiracy is described more in detail in both YchezqË´’l chapters 35-36.  Please see our translation.  To give you a better idea: Remember the parable of the “prodigal son”.  Reread it from our PSR translation (Purer Scriptures for the REMNANT), it’s in Luwqá’ 15:11-32. The younger son (symbolizing adulterous Christianity) asks his Father for his portion of the inheritance, which he has distributed to himself (and consequently fritters away on whores).  This refers to when the distribution occurs of their inheritance, also described in

YchezqË´’l 47:13 -
Thus says my Sovereign Yâ-hwéh,
This is the boundary of the territory that you yourself shall take of the Land to possess as an inheritance belonging to the twelve tribes of Yisrâ’ë´l (a dual portion for Yâhuwçë´ph).

As well as in YchezqË´’l 22:16 –

Yet you shall apportion your inheritance for yourself in the sight of the heathen masses, but you shall acknowledge that I am Yâ-hwéh.

But this distribution of the Land is not for the Millennium, it is not the entire Land promised to ’Avrâhâ´m either.  It is a TRAP because they cannot KEEP the Land.  It is announced openly in YirmYâ´huw 3:19-21 immediately following v 18 above -

So I, I am Who am to say,
How will I station you among the sons though I have given to you the desirable Land, the inheritance-portion of the prominent ones of the hosts of the heathen masses, when My Father said, “You shall invoke Me and you should not turn from following Me”? 
Truly as a wife is treacherous against her companion, thus have you been treacherous against Me, O House of Yisrâ’ë´l!” declares Yâ-hwéh.
A cry is heard in languages, the weeping and pleadings of the sons of Yisrâ’ë´l, because they perverted their Way, they FORGOT Yâ-hwéh, their mighty Ones!

The reason Yisrâ’ë´l (Christianity) will be recalled to the Land is for their judgment.  ’Ethówm and the “Yehuwthím” (Jews) THINK they will benefit from it, by their creation of their anointed falsifier to be their political leader, and their lord when he becomes immortal, so this is their “plot against the fortresses”, and their plans for the Vanity, to make the “Yehuwthím” followers of the impostor the only ones in the Land. But it is doomed to fail.

Chavaqqúwq 2: 10 – “…You planned a shameful thing for your house, to cut off many peoples, so you forfeited your self (néphesh),…

In YirmYâ´huw 49:19 and also in 50:44 we see a nearly identical verse speaking about the same impostor who invades the habitation of the Eternal, the Pure Place.  But 49:19 speaks of him as being of ’Ethówm (Rome) and 50:44 speaks of him as being the King of Bâvél, yet he is leading the House of Yâhuwthâ´h [“Yehuwthâ´h”] and he is called Yehuwthâ´h himself in Mal’âkhíy 2: 11-12 as well as YirmYâ´huw (“Jeremiah”) 13:19, who we know to have been the traitor commonly known as “Judas”. This impostor is thus a FOREIGNER spiritually to Yâ-hwéh,

“We are put to shame because we have heard our reproach; embarrassment has covered our faces because foreigners have entered the pure areas of the house of Yâ-hwéh!” – YirmYâ´huw 51: 51

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impostor thumbnail The TRAP by the spirit of the Anointed Falsifier

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YirmYâ´huw chapter 4 should be read in its entirety, we recommend our translation, the PSR because the establishment’s translation fails to be accurate, though the LXX Septuagint helps.  There, Yâ-hwéh responds to the weeping of Yisrâ’ë´l about their having perverted their ways (mentioned above) by affirming that they will be saved dead or alive; and encourages them to circumcise their hearts, lest His wrath comes against them.  Then He gives the warning about the Great Persecution by the impostor, the lion, the destroyer of the heathen masses, because the wrath of Yâ-hwéh has not turned from them.  He then says all Christian authorities will be appalled and confused about this. Then YirmYâ´huw responds in this manner:

And I said,

“’Ahâ´hh, my Sovereign Yâ-hwéh, indeed You have surely permitted the deception of this people and of Yruwshâláim, saying ‘there will be shâlówm (peace, reconciliation, completeness) for you’ when a sword is held against their life!”

Then Yâ-hwéh responds and explains what the bait was which caused Christianity to return: the anointed falsifier spirit!

During that time-period, a glowing spirit of error in the wilderness [MattithYâ´huw 24: 26] shall say to this people and to Yruwshâláim, “The Way of the daughter of my people is neither for cleansing nor for purification!

The spirit of fulfillment from the curse (’âlâ´h) that shall come is Mine, now also I am Who shall dictate judgments against them. [Yshá`Yâhuw 24, Galátas 1: 8-9]

Septuagint (LXX) reveals this word to not be Strong’s #8205, instead a form of Strong’s #7686 or 7691.

Septuagint (LXX) reveals this to be Strong’s #2135 and not #2219, a difference of one letter, mistaking thinking a k was an r.

Septuagint (LXX) shows this to be Strong’s #423 ’âlâ´h not the Masoretic #428 ’ë´lleh, an error in vowel pointing.

Look, this was already predicted by Yâhuwshúa` in MattithYâ´huw 24: 23-26!

And then if anyone might say to you:

Look!  Here is the Anointed One!
Do not believe it!

For there will arise false anointed ones and predicators of the Lie, and these will give great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the selected.

But ye, beware: Look!  I have foretold all things [Márquwç 13: 23] to you.

Therefore, if they say to you:

Look!  He is in the uninhabited land! (wilderness) [YirmYâ´huw 4: 11 - above!]
Do not go out there;
Look!  In the dispensary!

Do not believe it."

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Racial Jews will accept him as "Lord"

Paul Jablonowski's rendition of the temple described in Ychezq'El

The Lie will make a promise to the many to make offerings at the rebuilt temple in Yruwshâláim, where he will be accepted among other tribial Yâhuwthím as their Lord (Bá`al). But remember the impostor who does this will be the same son of perdition, whose name was not "Judas", but "Yehuwthâ´h", same as the Jews have renamed their tribe.

““Yehuwthâ´h has acted treacherously and a detestable thing has been committed in Yisrâ’ë´l and in Yruwshâláim because Yehuwthâ´h has profaned the Separate Place of Yâ-hwéh that He loves, and he took as lord a daughter of an alien mighty one.  May Yâ-hwéh cut off from the tents of Ya`aqóv anyone who gives testimony in behalf of the man who does this, though he approaches to bring grain-offerings to Yâ-hwéh of hosts.”

[Mal'âkhíy 2: 11-12]

Yâhuwshúa` predicts “Yehuwthím” acceptance of the Anointed Falsifier---(speaking to Pharisees, their spiritual fathers)

¶ Instead, I have recognized you - that ye do not hold in yourselves the affectionate love of Yâ-hwéh.

I have come by the name of My Father, yet ye do not accept Me; whenever another might come by his own name, that one then ye will receive! [See Yâhuwshúa` is not Jesus]

[Yâhuwchânâ´n "John" 5:43]

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The Lie will try to fulfill an Islamic Legend

Islam has a legend that the one who will end the Islamic faith shall walk through the Golden (eastern) gate of Jerusalem.  For this reason, the Ottoman Turks sealed off that gate, and a graveyard has been put in the way towards that gate, to make it unclean and try to prevent any such eventuality. But Yâ-hwéh Himself will enter through the eastern gate of the TEMPLE (YchezqË´’l 43:1-7), though He will not be revealed to people until His appearance suddenly in His Temple (sixth seal).  YchezqË´'l predicts that the "prince"(exalted one) will also dwell inside there [YchezqË´'l 44:3], and this one is the same "image of jealousy" (KJV) of Ezek 8:5, the anointed falsifier.  Later in scripture, when his armed forces defile the Temple of the Fortress (Christianity), he discontinues the daily offering, and as he ascended to the place where he should not be, he honors Allah (he ascends), who is the one who gives him his own throne and great authority.  See where Satan said “I will ascend ”. However the main Allah he serves is the CURSE which is described in YshaYahuw 24.

  1. Look!  Yâ-hwéh is Who is emptying the Land and devastating her, and He shall let her persona become perverted, and He shall scatter her inhabitants!
  2. And it shall be the same for the people as for the priest, the same for the servant as for his master, the same for the maid as for her mistress, the same for the buyer as for the seller, the same for the lender as for the borrower, the same for the creditor as for the debtor:
  3. The Land shall surely be emptied, and she shall surely be plundered, because Yâ-hwéh is Who dictated this message!
  4. The Land mourns, she has become foolish!  The world has become feeble, she has become foolish!  The proud people of the Land have become feeble!
  5. And the Land, she has been defiled under her inhabitants, because they transgressed the laws, they changed the ordinance; they have broken the eternal covenant!
  6. Due to this, ’Âlâ´h (a curse), she consumes the Land, and the inhabitants within her are trespassing!  Due to this [curse], the inhabitants of the Land are to be burned, and a remnant of very few mortal men shall be left alive.

Furthermore, the Quran predicts that "Isa Al Masih" (this same impostor) will side with the Muslims and lead them in their "Day of Judgment" in which he will lead them on an exterminating mission to annihilate Christians and Jews.  It even says that these will hide under the stones and rocks and that when a muslim comes near, the stones and the rocks will cry out to these muslims and tell them that 'one is hiding under me, kill him!'  This is probably going to be fulfilled during the anointed falsifier's Great Oppression.  If Islam indeed follows this image of the Beast, it explains why Yishmâ`’Ë´l has no inheritance with Yitschâ´q.  Islam is the spiritual legacy of Yishmâ`’Ë´l.

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The Lie will promise Christians (the Many) to make offerings in the temple for 7 years

But after the [seven sevens and (v. 25)] sixty-two sevens, the Anointed One will be covenanted and there will be nothing for Him, and the city and the pure place will be destroyed by the people [Rome] of the ruler who is coming [The image of the Beast], and the end by him is like the Flood, even until the end of the war decreed by the ones being desolated. [Days of Retribution].  And he will confirm the [Old] covenant with the Many [Apostate Christians] one seven, but at the middle of the seven [years], he will cease the slaughter-offering and offering, and be on the extreme of abominations, the one causing desolation, even until the total annihilation, even one having been decreed [by Yâ-hwéh (6th Seal)] is poured out upon the one being desolated [Christianity].

[Dâ´niyyË´’l 9:26-27]

But he only does the offerings nearly for the 42 months given to him, until there are 1335 days until the 7th trumpet. That makes it 41 months and 26 days (see calendar). Note that the verses above explain why Christian leaders believe that these verses somehow talk about the TRUE Anointed One. If they'd understand that these verses refer to the coming dictator of the Romans, the impostor, they probably wouldn't want to deal with him..

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The Third Seal

After all this conflict, war, and expense, particularly due to the destruction of the centralized infrastructure of our commercial food systems, it will not be hard to pass over the people the food rationing and price controls in an empire-wide FEMA-like permanent state of emergency and martial law.

Third seal: Control of the masses - Food control and Drug legalization

And when He opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying:


And I saw, and look!  A black horse, and the one sitting upon it holding a balance in his hand.

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures, saying:

“A day's ration [lit: one measure (1 liter)] of wheat for a day's wages (lit: a denarius), and three day's rations (3 liters) of barley for a day's wages (lit: a denarius), and the oil and the wine [addictive non-nutritive substances] may not be wrongdoing.”

[Revelation (Disclosure) 6:5-6]

Henry Kissinger is quoted saying the way to control the masses is to control their food supply. The anointed falsifier will control the food and drug supply and start a cashless system with his mark of the Beast in order to pacify the world under his subjugation. It is part of the falsehood about the Lie, which comes in every deception of the Wickedness (2 Thess 2:9-10), particularly that he will bring peace on earth, but by the NWO's definition of "peace", which is absence of resistance to tyranny.  And drug legalization also plays a major role in this pacification, yet most do not realize how its currently being illegal plays a role in this. We go into this more in our webpage on alcohol and drugs. The “Drug War” is just like Prohibition's War on Alcohol, a government move to take control of its supply and distribution, and then to legalize it again and tax it for a dependable source of revenue in an enslaved world.  Like Russians during the USSR, Christians will turn to drink and drugs, now legal, to escape their pain and horror from the war and suffering.  See Alcohol prohibition?  Food control and alcohol and drug legalization will spur a dramatic increase in addiction and alcoholism which ruins the integrity and independent spirit of all mankind enslaved by the Beast whose powers come from the dragon.  But it is inevitable that prophecy about them be fulfilled, that...

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The popularity of the Lie will not last long among the Christians

Yâhuwshúa` predicts Christian rejection of the anointed falsifier--- (yet they won't accept Yâhuwshúa`)

But they should in no wise follow a stranger; instead, they will flee away from him, because they do not recognize the voice of strangers.

[Yâhuwchânâ´n “John” 10:5]    

But it is the Christians' rebellion against him, not heeding the warning in Dâ´niyyË´’l 8:23-25 (see left hand margin), their military resistance against him, which provokes him to turn against them to wreak the worst human genocide in history on them, the Great Tribulation... (Jer. 50, and Dan. 11:29-33)  Death is a tool of Satan, and this Lie will have the authority and throne of Satan, which is why he can kill all those not worshipping him if they are not protected by keeping the true name. But the warlike Christians' fleshly naturally instinctive violent reaction is their tragic flaw which makes retribution become a TRAP for them which they fall into "all too easily".

“May their meal-table before them become as a snare [Yshá`Yâhuw 65: 11], and for their retributions to become for a noose: May their eyes be darkened so as to not see and bend their backs continually!”

[Songs 69: 22-23]

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 The Last Crusade

 The Christians strike back!  The anointed falsifier's evil Empire strikes back even harder!  This precipitates the 4th seal, the Great Tribulation!

The Lie will be promoted by his Preacher of the Lie, the last Pope.  Yet Christians and Catholics will become disenchanted with this anointed falsifier, recognizing that he is not their Mighty One.  This however does not mean they will turn to the correct name.  They will rebel and strike back at him when he strikes against Islam again, so may the believer beware the warning of Revelation 13:10 to not take up the sword against this one, whose power will come from the Lord of death himself, see the left margin:

YirmYâ´huw ("Jeremiah") 50:29-46

[Prediction of the 6th Bowl of Wrath defeat of Bâvél]

29. “Summon against Bâvél all archers who draw the bow!  Encamp against her surrounding her, let there not be any of her to escape!  Repay to her like all that she has done because of her deeds, render it to her because she it is against Yâ-hwéh that she has defied proudly, against the Pure One of Yisrâ’ë´l!

30. Therefore her young men will fall within her streets and all of the mortal men of her army, they will be silenced during that Day,” declares Yâ-hwéh.

[Yâ-hwéh is against Hitler since He has already punished him in 1945 RD]

31. “Look, I am against you, arrogant one!” declares my Sovereign, Yâ-hwéh of Hosts, “since your day has come, the time I punished you!

32. For the arrogant one will stumble, and he will fall, and there will not be one for him to help him up, and I will kindle a fire in his forests [military] and it will consume all of the ones around him.

[Bâvél continued holding Christians and “Yehuwthím” spiritually captive]

33. This says Yâ-hwéh: “the Sons of Yisrâ’ë´l and the sons of Yâhuwthâ´h as well are oppressed, and all of the ones capturing them hold them fast, they refuse to let them go.

34. But their Redeemer is strong, Yâ-hwéh of Hosts is His name: He will surely determine a separation against His adversaries in order that He may evacuate the earth, so He will bring unrest to the inhabitants of Bâvél!

[The labor pains which come against the false religion to loose us from its fetters]

35. “And He shall sharpen a sword against the Increases (Kasdíym), and against the inhabitants of Bâvél, and against her officials, and against her wise men!

36. A sword is against the liars [1 Yâhuwchânâ´n 2:22] so they will be fooled, a sword is against her warriors and they will be dismayed.

37. A sword against his horses and against his chariot and a sword is against the warriors and against the mixed ones who are in her midst, so they will become like women!  A sword is against her treasures so they will be taken as spoil!

38. A drought is against her waters so they will dry up, because it is the land of the carved images, so they will go mad by the terrors!

39. Therefore the yelpers will dwell with the howlers and the owls will live in her, but it shall not be inhabited again until the end, and it shall not be lived in from generation to generation.

40. Like the mighty Ones' overthrow of Çthóm and `Amorâ´h and their neighbors,” declares Yâ-hwéh, “not one man shall live there nor shall a son of ’Âthâ´m dwell in her.

[The multinational apostate Christian force comes against the anointed falsifier (see also Dan 11:29-33))

41. Look! An army is invading from the north and a great heathen mass, and many kings are stirred up from the ends of the earth!

42. They are armed with a bow and a spear, cruel they are and they do not have mercy!  The sound of them is like the sea when it roars, and they ride on horses, in formation like men of war against you, daughter of Bâvél!

43. The King of Bâvél heard their sound and his hands hang limp; anguish gripped him, pain like the woman in labor!  [see Dâ´niyyË´’l 11:30 below]

[The Impostor (King of Bâvél) invades the Pure Place, launches the Great Tribulation against Christianity]

44. Look!  Like a lion he shall ascend due to the pride of the Descender (ha-Yardë´n) to the habitation of the Eternal [YchezqË´’l 8: 3-5], because I would instantly chase them from upon her!  Yet Who is the One chosen for her whom I would appoint, because who is like Me?  And who would cause Me to meet him?  And who is this one, a pastor who presents himself before Me?

Reaction: Yâ-hwéh’s perfect plan against the Confusion (Bâvél)

45. Therefore hear the plan of Yâ-hwéh that He planned against Bâvél, and His purposes that He purposed against the land of the Increases (Kasdíym): they surely shall not drag away the least of the flock, they surely shall not destroy the pasture because of them,

46. At the sound of the capture of Bâvél, the earth will be made to quake and the cry of distress is to be heard among the heathen masses!

YirmYâ´huw ("Jeremiah") 13:15-27 has another passage pertinent to this time period, the retribution.  It is hidden because of a great mistranslation of shillúwm (Strong's #7966) as shâlówm (Strong's #7965) due to mistaken vowel points, and has THIS title written within it at verse 19! A seriously important revelation and we QUOTE:

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"The disclosure of the destruction by “Yehuwthâ´h”, the Disclosure of the Retribution
( הָ־גְלָת שִׁלּוּמִים  Hâ-ghlâ´th shilluwmíym):"

15. Hear and listen, do not be conceited because Yâ-hwéh is dictating it!

16. Give honor to Yâ-hwéh your mighty Ones before He hides and before your feet are to stumble upon the mountains [kingdoms] of the twilight, and ye wait eagerly for the Light [feminine noun], but He will set Her for a shadow of death [`Âmówç 5: 18-20], so ye will change Her into a thick gloomy darkness!  [MattithYâ´huw 6: 22-23, Romans 1:21]

17. But if you will not listen to Her [the Light (v.16)] in the hidden places, my self (néphesh) will weep from behind my face, and it shall surely weep and my eye shall overflow with tears because the flock of Yâ-hwéh is to be taken captive!  [Yshá`Yâhuw 47: 6]

18. “Say to the King and to the queen mother,

“Set yourselves down in a lower place and stay because the crown of your honorable rank has descended from your place at the head.”  [Dâ´niyyË´’l 11: 21, the overthrowing of the British Royal headship of the NWO]

19. The cities of the south, they are to be shut up, and there shall exist no one to open them.
The disclosure of the destruction by “Yehuwthâ´h”, the disclosure of the Retribution
(הָ־גְלָת שִׁלּוּמִים Hâ-ghlâ´th shilluwmíym):

20. “Lift up your eyes, Yruwshâláim, and look at the invaders from the north! [1: 14-16] Where is the flock which was entrusted to you, the sheep of your boasting?

21. What will you say when he [the flock] appoints over you even them who you cultivated as allies, over you, for your head?  Will pains not grip you like a woman in labor? [Dâ´niyyË´’l 11: 30]

22. And as you ask in your heart,

Why did these things happen to me?

By the abundance of your sins were your high priest robes’ trains removed and your heels exposed for infamy! [Impostor and his predicator of the Lie]

23. Can a Kuwshíy change his skin, or can a leopard change his spots?  Also you, can you do goodness, who are accustomed to do evil?

24. So I will scatter them [the invading flock] like the chaff which is driven by the desert wind!

25. This is your lot, (), and the share of your refusal to be persuaded to believe and obey Me,” declares Yâ-hwéh,

26. “because you have forgotten Me and you have trusted in the Lie: So I shall also expose your past from beforehand, and your ignominy shall be seen,

27. even your adulteries and your neighing, and the deliberateness of your whoredom on the hills and in the field, I have seen your abominations; 'Ówy to you, Yruwshâláim, after how long are you still not cleansed?

Above (v. 20), Yâ-hwéh speaks to Yruwshâláim, headed by the Heel, the Lie, Yehuwthah and his people, calling them to see the invading flock of Yâ-hwéh which was taken captive, Yisrâ’ë´l, a Christian last crusade against him, a flock which had been entrusted to him and his people, and these Christians will take over and put what will probably be a multinational force in charge of the “Yehuwthím” (Jews) in Yruwshâláim, composed of those nations with which they have cultivated an alliance, to take charge of the Impostor, and exposing their conspiracy during the Days of Retribution. That's when Christians will declare “Peace and safety” (1 Thess. 5: 3). So after they are dispersed, the Lie will put these same Muslims the Christians thought to defend from him as allies when the Lie comes against the King of the South (Islam) [Dâ´niyyË´'l 11:29] OVER conquered Christianity during the Great Persecution (“Tribulation”)! [Dâ´niyyË´’l 11:39]  Notice the reason why this is so (v.26) and its similarity to 2 Thess 2:12.

Dâ´niyyË´’l 11:38-39 --Yet to the Curse [’Âlâ´h] of the fortresses [Yshá`Yâhuw 24: 6] in its place, he will honor, even to a mighty one that his fathers did not recognize, he will honor with gold and with silver and with precious stones and with pleasant things.

And he will act for a defender of the fortresses [Islam] with the foreign mighty one that he acknowledges [Allah], he will magnify its honor and he will make them rule over the Many [Christians] and he will distribute land in reward.

The Christian retribution crusade against the Lie is mentioned in Dâ´niyyË´’l, as being led by Rome.  In the past, Roman Catholicism has led Christians in Crusades against the muslims in the land of Yisrâ’ë´l.  This time, it will lead all Christianity in a last Crusade, against the "antichrist"!

Yâshâ´r ("Jasher") 10:16 - And the sons of Kittíy are the Romiym [Romans] who dwell in the valley of Canopia by the river Tibreu [Tiber].

Dâ´niyyË´’l 11:29-33

[Roman-led Christian Crusade provokes Abomination causing desolation]

29. At the appointed feast time [the "Yehuwthim's" Tzom Tammuz (see calendar)], he will return and he will invade into the South but it will not be like the time before, or like the outcome,

30. For the ships of Kittíym (Rome) will come against him [Yshá`Yâhuw 31: 2], and he will despair, and he will retreat and he will denounce against the Covenant of the Pure One

31. But armed forces from him will rise up and they will profane the temple of the fortress [the abomination enters into the separate Pure Place and sits there saying he IS the One Christianity worships], and they will abolish the continual offerings, and they will grant the detestable worshipped image to cause horror.

Christianity is the fortress, and their temple will be in Yruwshâláim.  If Islam’s dome of the Rock still stands by then (which is possible per YchezqË´’l 43:8), which covers the true location of the Pure Place, this is where the Lie will stand where it should not (Márquwç 13: 14), in the Separate Place (MattithYâ´huw 24: 15).  Then he will sit inside the temple making himself appear that he is the Mighty Ones (2 Thessaloníkeans 2:4), quite symbolic of what the Lie has done spiritually.  Either one of these actions profanes the physical and spiritual temple of Christianity.  And we know from MattithYâ´huw 24:15-21 that this is the point in time wherein the Great Tribulation starts.
Do you now understand better that this apostate retributory crusade which precipitates the Great genocidal Tribulation (4th seal) is what Yâhuwshúa` refers to in the Olivet Discourse in Luwqa' ("Luke") 21?

20. ¶ And when ye see Yruwshâláim being encircled by armies, then recognize that her despoilment has drawn near.

21. Then those within Yâhuwthâ´h, let them flee unto the mountains, and those within her midst, let them depart out, and those in the countries, let them not enter into her,

22. Because these are the Days of Retribution, that all things that have been written may be fulfilled. [YirmYâ´huw 13: 19-27, 50: 41-45, Dâ´niyyË´'l 11: 30, Songs 69: 22]

Can Satan's weapon be used against Satan?  Can the anointed falsifier be killed like any other man by the hand of man?  Retribution-seeking Rome-led Christian Crusaders will think so, and will successfully surround him at the Temple with their armies.  This is the fulfillment of YirmYâ´huw ("Jeremiah") 1:14-16

14.  And Yâ-hwéh said to me: "From the north the disaster will be poured out upon all of the inhabitants of the Land,  

15.  because here I am summoning all of the kinfolk of the kingdoms of the north to this land, " declares Yâ-hwéh, "And they will come and they will each set up his throne at the entrance of the gates of Yruwshâláim and against all of her walls surrounding and against all of the towns of Yâhuwthâ'h.

16.  And I will pronounce My judgments [Howshë´`á 4] on them [NIV correctly interprets here "My people"] because of all of their wickedness when they forsook Me and they burned incense to other mighty ones and they worshipped the artifices of their hands.

For those who want to know what verse 16 is talking about, Yâ-hwéh's pronounced judgments against His people (Christianity = His people = His bride = Yisrâ’ë´l), I implore you to read Howshë´`á chapter 4.  It is too large for me to put here, but it is VERY important.
And at this point, when the anointed falsifier is seemingly alone without his Christian flock, which has turned against him and surrounded him, in defense of the Islam he was attacking, Christian news networks are proclaiming this:

1 Thess 5:3  For when they may say, “Peace and security”, then sudden destruction lands upon them, just as travail to her that is with child, and indeed they shall not escape.

Now we know that this is found in a prediction about the Day of Yâ-hwéh, but it is about this event here which precedes it.

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The dirty rotten scheme to give the Lie eternal life and make him a demon, the Abomination (despicable idol) which causes desolation!

The plan is to have this Lie promise to perform the daily offerings in the Temple those 7 years, the 70th week of Dâ´niyyË´’l, which will certainly appeal to legalists, reenslaving Christians to the Old Covenant, and is against the New Covenant, but when Christians finally organize to rebel against him, he will enter the Pure Place, see the Father, and "pass through the flesh of the Pure One" (YirmYâ´huw 11: 15). This should happen on the day the "Yehuwthim" mourn as the "saddest day in Jewish history", on Tisha B'av (5/9), the anniversary date when the two prior temples were destroyed, however the true date will actually be 6/9/5997 since they will be off a month (see calendar). Since he is unclean spiritually, this eternal life he obtains from seeing the Honor of Yâ-hwéh there, where he should not be, turns him effectively into a supernatural creature, like a demon!  Now if an envoy of Yâ-hwéh can kill 185,000 Assyrians surrounding Yruwshâláim in Isaiah 37: 36, what do you think this evil man will do when he finds he is immortal and powerful, with all the authority and power of Satan which he was given?  He goes out in a rage to destroy his enemies who turned against him, the Christians!  This is possible as since these have rejected the justification of Yâ-hwéh available by believing on the name of Yâhuwshúa`, they are still under the curse of the Law, the wages of sin is death.  The sheep of the slaughter are vulnerable because they forget the name of their mighty Ones ('Elohiym) (Songs "Psalms" 44:20-22).  But by the same token, those who have not denied His name and have guarded the Word of His endurance will be protected during this hour of trial which comes over apostate (rebellious) Christianity (Revelation 3: 8-10).

No wonder he must be thrown into the Lake of Fire 1,000 years before anyone else goes there!  Apparently the Preacher of the Lie (False prophet) will also do this ("they"), so he also joins him in the Lake of Fire early.  This plan must be being hatched by those who wish their world empire to be forever, because normal human lifespans do not allow for this "thousand-year Reich"!

What does My Beloved have within My house [temple] to work out her many plots? When your Infidelities will pass through the flesh of the Pure One, because of your wickedness, then you will rejoice.

[YirmYâ´huw ("Jeremiah") 11:15]

The 4th seal Great Tribulation (Oppression)

¶ Therefore, whenever ye shall see the Abomination (detestable Idol) of the desolation, which was spoken of through Dâ´niyyË´'l the predicator [Dâ´niyyË´’l 9: 27, 11: 31], who said that it would be standing where it should not, [Márquwç 13: 14] within the Separate Place - he who reads, let him understand -

Then those within Yâhuwthâ´h, let them flee among the mountains;

And he who is at the building, let him not come back unto his house, nor to take anything out of his house;

And he who is in the field, let him not return back to take his garments!

But hówy to them that are pregnant and that are near to giving birth, and to them that breastfeed in those days!

And pray that your flight may not be in winter, nor on Shabbâ´th,

For there shall then be a great oppression such of this sort as hasn't existed from the beginning of the world's creation, which 'Elohíym created, [Márquwç 13: 19] until now, no, nor ever shall be;

[MattithYâ´huw 24:15-21]

YchezqË´’l 8:3-5 – 3. “And He extended the form of a hand and He took me by the hair of my head and the wind lifted me between the earth and between the heavens and it took me to Yruwshâláim by the visions of the mighty Ones upon the opening of the gate of the interior, facing towards the north [southern gate – 40: 44], that there is (the dwelling [40: 46] of the Simile of the Envy is,) the post [46: 2] of the procurer [45: 17],
4. And look, there was the Honor of the mighty Ones of Yisrâ’ë´l, like the vision that I saw in the plain. [1: 28]
And He said to me,
son of ’Âthâ´m, lift your eyes away now northwards,
5. so I lifted my view away northwards and look!  From the north to the gate (of the altar) towards the east, (is this Simile of the Envy in the act of entering!) [Entering the Separate Place, the Temple.  YirmYâ´huw 11: 15, Dâ´niyyË´’l 11: 31, Mal’âkhíy 2: 11-12, MattithYâ´huw 24: 15, 2 Thessaloníkeans 2: 3-4]

This chamber described in verse 3 is an office, a priestly seat of authority belonging to the sons of the Righteous One, NOT to the exalted one ("the prince" - KJV), the Procurer.  What is wrong with this picture is he has usurped priestly authority due to his envy. This envy is called the Simile of the Envy...

The original Envy is that of Hëylë´l against Miykhâ’Ë´l, seen in First ’Âthâ´m and Chauwâ´h 6:7.  Note that Sâţâ´n as the former king of Tsuwr also was in charge of the altar, as per YchezqË´’l 28: 11-19.

But in verse 5, we see this one with no granted priestly authority invading the Separate Place! "IN THE ACT OF ENTERING".

Note that he is to ascend (meaning of "Allah" in Hebrew) to the Pure Place.  And the Wickedness of Christianity going there was foreshadowed by Antiochus Epiphanes putting a statue of Zeus Olympius in that same place!  Reliable archeologists have shown that this Separate Place of the pure places is physically where the Dome of the Rock is now.  Satan has not forsaken his plan to set his throne there.

This Great Oppression is explained in more detail on the next page, The Great Tribulation.

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Seeing the Father doesn't instantly kill, it gives eternal life.  But we aren't ready for it yet, in these bodies.

Seeing the Father (the Honor of Yâ-hwéh) isn't instant death.  It is instant eternal life!  Before we ever see Him in His eternal Honor, we must be purified and grow yet another 1,000 years!  This is why He holds off on letting us see His Face yet. We provide you these verses more accurately translated than you will find them in your "bibles". Mistranslations of this verse make Christians believe no one can see the Father and live. This is not true. When we see Him we become like Him, and this means getting eternal life - this is the method which the Wickedness will use to obtain eternal life, but since he is evil, he becomes equal to a fallen envoy, as described above:

[Exodus 33:18-23]

And he [Moshéh] said show me now Your Honor!

And He said,"It is I who will transition all of My Goodness in front of you, and I will proclaim by the name of Yâ-hwéh in your presence, for I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion."

But He said,"You may not see My Face, because the human will not fear Me yet he shall live."

This last verse is mistranslated in the establishment version due to an error in translation that occurs in both Septuagint (LXX) and the Masoretic texts (in the form of the wrong vowel points) because they mistake the term “to fear” Strong’s #3372 for the term “to see” Strong’s #7200, which is used before within the same sentence. Compare their mistranslation in the KJV:

"And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live."

Examining this verse's mistranslation in the Hebrew, besides "there" not being there, the negation "not" is about the VERB, not about a man. But because that couldn't be rehashed to make sense, they changed its meaning.

[Songs ("Psalms")102:16]

"When Yâ-hwéh shall have obtained sons of Tsiyyówn, He shall have presented Himself within His Worth."

[2 Qorinthíym (Corinthians) 3:18]

But when we all [read scripture] with an unveiled face, we gaze at the reflection of the Honor of Yâ-hwéh in the same Image, we are being transformed, from the honor [of death] unto honor [of Life], just as Yâ-hwéh was, from the Spirit!

Don't stop here, see what the Abomination (despicable idol) of the Desolation (Christianity is the desolation of Zion) which causes desolation will do at the 4th seal in the Genocidal response to the Christian rebellion!  See The Great Tribulation!

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