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...Some people pick up a book and examine its cover and the biography of its author before reading a word of it. If this is you, this is probably why you're here. Just consider us to be messengers, and don't judge the message by its messenger. Decide whether to heed the message by seeing whether it is consistent with scripture or not.

May Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` accompany you and favor you.

About us

Why was this website made? This website has been made possible by our Power, Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, Who permitted us who have desperately sought Him to escape our badness and our mistakes to find Him and to obtain the means of retaining His favor and assistance and protection as well as His rectification of our misdeeds. We did NOT find these things to be available through the Great Confusion of any of the various denominations of Christianity or other religions, although we gave them admirable sincere attempts, therefore we sought Him in a different Way - assuming ORIGINAL scriptures to be 100% true (though not any of their translations), and understanding modern-day religions to be deviated scattered sheep (because if they WERE in the right spirit, they'd be together of one mind in profound peace), and understanding that the original Way Yâhuwshúa` taught was 100% true, therefore we did something unlike others: We saw, even in today's very bad scripture translations, that He values His name, and promises a spirit of Truth to guide us IF we call on His name, we first sought to find out what IS His name in reality? So as His priority is His name, and He saves us for His name's sake, we HAD to find out HOW we might obtain His name to retain Him by His promises. And He was true to His promises, He permitted us to find His true name, and such a High, the Highest of the high, we found to honor His name, even for ones as previously wretched as we were, and Him not be like what other deviated faiths think. And we were so happy with the beauty and Goodness of His Truth that we felt it imperative and obligatory to share this great rediscovery of facts which were purposefully buried and concealed by the powers of this world which seek to keep humanity enslaved. Truly nothing that was concealed will not be revealed. So since then, as those believing in Him by His true names have shared the same spirit He gives us, this website has become a joint venture and a Testimony open for others who are similarly called by Him to graze and benefit from fresh water from the Spring of Life, not having to settle for the cistern-cowpond at the end of the muddy river. Therefore, we freely give, free of charge, what we also freely received, and we labor to provide a translation of inspired scriptures, maintained up to date at the cutting edge of our understanding as provided by His spirit of Truth, which has restored first of all His true names in legible transliterations, and translates everything which is not a proper noun into our language, logically and accurately, applying the understanding He gives us because NOBODY can translate something they cannot understand, and the carnal cannot understand the things of the spirit.

What are we?  A relatively very small group of people He chose among a people numbering as the sands of the sea, who He called to serve our Sovereign Yâhuwshúa` with all that which He gives us, humbly, and who don't seek to promote themselves, rather, to promote Him and His Truth, Who has been so kind to all of us.  We share in common the spirit of Truth which was promised to us by Yâhuwshúa` that His Greatness would send to us by calling on His name. We do the will of the Father, to discern Who the Son is, that Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh in Person, the Word of Yâ-hwéh, and this being the Testimony of the Father, that "I am He", we carry both His names sealed in our minds and maintain His Testimony on our lips, professing Him without shame before mankind. As we are these things, we are the ones He called and He chose to believe these things, thus becoming existent, alive, people, of the Profession of Yâ-hwéh, which is the meaning of the name of His spiritual tribe, true Yâhuwthâ´h. Anyone ceasing to profess His name and identify Him will not stay a part of this spiritual tribe. 

What are we NOT? We are not your leaders, Yâhuwshúa` is your Leader, and one day everyone human will accept this. We are not modeled after the typical Christian model it evolved to, where a group of people hire someone to do their scriptural research, and everyone has to sit down in their pew quietly as they are taught information which conforms to their traditions according to their denomination, according to their seminarians, lest they offend their upper leaders. One is our Commander, and that is Yâhuwshúa`, as He said. As we are accountable to the Truth according to Him, and He can speak to us through anyone, even the rebels, we DO maintain an open ear to be quick to listen and will be guided to recognize whatever Truth will come from others, and we will be humble and change our beliefs and teachings according to what is true. However, by this same token, what is error is easy to disprove with scriptures, and we hope others might have the same standards we maintain, to change their minds when they are shown to be incorrect. But the Secret of Yâ-hwéh prevents most from believing on His name until He calls them, and we recognize these as being chosen to NOT believe, for the time being.

Here you will hear something you probably have not heard before: Every one of you who is chosen by Him needs to be aware that you yourself ALSO are to become an ATTENDANT (diakonos) of His Body, the Convocation, and as such you follow THE LAMB wherever He goes. The 144,000 chosen ones, the Witnesses, description in scripture demonstrates this. They are not a flock of followers of men, they follow THE LAMB. And if you are to be one, as such you yourself have an individual responsibility to prepare yourself in His knowledge and wisdom by the time He arrives. Moreover, you will also be inspired to share the wealth you receive, to feed His sheep the Bread from heaven, His true unadulterated Word, His name Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`. So we are ATTENDANTS, and so are you if you believe. And you should be doing something about it like we are.

If you have brought a brother or sister to the knowledge of the Truth, and they believe Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh, the Testimony, and they have no near-miss names in them, and they aren't proclaiming false doctrines, invite them yourself to fellowship with us and bid shalowm for them among us. Currently, we fellowship online openly, because we are too scattered to gather geographically in one place, and we have no opposition to any governments and refuse to pick up a sword for our defense. See the site menu for places to find us to fellowship. But note that we aren't gathering to shelter ourselves in some utopian kibbutz, we are being forged in the hostile spiritual battlefield of testifying to the world, and gather to share and edify each other.

Our main purpose in this website is to rebuild the Way and remove those obstacles from the Way of our people to prepare us for the return of our Sovereign in judgment. Nearly all the information on this website is backed up solidly by scripture references which should be enough credentials to believe the information presented here.  Our intent, is that if you have been chosen to believe on His Truth, we merely want to share all this information to save others the effort we have done within Him, so you won't have to "reinvent the wheel". We recommend printing the study pages and taking them to your pastor(s), for them to explain why he hasn't been telling you what is on them, and challenge him (or her) to prove them wrong scripturally.

If you are one of those 99%+ out there who will not believe what we write on this website, though being incapable of disproving what it says, we are nonetheless willing to explain more to those willing to personally contact us, so if you want to question any point made on this website with us, please make it simple and bring the scriptural proof or other evidence with you proving that we made a mistake. Do not send us links to a website or a video or refer us to a book without saying specifically what you want to say which you believe disproves our point. We are busy working positively for our Sovereign Yâhuwshúa`, so we do not have time to debunk entire webpages or videos at a time, as it is an extremely tedious and lengthy task to unravel the tangled webs of deceit which men weave, and even if we did so, it would not hold your interest for its sheer massive length.

Apology: Very, very sadly to us personally, there are people out there who knew us, our old selves, in our past before we came to know our Savior Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, who may still remember us and whatever we did wrong then. And more sadly to us, some may have suffered something because of something we did wrong back then. We have prayed to Yâ-hwéh by the name of Yâhuwshúa` that He would forgive us for these sins we did, and He has done so, and favored us and accepted us giving us His name and His spirit, not on loan. However, we have also prayed that He would mend and cure everything we ever did wrong to everyone in our past, because we are sincerely very, very sorry for our sins against every single one of these. If you are one of these, please accept our sincere apologies for our trespasses against you, and for not coming to you directly. We hope He has fixed whatever damage we caused you as we have prayed. We do not want our past errors to dishonor His name.

In the love of the Anointed Yâhuwshúa`,

your brothers and sisters in Yâhuwshúa`.

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